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    Lone Star Legends Radio Presents- Bill Bean -Spiritual Warrior

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    Bill Bean has been called the most famously haunted man in the world, but he calls himself the most blessed! Bill's life has come full circle from a childhood of being victimized by demonic entities to becoming a powerful warrior for GOD. He's currently a highly sought after deliverance minister/exorcist and has helped people from all over America. Bill believes that by the power of GOD through Jesus Christ he's able to cast out demons. He's also the star of Discovery Channel's 'House of the Dead,' and is currently shooting more episodes based on some of his cases. Bill has written three books and has given over 1000 media interviews worldwide! Bill Bean has established himself as a paranormal/supernatural expert and is a great source of information pertaining to the unknown. If you would like to contact Bill, his website is www.billbean.net and his email is beanoffice@yahoo.com.

    Stay tuned and join us as we welcome our old friend Bill Bean for an amazing and informative show. 

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    Lone Star Legends Radio Presents Gypsy Moon "Lifting the Veil"

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    Lone Star Legends Radio introduces Gypsy Moon in Lifting the Veil. Lone Star Legends Radio strives to bring our listeners new and interesting material every other week and this show will be no exception. The experts say we are all born with psychic abilities and most often we lose these gifts with the realities of life and physical maturity. Had we been brought up in a society that nurtured our God given talents, perhaps our lives would have taken a different path. Gypsy Moon and her family are part of an amazing journey of enlightenment that is generational.

     Gypsy was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was the oldest daughter of Cinnamon Moon, who was known as a Medicine woman. Gypsy was aware of her abilities at the tender age of two when she astral projected for the first time and can still recall the vivid details of her experience. Gypsy also experienced spirit activity but it was not until the age of five, that she saw solid apparitions of Native Americans who shot arrows at her feet. Not afraid, she searched for them after they faded away, leading to her first informal investigation, paving the way for her future. Gypsy was raised in total support of her gifts by her mother who guided her and taught her of an enlightened view of the world.  Later after moving to a haunted farm house in Wisconsin, Gypsy became acquainted with the ghosts that inhabited the property, calling them "Good Spirits" Her interaction with these spirits honed Gypsy's ability to be a spiritual medium. Today Gypsy travels around the country assisting in paranormal investigations. At one time,Gypsy worked at the geratric unit and assisted many in crossing over with love and compassion. Gypsy is a positive and amazing presence in this world, living life fully, spreading love and joy to those around her.Join us we lift the veil, find our third eye and expand our minds.

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    College men's volleyball weekly

    in Sports

    Breakdown of all the college men's volleyball action

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    Portland Metro Small College Hoops Show

    in Sports

    This show features five small college basketball coaches, who talk talk basketball, student/athletes and life.

    The show is hosted by Greg Crawford, editor of http://gregcrawfordbasketball.blogspot.com

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    The Lone Blogger:Nicholas Guest

    in Entertainment

    The Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy actor talks to Sammi about his new play Finding Nick.

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    Truth Serum With Lone Wolf

    in Current Events

    Tonight's topics... BOOT LICKERS at SCLC suspends Pastor who called for blacks to arm and defend themselves.” The Killing or CULLING of young black man continues in the Police State. 17-year-old Justus Howell, was shot twice while fleeing officers, with one bullet penetrating his heart, spleen and liver, and the other entering his right shoulder Rappers BEWARE! “Those LIES u tell in your songs about how G u are in CAN AND WILL be held against u in a court of law.” “Pres Obama inks peace deal with Iran and the Devils are PISSED.” Color Struck KNEE-GROWS in America. Colorism and classism is alive and well in the black community. “16 States Have More People In Prison Than In College Dorms. Take one guess where these states are located???”

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    Portland Metro Small College Hoops Show

    in Sports

    This show features 5 basketball coaches from the Portland Metro area, who do a great job of teaching and coaching the great game of basketball.

    The show is hosted by Greg Crawford, editor of http://gregcrawfordbasketball.blogspot.com and http://crawfordsgolfdaily.blogspot.com

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    The Invisible College Psychic Readings and Healing Show

    in Spirituality

    This show is hosted weekly by Jennifer Starlight & Peter Harris,who are the founders of The Invisible College which is based on the Gold Coast of Australia.
    Jennifer is an International Trance Medium and Clairvoyant and author of the Empowering works Union ,Joy and the soon to be released Star Father Earth Daughter. She communicates the Collective Consciousness of the Brotherhood of Light.
    Peter is a Spiritual Healer and Teacher .
    Together,as a powerful team,they travel world wide with their Master Teacher and Spirit Guide MIN, who has been channeled by Jennifer for the last 10 years and was the Fertility God to the Ancient Egyptians

    Join them as they share powerful Ancient knowledge and give direct counseling from Spirit to you the caller.Information and Teachings from Spirit will be included in the readings.

    Jennifer will be conducting free Psychic readings and Peter will send distant Healing

    This program is a golden opportunity to discover and uncover more about yourself and how to connect to the wisdom and love of your soul.
    Free psychic readings by Jennifer Starlight

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    Why Looking for Money for College Doesn't Work

    in Finance

    Many believe in the myth of looking for college money only to find that the funding process doesn't work that way.Jeff Taylor will address this issue along with next step strategies that assist in identfying money and properly planning for college. Jeff can be reached at 248-230-9668 or visit his website at www.tuitionreductionplan.com.

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    The Star Chamber Show episode #45 featuring Tony Acree!

    in Books

    The Star Chamber Show returns in style on April 8th with bestselling Amazon author Tony Acree!  With a new novel, The Speaker, and a driving force behind the rising indie press Hydra Publications, Tony is a force to be reckoned with in the indie book world! 

    Come meet Tony at 9pm in The Star Chamber with our wild and crazy hosts as we spotlight Tony for a full hour.  Call-ins are welcome and be sure to participate in the live chatroom too! 

    The Star Chamber Show is back and will be better than ever! 


    About Tony:  Author of the bestselling Victor McCain thrillers, Tony Acree,likes putting characters in situations they think they will never survive, and find out if they're right. He lives near Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, twin daughters, two female dogs, a female cat, and says the way the goldfish looks at him, he's sure she's female, too.

    Visit Tony online at www.tonyacree.com

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    TONIGHT'S SHOW-“ U should expect nothing less from DEVILS.” Online account set up for the Pig who murdered Walter Scott the DAY after his arrest.” “It aint about race.” WHAT IS IT about the KNEE-GROW that he or she feel compelled to say shit they think is pleasing to the Caucasoid's ears??? “FILM THA POLICE!” Congressman Clyburn calls for young people to keep filming the PIGS. “God DID create a DEVIL.” New Texas bill would prevent bystanders from filming the PIGS. “The Terminator made real.” U.N. debates the use of “Killer Robots.” “BROTHERS GONNA WORK IT OUT.” Damon Dash schools young brothers on the virtues of owning YOUR OWN SHIT and BEING YOUR OWN BOSS.”

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