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    SIDETRACKED Episode 56: Anger in America

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Anger in America

    Side Topics:  Blue lights, it's for your health (I imagine Blue Vino is just as good, you should get some of our music... this is the end of the subliminal advertisement).  Virtual tasting is FINALLY here in the form of a Digital Lollypop!  Bank of America/Merrill Lynch is literally killing their employees. The Tea Party has successfully been infiltrated by UberStatists.  50th Anniversary of JFK assassination.  Guess how many Bitcoins you can get with $148M!  Bomb teddy bear:Dud false flag in North Carolina?

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    Blackrose Radio Show

    in Radio

    This isn't The Good Ship Lollypop!
    Tonight Guest is Emorokian Arms

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    In the House with 32Below

    in Entertainment

     Mr. 32 Below began writing poetry in his high school English Class.  He began transforming poetry for a required English class into lyrics.  He soon began to put his poetry to beats created by high school friends and began making songs.  He soon became affiliated with Dallas label Stampede Records/Street Hustlaz Ent (S.H.E) where he recorded his 1st single Lollypop featuring Bloc Bleeda.  Currently he is working on his mixtape series “Child Support Money”.  To know him, explains this title decision. If you don’t know…ask him personally, he will respond!!!  Free Bo-Leg (Da Man Unda)
    Check 32Below upcoming issue of Hip Hop National Magazine.  www.hiphopnational.com
    Get YOUR Interview today!  www.hiphopnational.com/mediakit

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    Humane Society in western New York finds help from an unlikely source

    in Business

    Operating a non-profit organization requires an unending list of processes. Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester located in western New York, realized they were losing valuable time due to a combination of inefficiencies and turned to Xerox’s Lean Six Sigma experts for help. Aqua Porter, vice president for Corporate Lean Six Sigma Operations will sit down with Gail Burke, Xerox Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Alice Calabrese-Smith, president and CEO of Lollypop Farm, to discuss Xerox’s unique collaboration with Lollypop Farm, and how they lent a helping hand in a time of need.

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    Captain Jelly Bean & His Wacky Astro Pals

    in Youth

    Our mad cap and zany astro pals along with Captain Jelly Bean,takes you on a ride to the stars. We have reading time, adventure and lots more. So tune into Jelly Bean Radio. The squishiest radio in town. We will feature a great book each week. We will also promote your local school. Check out our great contest. So come by Mornings 730am-8am
    1. Choo Choo Line – Stephen Fite
    2. Hogwarts Express – Mr Billy
    3. Let’s Play Trains – The HipWaders
    4. Locomotion – The Cat’s Pajama’s
    5. Quiet Train – Meg Russell
    6. Chug Chug In Lollypop Town

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    Music Sensation Million Dollar Mouth

    in Indie Music

    Not very often does a band come along that can mince artistic value with pop music and Million Dollar Mouth (MDM) does just that. They have a sound that emits familiarity and yet something stunningly new.

    KROQ DJ Kat Corbet called MDM “a band with impeccable taste and style,” while Lollypop magazine called the album “stylistically kicking the crap out of The Strokes while smoking Stone Temple Pilots' cigarettes and listening to the Marvelous 3.

    On Tuesday June 13, 2010 we will explore the inner tinglings of Million Dollar Mouth and find out what makes them successful at merging such intricate tastes to develop their music. Speaking of their music, we'll feature some of that as well and then you can make the proper decision of not whether you will or will not buy their CD but the question of how fast can you live without it!

    Be sure and call in for your chance to talk to the band LIVE on the air as Reybold Self Storage presents The Behind The Mike Show. Call LIVE & FREE (866) 417-4359!

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    Celtics Stuff Live - Guest Free

    in Sports

    Celtics Stuff Live took to the airwaves Sunday night at its customary 9pm start time with Justin, Jon, Kevin Henkin, and without a stunning big name guest to draw in the masses. But, oh the people came Ray. A little bit of concern dotted the map as fans, callers, emailers, etc began to see areas of weakness in what was the Good Shop Lollypop just one week ago. Nevertheless, Justin compared Kevin's writing to the unmistakably bitter Maine beverage creation "Moxie" and Jon did a Scooby Doo impression. All in all, just another night in the neighborhood.