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    Marisa Ronstadt : sings Bluberry Moon. Matt LeGrand: pop master heart throb

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    Marisa Ronstadt hails from a talented family whose name was made famous by her cousin, Linda Ronstadt. Marisa’s musical tastes are rooted in mariachi, R&B/soul, and rock, but like many Mexican-Americans raised in the U.S., her influences range from Lola Beltran and Pedro Infante, to The Beatles and Marvin Gaye.  Now In Los Angeles, Marisa began songwriting with Jeremy Keller, and before she knew it, they had given birth to a new band, Marisa and The Know It Alls. Her debut single Blueberry Moon is the first recording by “The Know-It-Alls” and she joins us this Friday to tell the story.

    Matt LeGrand is a an emerging pop singer based in Chicago whose music is a sleek mix of Nick Jonas’ style and Justin Bieber's urban feel mixed into a unique sound that’s entirely his own. His debut single “Spring Break GRL” blasts off with a booming beat, Matt’s vocals creating an unforgettable melody that flows fluidly across the slick synths aimed right at his legions of fans known as The Legrand Girls. He will bring “Spring Break GRL” and his other songs to us Friday and any LeGrand Girl who wants to call in a talk with him is welcome on the air.

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    QUEEN OF THE DESERT! Who will be crowned? A Preview!

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    Nicholas Snow Live previews the 2nd annual Queen of the Desert So-Cal, Lip Sync Competition benefiting Desert AIDS Project takes place Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at the Palm Springs Renaissance Hotel, emceed by the fabulous, Bella da Ball and Ethylina Canne, and featuring a special performance from the 2014 Queen of the Desert, Champagne Showers. Celebrity Judges include Raymundo Baltazar, Maude Chapeau and Dottie Du Bois (Les Les Dames Du Soleil), Steven Henke and Steven Michael. Tickets!  Contestants include Jazmyn Simone-Echelon, Miss Lola, Fabeyonce, Melissa Stratman, Crystal Champagne and Jayla D Foxx!

    Follow Nicholas on Twitter and Facebook to be alerted at the start of live broadcasts!


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    Right now so much is going on the world, uprisings, police shootings, spiritual awakening all are happening. In real time we will see the world change. There is no better time then the present to move forward. We don't want change tommorrow, we want REVOLUTION RIGHT NOW! 

    Koven aka EJ of the #EricSheppardChallenge talks about his interview the flag stomping  controversy, revolution, and what he is going to step on next.

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    The Down Low - What Do People Consider Cheating Nowadays?

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    Join Sierra Devi and Lola Lane tonight at 11pm eastern on Dollhouse Radio. Tonight's topic is what do people consider cheating nowadays? With all the social media sites/websites thats out there to a good old fashioned phone conversation with the opposite sex, they will tell you what they consider is cheating. Your thoughts on this topic are welcomed as always by calling in at 646-595-4038 and press 1 to talk. The chat room will be open.

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    Homosexuality in the hiphop community

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    Perhaps not surprisingly, many in the industry are nervous about the book's publication this week, fearing that it will expose some of the top black names in music and Hollywood as secretly gay. But Dean said that his memoir was not intended as a way of outing famous people. 'I was never tempted to name any names. The book is not about outing people. I wrote it so that people realise the industry has a gay subculture and we are part of this music,' he said.

    That gay hip hop subculture certainly seems to be thriving. Dean's book describes a world where many industry executives and some artists are leading secret gay lives, which are often obvious to everyone but rarely talked about. And, despite using some false names, the book contains enough information so that it will undoubtedly spark off a frenzy of speculation as to who some of the characters are in real life.

    For example, Dean describes 'Lola', a singer who is a lesbian and had to keep her sexuality secret. And 'Gus', a male rap artist who appeared on television in typical 'gangsta' style yet hid a secret gay life. Then there are the other hints of big-name celebrities close to the hip hop business who are also gay. They include 'Lucas', a married A-list movie star, and 'Kareem', a leading sitcom actor.

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    It has gone to far. The police under the osprey of law enforcement shoot an unarmed citizen. They create an alibi, demonize the victim in the media, then repeat the vicious cycle over and over. We the people are paying for the war against them and they won't take it anymore. Law enforcement globally doesn't have as many lethal toys of destruction at thier disposal, is that why they don't have the same shocking statistics that people living in America have become accustomed to? It's time to take back the gloom and guns away from the enemy of the people. DISARM THE POLICE !! Antynette Houston, who has experienced Police Terrorists 1st hand in her high profile case. She speaks on her experience, her GOFUNDME campaign, and what the future holds for the falling law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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    We interview MrGoodGoesHard , Lola Banks, and Nick Swisher

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    Beat Murda Music Groups CEO MrGoodGoesHard (IG: @mrgoodgoeshard_) , Artist Lola Banks (IG: @oglolalo) and A&R Nick Swisher (IG: @whoisnickswisher) are currently piecing together an All Female Mixtape by the name of Gang of Roses. MrGoodGoesHard has already gathered 9 #dope female artists that are ready to Show and Prove. Buzz has grown to the point where the label is contemplating releasing this project as early as May but doesn't want two mixtapes competing since No Guts No Glory drops May 10th. Follow @MrGoodGoesHard_ on instagram for updates. #BeatMurdaMusicGroup

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    The Down Low - Secret Romance Security

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    Join Sierra Devi and Lola Lane every Friday night at 11pm eastern on Dollhouse Radio. May 1st they will be discussing how to keep your secret secure or even how to find out someone's secret.  

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    This is a critical time in history. The people are being assaulted on live TV. The police are kidnapping children for CNN. There is absolutely no repercussions to police terrorism via the judicial system so people are creating their own justice and taking to the streets. There are uprisings in Baltimore and all over. We will NOT take you hunting down our progressive thinkers any longer. #HandsOffEJ and the rest of our young warriors that act and speak freely. Turn off your  TV and defend our future. The Time is now! 
    Musician and meta-physician Citi Hampton is aboard talking with 2RAW4TV talking about the new paradigm shift, the revolution within, and why its never been a better time to drop out

    Join Us 4/30/15 @ 11pm est  blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV call in 3234100036 

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    Teaching on how to connect to the anointing properly.