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    The Down Low - The Seven Year Itch

    in Entertainment

    Join your hosts Sierra Devi and Lola Lane Friday July 31 st as they talk about the Seven Year Itch. There has been many conversations about this but now there is a reality show The Seven Year Switch where husbands and wives switch spouses. What do you think about this? Give us your thoughts we really want to know. to join us just log in to the chatroom or call us at 646-595-4038.

    I am always here where are you? 



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    "Lighten Up!" Campaign Manager Bill Meander-Ender reads a roll call of the Offensive Department Closet Members, makes some early appointments, and improvises from there.  The jump-off point will be "mitigating just how dark thing have become in the world of the United Slakes."  The aspiration for the meeting is to organize a campaign to deploy "Operation Canned Laughter."  ME encourages that we follow to its end an actual strategy of the Five Eyes (I, I, I, I, I) international mass surveillance coalition— Deny. Degrade. Disrupt. Deceive. ...and of course, Distract (D, D, D, D, D).  And that’s the gag order.


    The Closet Members:

    Lighten Up Campaign Manager, William Meander-Ender

    Department of Offensive Deeds Secreteary

    Secreteary of Culture, Brandon Donkers

    Seats at the Table Commission Representative, Lola Palooza

    House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC!) Division Troika

    Head of Slapitalism’s Invisible Army (Just the Frenulum)

    Branded Content ADvisor

    Al "Gadgetman" Madford

    Oriental Embarrasser

    Psychological Consultant from the Non-Sense Agency (No Such Agency) for Head Space and Leg Room Exploration

    Mid-East Despondant for the Perpetual War on Gooferism

    Whimsical Staff of Chief

    Splurgeon General

    Human Rights Chimney-/Carpet-Sweep

    Angel of History

    Gofer Terence (Prince David D Phillipstian)

    Cup Bearer Joe Lorenz (Cuz Nothin' Wakes You Up Like A Cup Borne with Joe Lorenz)

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    After being pulled over for a minor traffic infraction Sandra Bland was unlawfully arrested and made to go to jail. While in custody she died under very suspicious circumstances. All signs point to murder and the people want more then answers, they demand action! Will we sit by and let another outspoken person in our community become yet another hashtag? Law enforcement says they will give us justice but is it to late for that? If this was an isolated incident we can pretend it was a crooked cop, a bad apple, a rogue officer that ended Sandy's life but incidents such as this happens to often. This is secret policy. There is a war going on and it is quite clear that ?#‎AMERICA? KILLED ?#‎SANDRABLAND?. Next ?#‎2RAW4TV? we talk about the case, what's next, and WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT! tune in


    11PM EST


    CALL IN 3234100036

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    Getting to know Marcy Winograd and Jackie Hirtz

    in Youth

    Marcy has won three Golden Mike awards for outstanding news writing and broadcasting. With her co-author Jackie Hirtz, Marcy wrote television scripts for Nickelodeon's animated show "Doug"and educational software. Now, Marcy and Jackie have teamed up to write the Lola Zola series for tween girls. The first book in the series is "Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush" and the second novel, with many of the same characters, is "New Girl on Salt Flat Road."

    Jackie Hirtz, MS Ed., worked in publicity and public relations for authors and tech clients. She also taught elementary school for seven years before working as a writer in Concepts and Communications at Disney Imagineering and as an assistant to a producer at the studio. In addition to writing educational material for teachers and students, she created interactive "edutainment" for themed entertainment companies. Jackie's credits include Disney, the Los Angeles Times, Canter & Associates, and the Brentwood Media Group. Together, she and Marcy wrote for children's television, including Nickelodeon's animated series "Doug."


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    With the recent massacre at an African Methodist church in South Carolina should black people be more cautious with who they let into their places of worship. Where can black people truly find refuge? Why is pink Jesus always prominent when there is black mass murders? Plus a special dedication to Tamir Rice who was murdered by the police. He would have been 13 today if the police didn't shoot him in a drive by. Plus new music from new artists- you won't see this on CNN this is #2RAW4TV



    11pm est


    call in 3234100036

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    The Applebees of the UK & Ireland But Worse

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    Nathaniel and Ryan chat from Brooklyn and Stahnsdorf, respectively.  The signal cut out, but their friendship lives on.

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    Malcolm X said that you have been "hoodwinked" and "bamboozled". The latest mass media trick is the #transracial lie. Listen in as #2RAW4TV deciphers the deception and let's you know what you are being distracted from.
    CALL IN 3234100036

    #Cleveland #Atlanta #freedomfighter #AskRachel #FreddieGray #Baltimore #BLACK #charlestonshooting #AMESHOOTING #ericsheppardchallenge #notmyflag #CBID #racheldolezal #EJisinnocent #raw #texaspoolparty #facebook #revolution #REVOLUTIONARYRADIO #2RAW4TV

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    Faith Walk with Joyce White

    in Self Help

    Join me on Faith Walk with Joyce White Tuesday June 16th from 7:30 - 8:30 pm EST.  This week's topic is entitled Put Your Imagination To Work.  It is the 3rd Tuesday of the Month and Time for Real Talk 30 with my Co-Host Charles Clark. His topic is "Removing Dead Weight To Elevate".  Next is Faith in the Workplace Minute with Miss Phyllis Wallace and returning special guest Marvin Chambers who will be speaking on "Insights For Creating Your Call Plan For Connecting At Work". Ending the show will be upcoming author Lola Reid who believes that parents should write memoirs to their children at the ages of 13 - 15.  The book is entitled "Eat What Is In Your Pantry".  And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.  Log onto faiHYPERLINK "http://www.faithwalkwithjoyce.com/"tHYPERLINK "http://www.faithwalkwithjoyce.com/"hwalkwithjoyce.com or call 347-237-4648.

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    The Down Low - Love Child

    in Entertainment

    Join Sierra Devi an Lola Lane on The Down Low at 11pm et. every Friday night.

    Join Sierra Devi tonight and Lola Lane as they talk about people who have babies with their side piece. What do you think about that, we definitely have our opinons on "Love Children"   To listen call 646-595-4038 press 1 to join the conversation or just log in to the free chatroom. 

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    Show 38: Dr. Lola and Mrs. Lisa Thorpe-Vaughn - Mother/Daughter Urban Heroes

    in Christianity

    Dr. Lola Thorpe is the pastor of the North Side Institutional Church of God in Christ and her daughter Lisa is the president of the Nonprofit Leadership Training Institute (NLTI). Both have served with distinction in the Pittsburgh community and have been honored for their work. Today the title of "Urban Hero" is added to that list of recognitions. Both ladies will be back-to-back guests on this expanded show.

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