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    The Down Low - Loving at the Office

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    Join your hosts Sierra Devi and Lola Lane every friday night on Dollhouse Radio 11pm-midnight eastern for The Down Low-Girlfriends guide to an Affair. 

    Friday September 24th we will be talking about Affairs that happen at the work place. Should you be worried about the "work wife" or the "work husband"? Did you know that 80% of all affairs start at the workplace? Working form home might not be so bad after all. 

    To join the conversation just call 646-595-4038 and press 1 or join your hosts in the chatroom. 

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    The tidal wave has swept over the United States. After 9/11 the conciousness of the  people shifted. No longer are they asking questions about what is rightfully thiers they are taking what they want with impunity. Freedom in America includes the tax of racism so the people are stealing there liberation and running into a new world. We don't beg, we don't borrow, and we don't ask any questions. GIVE BLACK STEAL WHITE plus the epic #FYF911 RECAP!!! You have to hear this to believe it!6
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    MJ network welcomes author A.C. Burch to Literary viewpoints

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    Fleeing New York City and an abusive partner, would be writer Marc Nugents finds work at HomePort, the Provincetown mansion of Lola Staunton, a fabulously wealthy recluse. Aided by an attractive but unattainable artist and an all too available cross-dreseer, Marc investigates accusations of rape and murder that have estranged Lola from childhood friend for more than 60 years. Past and present converge when a long lost journal reveals tales of infidelity, adultery, and passion that mirror the life Marc has recently left. Find out more when A.C. Burch takes the spotlight and join us in the chatroom. Author, editor and reviewer and your host: Fran Lewis

  • The Down Low - Can an Affair save a marriage?

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    Join Hosts Sierra Devi and Lola Lane here at Dollhouse Radio every Friday night at 11pm est./ 8pm pst. for The Down Low a live broadcast about infidelity and being the other woman. 

    Tonight on The Down Low we will be discussing "Can an affair save a relationship?" Some people have said that having an affair allowed them to open up about what they were really feeling in there relationship. Others have said it was just what they need to end an dead relationship that they were afraid to move on from. There are couples who guy so far as to find a surrogate lover for there spouse. What is your opinion? 

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    Law enforcement in America is the only terrorist group black people care about. Through their brute violence toward the public they have created condition in which the people feel the only option to survive is to attack the predator that's killing their children. Is this why the pink elite is scared of the future? What happens when the tide turns? Who will protect pink emparialism when there is no more plantation just a field of angry ex slaves? There is no tomorrow for the wicked.

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    The Down Low - Born Again Virgins

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    Join your hosts Sierra Devi and Lola Lane Friday night at 11pm est./8pm pst on Dollhouse Radio for their show The Down Low. This show is about infidelity and being the woman/man on the side. 

    Today's episode is about Born Again Virgins. There are so many people out there who are not actual virgins that later in life have decided to become virginal again. Is it ok to cuddle with someone else until you can have that person? Does age make a difference in this decision? 

    Join us in this conversation just call 646-595-4038 and press1 or join our chatroom for free. 

    If you have Google Chrome chatroom works better 

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    There is an international movement to hold the imperial powers that are actually responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11 accountable for thier actions.It is called The movemrnt will also promote black unity and love.This Movement is called Fuk Yo Flag or #FYF911!  Of course the mainstream and racist media outlets have been exploiting the American public sensitivities to September 11th. They have been demonizing the event, threatening the organizers, and making false claims against the people involved. This has done nothing but to stregthen the unity and increase the number of people under the banner of unity. There is though one demographic that is still enraged and will not listen to sound judgment or rationale. That demographic calls themselves "White" and they are afraid, very afraid. The question is WHY ARE WHITE PEOPLE SO SCARED OF #FYF911

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    Ever since slaves arrived to America off the good ship "Jesus" black people have been indoctrinated that god looks different from them. This lie caused much tension, pain, and low self esteem in the black communities. Fast forward 400 years and it seems like the descendants of these free laborers are just now getting through the for of forced assimilation. They are finding out that they posses a divine spark and the creativity of the character they once worshiped. Does it not say, even in the slave master's bible that "Ye are Gods"? With this new realization comes new responsibility, but has this new awakening happened to late? The ancestors are here to help but WILL BLACK GODS SAVE BLACK PEOPLE?

    Historian and president of the National Educators Of Afrika, Anu Negus, discusses the future of the liberation movement, the power of the mind, and what's next in black spirituality

    11pm est
    Call in 3234100036


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    There are many theories and theorists that expouse different so called agendas of the elite. While these theories range from plausible to the fantastical there is one undeniable consistency they all uphold. That is the maintaining of modern day slavery. The mighty freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman, famously stated that she could have freed 1000 more slaves if the just realized they "were slaves". The question you should ask is are you truly free or are you too in fact a slave? Next ?#‎2RAW4TV? Tune in for this riveting discussion and build SLAVERY IS THE ONLY CONSPIRACY. 
    11PM EST
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    The Down Low - The Seven Year Itch

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    Join your hosts Sierra Devi and Lola Lane Friday July 31 st as they talk about the Seven Year Itch. There has been many conversations about this but now there is a reality show The Seven Year Switch where husbands and wives switch spouses. What do you think about this? Give us your thoughts we really want to know. to join us just log in to the chatroom or call us at 646-595-4038.

    I am always here where are you?