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    IndieReview BTS spotlight Cogs in Time 3 Anthology! Author Andrea L. Staum!

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    ~~Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan, I am your host! 

    ~~The definition of Maverick is an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

    Also called a TrailBlazer! I have the pleasure of chatting with one of these "Thinking Outside The Box Artists" Cogs in Time 3 Anthology contributor, Fantasy Author Andrea L. Staum (Steamworks Ink publishing). #NewRelease!

    Andrea L. Staum is the author of the Dragonchild Lore series and contributed to several best selling anthologies. She's a trained motorcycle technician with an Associates in Supervisory Management, is an amateur home renovator, and somehow manages to find time to write. She lives in south central Wisconsin with her husband, three 'unique' cats.

    Click https://twitter.com/DragonchildLore



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    Conservative Refuge Radio: October 12, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    We have an extended Pro-life update with the latest on the efforts to bring physician assisted suicide to Maryland.  I will also share more information from our friends at Maryland Against Physician Suicide dispelling more myths of proponents.
    Another visit to the "Nut Ball Box" this time for some vegan protestors demonstrating at a steakhouse.
    For some fun, we share a list of 9 linguistic "Ignoratisms" that even sticklers like your host have come to accept.


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    Come Check out Hell and browneyes with the family playing local music from the ABE area horoscope true love strange news and more
    See you tonight

  • Mo's sportstalk

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    Talking sports and a little bit of everything else. You will get my honest opinion on everything in the world of sports. I will give you breakdowns and predictions on the weeks biggest games.  On this episode we will discuss all the marquee games in college football including Ou vs Texas and California at Utah.  Also we will talk about all the NFL action that took place on Sunday.  We will also discuss all the playoff action that has taken place in Major league baseball this weekend.  If you love sports this is the show for you.  If you like my show please let you local sports talk radio station know about me.  Also Former Coach of Texas Longhorns Mack Brown will stop by with an encore performance of his rap.

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    HIP HOP IS NOT DEAD is back with the BEST NON-STOP HIP HOP from YESTERDAY,TODAY, and TOMORROW!! TO YOU WILL NOT HEAR CONTINUOUS HIP HOP MUSIC LIKE THIS ANYWHERE ON THE RADIO! MALBEC, GUD MONEY,AND DEEPDISH HAVE INCREDIBLE MUSIC FOR YOU TONIGHT as we do our weekly episode live from Pittsburgh,PA and San Antonio,TX. WE BROADCAST EVERY MONDAY USUALLY@8:30PM EST, with local artists appearing on our show monthly. CALL IN (347)945-6946 for some good conversation or sit back as WE take YOU on an UNFORGETTABLE HIP HOP RIDE!

    YOU CAN FIND US ON PODCAST @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hip-hop-is-not-dead/id942568719?mt=2


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    The Legal Show ;Dont Speak

    in Legal

    Attorney Sarah Avraham and writer Bennet Pomerantz discuss the subjects of the day.

    The audience should know that although Ms. Avraham is a licensed attorney, she is not offering legal advice in any capacity, is not establishing an attorney/client relationship with anyone listening to the show, and recommends that any listener of the show consult a local attorney for any legal advice they may require.

    This show is about us discussing hot topics and how they relate to the law.  In the city of Arlington, Virginia, you could be fined up to $250 if you say words that county officials have defined as “profanity”.  The Arlington County Board recently approved a measure which increases penalties for both public intoxication as well as what they are calling “blue language” from $100 to $250.  Doesn’t this fly in the face of the Constitution?  Does “profanity” qualify as “free speech”?  Tune in to hear our hosts answer these and other questions on this issue.


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    I'm Chelsea Szabo, and I battled death three times before reaching the age of twenty. I survived two different types of cancer (Melanoma and Hodgkin's lymphoma) and a serious automobile accident.

    These experiences gave me a sense of urgency to embrace life to the fullest, and provided the personal motto:  Keep going until you get what you want, and then repeat.

    And that's just what I did after graduating with a B.S. in Marketing from West Chester University of Pennsylvania—I went after what I thought I wanted. I moved to Los Angeles and quickly jumped into the local advertising scene and immersed myself in a variety of professional and philanthropic opportunities. 

    So, I left what was familiar to find what was authentic. I finally found it when I became a Certified Professional Coach. The one thing that stayed consistent during this transition was my voice. In order to get what I wanted, I had to voice it again, and again, and again, even when it sounded crazy to others.  

    That's the root of my private coaching practice, Verbal Courage. As a Coach, I blend my passion for helping others with the strong belief that change can't happen without a confident voice. I now wake up completely fulfilled as my days are dedicated to guiding others to speak with Verbal Courage. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing them learn to trust their intuition, and successfully initiate even the most difficult conversations to keep them on track to get what they truly want. 

    For more on me, and what Verbal Courage can mean for you, visit VerbalCourage.com

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    How to let Emotion be in Motion

    in Health

    Motion-- The act or process of changing place or local postition

    So many times we get stuck in negative emotion.  It can cripple many and keep us from feeling hope.  Today Jennifer will bring a simple strategy to getting emotions to move and to give hope that they are all a part of our experience on the planet. 

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    Becoming Visible with Nicole Perry

    in Entrepreneur

    Women often feel like they are not seen, heard or taken seriously.  If that describes you, are you your industries best kept secret?  Join us for this episode and learn how you can become more visible, get noticed and make an impact.  My guest is Nicole Perry and Nicole believes so strongly that women need more visibility that she was inspired to create a marketing platform for women in her local area on radio, social media and community television.  Learn how you can increase your own visibility and get noticed and known in your area.

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    Ladye on the Radio

    in Music

    12 noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific: "Ladye on the Radio," host Eleanor Wyche:

    Join Eleanor, better known as Lady E, as she interviews musical greats -- both those who have enjoyed long success, and amazing up-and-comers!

    Phil A Minion is a positive and inspirational artist from the Baltimore area. Minion was formerly a part of the well-known local group, Urban Worship. Together they released the EP "Undefined" and won the 2013 DMV Christian Music Award for "Best New Artist of the Year." Through meditation and prayer, Minion has taken a step away from the group to develop individually. Minion has diligently worked as a co-producer for his recently released album "Metamorphosis." Minion is a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer whose purpose is to be the light in the midst of this world's darkness. Minions dream is to spread the gospel through his gifts and be an example to others that despite your testimony, those who wait on the Lord shall regain their strength and mount up like eagles. (Isiah 40:31) 


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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Finance

     Crowdfunding Locally - The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show we’ll talk about 2 fairly new aspects of investing ... Crowdfunding & Investing locally. New and yet returning to traditional investments that took place 100 years ago. So which is it ... new or is it Déjà vu? Since very few of our listeners were investing that long ago, only you can decide after you listen to the show.
           On our last show we talked about Alternative Investments, and this topic fits squarely into that category. It’s not something you’ll want to move 100% of your portfolio into by year-end, but certainly something we all need to learn more about. Our guest to explain Crowdfunding Locally is Marshall Saunders, Managing Partner of SaundersDailey an online investment marketplace focused on real estate opportunities. Although the company is currently focused on the US mid-West don’t be surprised to see their marketplace expand throughout the US in the near future.
           If you’re not already investing in real estate, not familiar with Crowdfunding, or didn’t know there were ways to invest in your local market ... listening to this show needs to be high on your priority list! So prepare your questions, and grab a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us on Wealth DNA radio for Crowdfunding Locally ...