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    Local Food Hub: Charlottesville, Virginia

    in Gardening

    Greetings! come join us for an informational filled program. 

    The kind folks at Charlottesville, Virgina, of the "Local Food Hub" will tell us why they started their Food Hub, who they service, how that impacts their area, how folks are responding to it, what more can be done, and what tips and ideas they have that may help your town start a Food Hub.

    The Executive Director will tell us about their Mission to have folks be knowledgeable about Food to make better menu decisions and choices.  

    If you have a Community Garden network where you live, please do consider doing a Food Hub in your area or town.  Do Register with the USDA so that folks can see what your town is doing, there may be companies that will sell or purchase items with you, there may be large Corporations that will lcoate where you are because you want to help the Food System.  Have Good Nutrition in your town, support those who Grow Food Locally, and make a difference.  



    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

    Books and AudioBooks:  Community Garden Revolution

                                            Community Garden Revoluton Notes!

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    Roof Top Farm Urban HarvestSTL in St. Louis, MO, Local Food Hub, Thrive INC.

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    Hear this week the wonderful show of "Roof Top Farm" from the Urban HarvestSTL folks from St. Louis, MO.  They are going to do more Roof Top Farms since sometimes doing ground Community Gardens can be swallowed up with urban developments.  So, they decided to grow Food upward, on top of Buildings downtown.  Hear the neat story and how they are working to be sustainable.  These folks have been interviewed by the New York Times.  I'm so glad to have them as a Guest.

    Lets find out what the folks in Charlottesville, VA, are doing with a Local Food Hub.

    Plus, lets hear about THRIVE, Inc., of Helena, AR, is doing for their 501(c)3 Design Firm.  They work to help inner city areas thrive to be productive urban farms, community gardens, and other sustainable economic development sites to feed the community area they are in.  


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  CommunityGardenRadioShow@gmail.com

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    Books and AudioBooks:  Community Garden Revolution and Community Garden Revolution Notes!

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    Celebrate Summer ~ Local Food and What Farm Fresh Really Means

    in Women

    Welcome to our newest podcast series, Celebrate Summer!  

    Certified Transformational Life Coaches Ingrid Sthare and Vicy Wilkinson from Complete Life Coaching share stories, information, tools, and suggestions for making this summer your best one yet!  In this episode, we talk ABUNDANCE… and one of the clear summertime signs of abundance, FRESH LOCAL FOOD!  We’ll share ideas and tips on making summer treats that are both sinfully satisfying and actually good for your body, mind, and spirit, and talk about how to go about sourcing local food on a tight budget.  We’ll also share our own “nobody has time for that” gardening tips to help you grow some of your own abundance at your own home. 

    Celebrate Summer Series:  Summertime Abundance & Local Food

    Coming up next week:  Interview with Sandi Smith from Paleo Greenville about her experience getting to know local farmers and her recent adventures with the Upstate Farm Tour!

    You can learn more about our exclusive coaching retreats for executives, small business owners, and also for couples.  We help people build their best relationships, starting with the one they have with themselves.  http://www.completelifecoaching.com/

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    Local Food Update

    in Food

    This show is a rebroadcast of an August 1, 2011 interview. Socially Speaking hosts, Tracy Traut and Kathy Sipple, speak with Sandy Rodriguez.
    Sandy's local food experience includes managing the Miller Beach Farmer's Market for several years, serving as the Community and Economic Development Intern (Local Food Focus) at Porter County Purdue Extension and project managing Stewart House Urban Farm and Gardens in Gary.

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    Art of Cooking Local Food

    in Health

    Join Culinary Chef Silvia Lehrer on this interview as she discusses learning to cook, the wondrous local, sustainable produce available, bringing more grains and fish into ones diet, planning meals and the value of using leftovers.    "Silvia Lehrer, a culinary professional whose career has spanned more than 30 years, is no stranger to the gastronomic intrigue of the (Long Island)—in 1989 she founded “Cookhampton,” where she taught classes that showed budding chefs how to re-create the Mediterranean cuisine she grew up on with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Now living in Water Mill, NY, Lehrer proudly describes her perfect night as whipping up a seasonal meal for her husband, Fred, and Hamptons friends on her indoor grill (“with lava rocks!” she boasts)." - Dan's Papers. Hosted by Joshua Margolis Produced by Turtle Shell Health

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    Local Farmer's Market Seeks to Offer Authentic Experience

    in Environment

    219 GreenConnect host Kathy Sipple speaks wiith Shane Hansen, the new market manager at Michigan City's Farmer's Market. Shane is not only the market manager, he's an owner of a 13-acre organic farm himself. He's seeking to offer market visitors more of a local food experience, limiting vendors to those that are truly local and bringing in an educational component to the market as well.

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    The Farm

    in News

    On this week’s The Farm radio talk show on the Overthrow Radio Network, host Chris Petherick will be joined by attorney Pete Kennedy, the president of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

    Pete is an expert on raw dairy issues, focusing on issues related to this in several states, as well as other foods. He also works on legislation at the state and federal levels related to food safety and raw milk.

    On this show, Pete and Chris will discuss family farms in the U.S. More specifically, they will look at the case of Vernon Hershberger, the Wisconsin dairy farmer who was targeted by law enforcement and dragged through the courts because he wanted to sell healthy foods to people who wanted to buy them from him. May 28 marks the two-year anniversary of the court ruling that cleared him of most of the charges brought by prosecutors.

    Tune in live this Friday morning, May 29, from 11 a.m. to noon ET or download the MP3 in our archives section. See OverthrowRadio.com for more information.

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    Food for The Soul with CHef Ramon Clayton Weldon

    in Cooking

    Master chef Ramon Weldon, whose highly successful blog, http://weldonramon.blogspot.com, teaches people how to revamp their "ordinary menus" into "extraordinary food events". He gives you all the details from appetizers to entrees to desserts and divine drinks and gives you a powerful thought to carry you through the day with his "Food for the Soul" antidotes.

    Food for The Soul is design to help feed your mind, relationships and personal growth. Chef Ramon Weldon will give you great recipes and life living suggests, also help with personal growth that will help build a better relationship with you and others. Check out my website ramon.firstfitness.com

    To leave feedback or ask Questions please email me at weldonr112@gmail.com orrcw112@yahoo.com

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    DuB WyZe TaLk with Madea Allen raw food chef

    in Culture

    peace and greetings DWT family tonight June 1st we are pleased to present the lovely and talented Madea Allen. 

    Madea will apply the artistic method of eating healthily.   yes if you eat divinely, then your plate will resemble a box of crayons


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    Lisa Harris, "The Savory Muse", Talks about Wildcrafting and More

    in Environment

    219  GreenConnect host Kathy Sipple speaks with writer and chef, Lisa Harris, about the joys of cooking seasonally and connecting with the outdoors.

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    MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS - Vegan, Staycation, Recipe, More

    in Spirituality

       What kind of food do you eat?  Are you super healthy?  Would you like the possibility of being so?


         We all know we're all unique.  We also are made of the same stuff in terms of energy, Light, atoms, and the like, yet some people spur themselves on while others linger about.  This can be explained by soul age, conditioning, astrology, background, consciousness, and so many other factors.

        Let's also take a look at food intake and how that affects us, plus our global addiction to doing things however we do them, whether this method supports us or not.  What are any of us afraid of?  How do we deal with that disquiet?  How can you benefit?