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    DNR Radio 159 - Fear N Loathing in Amerikkka

    in Politics

    On this coming episode, we will be discussing the continuing police brutality issue. The police state and the outcome of the Ferguson verdict. What can we do about the careless treatment of Black life? How can we set it right? 

    Tune in!

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    Hating Us for Ten Years Running

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    Autism Speaks has been out celebrating itself even more than usual over the past few days.

    Celebrities, media, and even some politicians have joined in as Speaks refers to itself as "autism champions."

    Autistics and allied activists have taken over each hashtag in Speaks' recent Twitter campaigns, and rained on the party of the usual fear and loathing enough to make a bit of a dent.

    CAN Radio hosts discuss this and more on today's episode.

    Show interns Ryelle, Jason, and Cane, congratulations and thanks for helping with the CAN Radio Show.

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    CBM With Greg and Special Guest Host Nicole Taryn-from obesity to embodiment

    in Fitness

    Nicole Taryn is many things, and her passion lies in writing and in assisting people to truly discover themselves. She believes that self-realisation and wisdom are shared and experienced through story-telling and she boldly tells the story of who she is with her whole heart. Through her writing, her workshops and energy work she encourages people to find the courage to truly discover themselves and to live their lives from vulnerability.

    Through her journey from self-loathing and obesity to athlete, to injury and now to self-love, Nicole has learned the value of embracing embodiment. She is discovering the true potential of our bodies to heal and to nurture us in ways we may never have imagined.


    Wanna hear about her life changing moments and her journey to finding Bliss in Embodiment?

    Tune in Wednesday Feb. 25

    2PM Denver    4PM New York     10PM Central Europe 

    7AM Thurs. Feb. 26 AEST


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    The Yet to be Named MMA Show: Chuka Willis, Rousey vs Zingano, & steroids

    in MMA

    Chuka "The Lion King' Willis? will be joining us on The Yet To Be Named MMA Show? to talk about his upcoming fight with Travis Draper and much more. 

    Host Dallas Browning and Chris Gregory will be verbally sparring about MMA from the small show to the big show. There's a lot on the agenda cause we have been on a "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" vacation but we are back!!!! 

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    Talk Back Tuesdays: The Black Woman's Plight

    in Self Help

    This week we continue focusing on Black History Month and look at how The Black Woman has fared from slavery to present day. Our first week we examined The Willie Lynch Papers and how those methods still continue to plague our communities today. Last week we examined The Emasculation of The Black Man and all that it encompasses. 

    One of the leading factors African American women seek counseling is relationship problems with men and women. Communication, intimacy, infidelity, and domestic violence are most common in sexual; while self-loathing, mistrust, and competition play out between women of color.

    Women have gone through being dependent on the system for health, wellness, and welfare to a sense of independence through education and careers. Is it legitimate independence or is it the same behavior of divide and conquer? The black woman’s false sense of security continues the practice of looking at the black man as a failure and other black women as a threat and competition. 

    The level of loneliness and distrust often leads black women to mental distress unworthy of trust, envy, jealousy,and feelings of unworthiness and inferiority.

    Women and Men call in and let's talk about this and many issues that plagues our sisters from embracing our beauty and worth. Come Get on the COUCH!!!!!

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    W.E. Chat about being single on Valentines Day

    in Women

    W-omen E-mpowerment CHAT A new segment for 2015! 

    Ladies and gentlemen if you are single join me tonight for a heart to heart (no pun intended) chat about this one day out of 365 that has so many people depressed and disappointed.

    Join me for this up close and candid conversation about self loathing and self loving in addition to putting this one day into perspective!

    Future topics include

    Love over 40


    dressing for success in life and business

    setting your personal goals higher

    loving your singulatiry and much more! 

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    Women, Food, and Desire with Alexandra Jamieson

    in Health

    A holistic health counselor and co-star of award-winning documentary Super Size Me explores women’s cravings—for food, sleep, sex, movement, companionship, inspiration—and teaches them to listen to their bodies for a healthier, fuller life.

    Transformational health expert Alexandra Jamieson is a woman on a mission. Having overcome her own food addictions and the weight and health problems these habits caused, she learned something life-altering: when we listen to our cravings, they will lead us onto the path of deep healing. Since her own personal breakthrough more than a decade ago, Alexandra has dedicated her life to helping other women learn to listen to the wisdom of their cravings and make food their greatest ally as they step into their lives with authentic passion.

    From Amazon: In this powerfully feminine manifesto, Alexandra dares us to face our cravings head-on, to make the self-commitment to no longer hide out behind food, self-loathing, or the limiting expectations of others. With love, deep compassion, and fearless honesty, she calls upon all of us to boldly use food as a tool to cleanse ourselves of the nutritional, emotional, physical, and mental blocks that limit our ability to live full, meaningful, and joyful lives.

    In this book she’ll show us how:
    · Our cravings are the gatekeepers of our deepest longings and desires
    · Transforming habits set us free
    · Detoxing unclutters our bodies and minds so we may engage in our lives with more power and authenticity
    · Embracing our sexual selves makes us more powerful
    · Trusting ourselves and surrounding ourselves with a nurturing community is essential for a vital, healthy, hot life

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    Politics Done Right on KPFT- Loathing Lincoln author Dr. John McKee Barr

    in Politics Progressive

    I got off a plane earlier today from the Move To Amend bi-yearly executive committee meeting. That meeting made me more resolved to bring our politics in a manner distilled for us all. Politics must not be for a lucky privileged few. After all, it affects us all.

    It is for this reason that I promised to bring politics home. I promised to bring it in a form that means something to you. In that light, today Politics Done Right is honored to have professor of History at Lone Star College-Kingwood, Dr. John McKee Barr as our guest. Dr. Barr is the author of the award-winning new book from LSU Press titled Loathing Lincoln: An American Tradition from the Civil War to the Presentwhich  explores critics of Abraham Lincoln from the 1850s onward. Loathing Lincoln examines major themes and personalities in American history, including federal versus state power, the meaning of freedom and equality, and American imperialism.

    This is not just an academic exercise. I have asked Dr. John J. Theis to join the discussion. Dr. Theis is a Political science professor at Lone Star College-Kingwood (LSC). Most importantly he uses LSC’s Center for Civic Engagement to bring political engagement to the campus. He leverages that engagement to encourage kids to enter the body politic outside of the campus.

    See the show's blog post here.

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    Type 1 Radio Lounge News Bong

    in Art

    Join the team for some laughs and torture as we chew up yet another week worth of fear and loathing, giggles and tears.

    Treason shouldn’t be this much fun

    It just is

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    What's Your Emotional Bacon?

    in Health

    Are you clogging yourself with emotional bacon?  There are many ways that we feast on our emotions everyday that can truly result in patterns that make us sick.  Although it is entertaining in the short term--in the long term, building an identity based on being present to your emotions without understanding how to use your creative potential can result in some common disease patterns.  In this episode, we identify some common emotional patterns and their physical manifestations to help you clear and take responsibility for your emotional bacon.  Join us!

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