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    From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 1

    in Self Help

    From Self Loathing to Self Loving begins a new series on Pandora’s Box where I explore this very important topic of how we stop treating ourselves poorly and begin to really love ourselves. It is easy to say “I need to love myself more” but self love is a very complex process. We must learn how to effectively confront the old “self loathing” programs and clear out core limiting beliefs, toxic emotions and addictions that keep us in the cycle of self abuse.

    Those caught up in the cycle of narcissistic abuse will really find value in this series because the more you clear out the old “self abuse” programs and begin truly loving yourself you will no longer tolerate abusive behavior from others. There is no better way to leave behind toxic patterns then to truly embrace self love.

    Join us for this series and begin making changes in your life today!

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    From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 3; The Inner Child and the Higher Self

    in Self Help

    Part 3 of From Self Loathing to Self Loving

    In this episode of the series "From Self Loathing to Self Loving" we will be talking about the relationship we develop with both our inner child and higher self and how it affects our over all sense of connection and well being.  Learn how to identify and communicate with these two aspects of SELF and get their cooperation in working towards your over all goal of radical self love.

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    "Fear & Loathing: Campaign 2015" with Stephen Lautens

    in Politics

    Once again, we welcome Stephen Lautens for his razor sharp interpretation of this marathon exercise in misinformation and slander called Election 42. Scary refugees, scary clothing, scary religion, scary world economy, scary attack ads, scary terrorists. Be afraid. Be blinded by fear so you forget about the most oppressive, most secretive, most corrupt government in the history of Canada. Forget about the wholesale incompetence that Canada has been subjected to. Forget about the giveaway of services and institutions built by Canadians with tax dollars to those in favour.

    Did we mention fear? Is it all just a Machiavellian distraction from the terrible economy and democratic deficit or an accurate picture of the Harper mindset? Wake up Canada, the terrorist is living at 24 Sussex Drive.

    Join us for a lighter look at the mess that Ottawa and governance has become, and what can be done on October 19th.

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    Politics Done Right - Interview with Dr. John Barr , author of Loathing Lincoln

    in Politics

    Today Politics Done Right is honored to have professor of History at Lone Star College-Kingwood, Dr. John McKee Barr as our guest. Dr. Barr is the author of the award-winning new book from LSU Press titled Loathing Lincoln: An American Tradition from the Civil War to the Presentwhich  explores critics of Abraham Lincoln from the 1850s onward. Loathing Lincoln examines major themes and personalities in American history, including federal versus state power, the meaning of freedom and equality, and American imperialism.

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    From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 2; The Witness; Detached Observer

    in Self Help

    Most people go about their daily life very unconscious about how their actions and behavior are creating their reality.  They are on autopilot not really paying much attention to the choices they are making on a daily basis. When you learn to engage the Witness Self, the Detached Observer you will learn to view your thoughts, emotions and experiences from a higher perspective and have greater healing and awareness.

    Join us for this second part of "From Self Loathing to Self Loving" and find out how engaging the Witness Self can bring you closer to Self Love.

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    The Good Karma Path

    in Self Help

    Karma is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  But how does that show up in our lives?  Do we really reap what we sow? Do people really get away with cruelty and dirty deeds towards others?  

    In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah talks about karma from the perspective of emotional life and death.  She talks about Karma in relationship to living in a narcissistic society, dealing with narcissistic people and facing our own inner narcissism.  

    Join Kaleah to learn more about how you can walk the "Good Karma Path" and reap what you sow in a way that brings you more of what you truly seek in life.

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    What is the Trauma of Privilege?

    in Psychology

    The children of privilege become young adults who have no idea of real life challenges. They are highly anxious, fearful, depressed, and codependent. This growing tragedy in our community needs more attention by parents and caregivers. Recognizing the patterns of overprotective caregivers, understanding the intolerance of children's insecurities, learning how to deal with narcissistic and self-loathing behaviors, exploring co-dependence, discussing the meaning of true love, dealing with peer pressure, and finding ways for becoming a love-based parent are effective approaches in managing a healthy household.

    I invite you to join me and my dear friend, Harriett Rossetto founder of Beit T'Shuvah the unique residential treatment center and educational institution in West Los Angeles, as we are discussing "the Trauma of Privilege". Harriett has organized a a course in dealing with a range of self-destructive behaviors and addictions, which are the frightening and unintended consequences of affluence and privilege on our youth.

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    Loving Yourself in Relationship to Others

    in Self Help

    Relationships can be challenging for anyone and if we don't have the skills to work through relationship challenges we will never have strong relationships with others.  In this Episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about how relationships come into our lives to show us what is hidden within ourselves.  We get to know ourselves on deeper and deeper levels through the mirrors of our personal relationships.  We can learn to work with our shadow side and bring what is hidden to light.  We can learn how to be transparent and have greater levels of intimacy.  

    Kaleah also talks about narcissistic personality disorder and how the complex defense structure in a narcissist prevents him/her from having a true, intimate relationship with another.  

    Tune in and expand your inner world!

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    Show #92- Tracy Campoli- Wellness & Life Coach!!!

    in Motivation


    Tracy is a wellness and lifestyle coach and YouTube fitness star with over 81,000 subscribers • 7,454,306 views... Tracy is passionate about helping women truly have it all: in a BODY and LIFE they love.  Tracy works with women 1 on 1 in her coaching programs. She is here today to share strategies on how to not only lose weight, get into awesome shape, but also to love themselves and break free of the debilitating cycle of dieting and self loathing.  

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    RTU: #243 - Baby's First Podcast

    in Sports

    Ready to Unload: With Cal & Sanpete

    Subscribe to the RTU: Podcast in iTunes HERE - Also available on STITCHER HERE

    RTU: #243 - Recorded on 9.23.15

    This episode of RTU is brought to you by the Gotham Sports Network, the place for great NY Sports blog and opinion. Go to GothamSN.com and check it out. Gotham Sports Network: ALL New York, All the time...

    UNLOADING On: We're back from hiatusbattical! 

    - We got heavy into the Mets...everthing from the phenomenon of waiting for 2007 part II, Cal's Fear and Loathing as a Mets fan, to what we think of Matt Harvey's inning limits. Great stuff here, long overdue.

    - We did the Jets 2-0 start quickly... their defense is the star, not Todd Bowles' defense, and Fitzpatrick: any time you are ready to be a game manager, that'd be great. 

    Available on iTunes.... And coming soon, the Funload for this episode, with... the return of the Swamii!

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    The Matchless.....Unconditional Love Of God Pt 2

    in Christianity

    As children of Almight God, if we are honest with ourselves, we at times struggle to understand how a loving and gracious Father can accept us just as we are with warts, blemishes, imperfections and sinful hearts, He seems to be quite the expert and seeking and saving the lost. Romans 5:8 says it like this, "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us". That and many other passages of scripture also valitdate His unconditional and unwavering love. Thats the voice of Truth. Then we have another voice we have found ourselves listening to way too often.....The voice of Satan. His lies, manipulation, trickery and deceitful tactics can make us feel unwanted by God, discouraged and having a sense of hopelessness.  John 8:44 says he is the father of  lies. John 10:10 says "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full". It's through worry, doubt, fear and sin that satan paints a false picture of where we stand with God. Whispering lies such as these, "you've really messed up this time, you can't return to God after what you've done", or how can God love you when you left him and you don't deserve his grace."  To sum it up Satan seeks to throw condemnation and self-loathing at us with great force, undermine our confidence and relationship with Christ. We can't ever pray enough, meditate enough, read his scripture enough to earn any salvation or cause God to love us. The great news is that his love is never ending or failing its deeper than any ocean and can't be compared to any relationship or sexual experience. Its the unconditional, matchless love of almight God!