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    Lost Arts Radio Show #15 - Special Guest Barrie Trower (Part 2)

    in Health

    The Truth About Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, Smart Meters and More, Part 2

    Microwave Expert Barrie Trower

    Microwave Weapons and Technology

    Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr. Trower is a whistle-blower, who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from microwave weapons and everyday microwave technologies such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi. He has also repeatedly assisted the UK Police Federation in their struggle to protect police officers from Tetra/Air-Band radio communications systems that are harmful to health.

    This Saturday, Lost Arts Radio listeners can tune-in to an impromptu conversation between microwave technologies and weapons expert Mr. Barrie Trower and Lost Arts Radio host Richard Sacks, on the dangers of Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell phones and other microwave devices and what you can do to protect yourself. This will be Part 2 of a three-part special series of private and unscripted conversations with Barrie Trower, exclusively on Lost Arts Radio. Be sure to listen to the archive of Part 1 if you missed the show on April 4th. Then, mark your calendar for this Saturday, April 18th at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern for a show that promises to be jam-packed with useful information you will not hear anywhere else. The May 2nd show will be the third and last segment (for now) of this amazing information exchange.

    Lost Arts Radio invites you to join us for our free health-related educational broadcasts every week. We want to acknowledge and understand the threats we face, while keeping our energy strong, and then come together with positive solutions that can work for you. Join host Richard Sacks every week for fascinating discussions, amazing guests and useful information that you will not want to miss.

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    SFTB - Who's House? Rob's House!

    in Lifestyle


    Hey all, check us out at:




    also check us out on Twitter: @BADHBTSNTWK @Shotsfromthebal @Gary_The_Hammer

    Instagram: ShotsFromTheBalcony and GaryTheHammer

    Email us @ info@shotsfromthebalcony.com


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    Week in Review: Presidential Candidates, 3 1/2 Minutes Movie Review

    in Lifestyle

    This week in review including our assessment of the 3 1/2 Minutes movie and its potential impact. 

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    Healing River: (041715) Are Cursed Objects Destroying Your Health? Part 4

    in Christianity

    Are you chronically or recurrently ill without explanation or cure?  Are your children emotionally distressed, having sleep disturbances, or behavioral issues that are difficult to manage?  Are you struggling with infertility?  Do you feel continually defeated in your Christian life?  It may be time to look for cursed objects in your home or your child's room and get rid of them.  These may even have come into your home as an innocent gift, as so many simply do not understand the reality of the spiritual impact such items have on us and our families.


    Deborah Lemke, P.O. Box 1511, Oshkosh, WI





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    Syndicate Cartel Radio

    in Radio

    This is our third edition of Cartel radio coming live from Milwaukee wi. We have a awesome show with special guests Debo from QOTR, we also got O'fficial in the building along with C3 Ash Cash and Cartel's very own QTM tune in its finna get real

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    in Wrestling

    Today on The Boochcast, Booch explains having to work after the show on Wednesday, Aaron Hernandez Guilty Of Murder In Death Of Odin Lloyd, recaps NXT, These Mean Girls Bullied His Little Sister What He Did About It Is Epic,  Chris Rock's Marital Split 'A Long Time Coming,' Source Close to the Couple Tells PEOPLE, Chris Rock: I Was Just Tired of Being Married, Chris Rock's Divorce Isn't Exactly Surprising If You've Seen His Stand-Up, and Steven calls in to ask Booch who he thinks should be brought into NXT to help the young guys. 


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    Interviewing the Divas .... with Guest Amy McKenzie

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish as she speaks with the fascinating Amy McKenzie today.

    Amy, an entrepreneur with interests in health and wellness, leadership development and the entertainment industry, is a production and development executive with years of demonstrated success and a solid business sense. Amy is an energetic, proven leader with an outstanding reputation, an extremely creative and strategic thinker with an endless passion for teaching and community service.

    An Emerald Executive with Zija International, she brings seasoned skills to her Network Marketing team and is considered one of the company's top trainers.

    As an executive producer, Amy co-founded the critically acclaimed New Age Vaudeville theatre company (NAV) in Chicago, IL, whereby she successfully negotiated the first Actors' Equity (AEA) cabaret contract. NAV performed all original works, directed by Miss McKenzie, inspiring rave reviews from such critics as Lawrence Bommer and Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune as well as being featured, along with the Goodman and Steppenwolf Theatre companies, in London’s prestigious Plays International magazine. 

    Amy was the founding Artistic Director of the Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) in Sturgeon Bay, WI where she currently sits on the Advisory Board of Directors.  In addition, McKenzie has directed dozens of plays for theaters across the country.

    She has long had the reputation as an excellent trainer, teacher and coach. Her background  includes ad-hoc Professor at the University of Wisconsin School of the Arts, ShenanArts in Charlottesville, VA and Paul Sills (creator of Saturday Night Live) Story Theater.

    Amy McKenzie

    Entrepreneur, Spokeswoman

    Producer, Director, Manager

    Professor, Trainer, Coach

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    New York Jets Draft Talk With Analyst Jeff Lloyd

    in Football

    With the NFL Draft quickly approaching the analysis of college prospects continues as special guest Jeff Lloyd joins us live. Should the Jets trade up to get a Mariota or Fowler? Trade down to acquire picks? Who is the best pass rusher in the draft? running backs options? should the Jets consider Amari Cooper at #6? and your calls as we try to identify the New York Jets best options. The show goes live at 8pm and the call in number is 929-477-2651.

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    in Religion

    TOMORROW TUESDAY JOIN former Jehovah's Witness, Melissa Bramer and Associate Pastor James Kocian of Living Hope Church, Green Bay, WI, as they reach an unreachable group "Former (EX) Jehovah's Witnesses" through Praise, Worship, Scripture, Q & A and taking live callers who want to share their stories and ask questions.


    Do you carry one of these names? I know I did. Do you carry the weight and shame of this name? I know I did.

    Are you rejected? I know “I Am". Are you shunned? I know “I Am.

    ”If the world hates you, you should realize that it hated me before you. John 15:18 

    Does the Church follow this guideline today? Is excommunication and shunning only practiced by groups such as the Amish or Jehovah’s Witnesses? What situations might elicit such an extreme action?

    Join us: Tuesday, April 14 6:30-8:00 pm (4:30pm PAC/5:30pm MTN/6:30 CTRL/7:30pm ET)

    Listen by phone 1-347-934-0379 or streaming live at www.blogtalkradio.com/healingxoutreach



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    RSE DRAFT Room-Prospects on Tap

    in Sports

    Tha SPORTSKRIB presents The RSE Draft Bar: Prospects on Tap.

    (Jersey) Jeff Lloyd and his California counterpart James Cobern talk the NFL.  They scout the league's teams and future prospects.

    Jeff and James will be joined by various members of the RSENetwork, on a weekly basis.

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