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    Super Dave Show - Taxes - Lloyd Sloan

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    Why do we keep voting ourselves tax increases?  Why is our tax system so screwed?  Will it ever end?  Lloyd Sloan with his ideas on what we could do to change things.

    Changing Lives every day of the week!

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    State Sovereignty: State Repeal Amendment with Lloyd Sloan

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    Tonight we get right back to the heart of State Sovereignty as we discuss the State Repeal Amendment with Lloyd Thomas Sloan . This amendment petition was introduced in the last Senate session and we will continue to push it hard. Listen in as we discuss a major piece of the State Sovereignty puzzle.

    We'll review the day at Preppers and Patriots and Mike Slack will call to give us an update.

    We are live at 7PM Missouri Time. You can call and participate at 347-677-1835. It's the best Saturday night you will spend this week.

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    Super Dave Show - Lloyd Sloan & What's Wrong with the Parties

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    My guest today in the 8am hour will be Lloyd Sloan who has a lot to say about the Convention of States.  He doesnt like it!

    Changing lives every day of the week!

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    State Sovereignty: Lloyd Sloan and Keith Carmichael

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    The House today passed an omnibus spending bill that fully funds Obamacare, increases funding for the fight against cimate change, and funds for Obama's amnesty program -- all without the consent of the vast majority of Americans. What can be done about this kind of action by Washington? Lloyd Sloan and Keith Carmichael will join us tonight to discuss the possibilities. We, the People, will take our government back! How we do this and what needs to be done next will be the hot topics of discussion. There are several items of breaking news on this front and we'll bring them to to the center ring.

    Join us live at 7PM Missouri Time. You may call and participate at 347-677-1835. It's YOUR government, not theirs. Be here to help us take it back.

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    State Sovereignty - SRA with Lloyd Sloan

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    Our guests last night couldn't make it, so, we are doing it again! Lloyd Sloan joins us as we discuss the State Repeal Amendment, the petition process for amending the Constitution, and other things.

    Why is State Sovereignty so important? Look west! Would Missouri come to your defense if suddenly the Justice Department, with its Blackhawk helicopters, armed-to-the-teeth soldiers, and drones decided your backyar chickens were eating federal bugs or that the rainwater you collect belongs to them? I'ts Missouri's DUTY to protect YOU from federal rampage.

    Join us at 7PM Missouri time. Call and participate at 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty: Mike Moon and Lloyd Thomas Sloan

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    It's not about Right and Left. It's about Right and Wrong!

    We'll begin with our weekly update from Mike Moon direct from the Missouri House of Representatives. On the agenda: Right to Work, HR 99, Food Freedom, more!

    Then we'll chat with Lloyd Sloan about the upcoming Convention of States. What's the truth behind the history? What's the truth about the possibilities? What's the truth about the amendment process? Find out here.

    Mike Slack returns tonight to share the mic with BTR featured host Dave. Join us at 7PM Missouri Time by clicking the link provided. You may call and participate at the studio line 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty with Mike Moon and Lloyd Sloan

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    Action packed, exciting night tonight! Mike Moon comes for his weekly visit, and what a newsmaker. HR476 (Impeachment) will get a public hearing in the Judiciary Committee on 4/22. Catch the updates. HCR41 hovers in the General Laws committee and needs a push. And, for Mike, the campaign season is starting to heat up. Join us for this and more with Mike Moon.

    Not enough? Lloyd Sloan comes by and asks us to all get invilved in the movement of SCR38, State Repeal Amendment. That's right, the SRA is now a real thing and Missouri is poised to be the first state to make the call. We need a hearing and we need action.

    Join us at 7PM Missouri time. You can call and participate with Mike and Lloyd at 347-677-1835.

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    State Sovereignty: Kelly Pascucci/Smart Meters & Lloyd Thomas Sloan

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    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    Let's see, should you go out tonight on the ice covered roads in the middle of a winter storm or sit home in the warmth and learn fron the nation's #1 expert about how smart meters and the Smart Grid are literally taking away your power? Tonight, renowned expert Kelly Pascucci joins us to bring us up to speed on how our utility companies are using seduction and subversion to make us comfortable with allowing them to control the very temperature of our homes. Kelly has spent years travelling and speaking to educate Missourians on this approaching storm. Join us tonight, call and chat with Kelly, stay home, stay safe, and stay warm; now and for years to come.

    Then, we will speak again with Lloyd Sloan about the amendment process and where we took a wrong turn in our fight to take back our government. Why aren't we talking about the specific changes that need to be made? How can we continue to follow down a path that seems to have no objective but the path itself? Why do we continue to follow people proceeding toward and rallying for monumental change when they cannot or will not even enlighten us on what change they mean? Hope and Change? Heard that one before.

    Join us tonight at 7PM for an exciting episode. You can call and participate on the studio line at 347-677-1835.


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    Take Action Get Profits with Getting All the Facts and Answers

    in Business

    Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism and her guest Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers & Angela Sloan:

    Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers has over 20 years of leadership experience. Dr. Donna has served as a Private-First-Class to a Commissioned Officer in the military. After performing her military duties Dr. Donna worked her way up the ranks to C-level suites. Those experiences have allowed her to strategically solve problems at all levels in an organization. As a Commissioned Military Police Officer she managed millions of dollars of assets and equipment and led over 2,500 soldiers without any casualties. After transitioning to a management role at Frito-Lay Dr. Donna continued to perform at a high level. She personally supervised over 500 employees, managed 20 million dollars in company assets, and trained corporate team members at the national level in safety, continuous improvement and performance-based training.

    For 30 years Angela Sloan, CEO and founder of Sloan Financial Group, has dedicated herself to helping her clients secure their financial affairs. Unfortunately at a young age, she was swindled out of her life savings by her “trusted” advisor. This misfortune motivated Angela to make it her life’s work to keep bad things from happening to good people. Angela’s list of accomplishments include earning the Pioneer Service Excellence Award, the AMS Inventor of the Year Award, winning the Richard M. Metcalfe Memorial Award as well as sitting on the York Technical College Entrepreneur Panel and guest speaker appearances for Clemson University’s Professional Development for Women Conferences held throughout the United States. She has been featured in Financial Advisor Magazine, Greater Charlotte Biz Magazine, and ProActive Advisor Magazine.

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    RSE DRAFT Room-Prospects on Tap

    in Sports

    Tha SPORTSKRIB presents The RSE Draft Bar: Prospects on Tap.

    (Jersey) Jeff Lloyd and his California counterpart James Cobern talk the NFL.  They scout the league's teams and future prospects.

    Jeff and James will be joined by various members of the RSENetwork, on a weekly basis.

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    Life's Issues Radio with Lloyd Rosen

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    Life's Issues Radio with Lloyd Rosen with his guest Richard Smith & Dean Roberts:

    Richard H. Smith, Ph. D., is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Kentucky (Ph.D. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). His research is on social emotions such as awe, envy, and schadenfreude. He has edited a volume on envy, Envy: Theory and Research, Oxford University Press, 2008, and has a recent book on schadenfreude, The Joy of Pain: Schadenfreude and the Dark Side of Human Nature, Oxford University Press, 2013

    Dean Roberts -  I was born in 1939 got kicked out of school at age 16 Was given an early discharge for the Navy in 20 got married at 22 and had two children within three years. Some time in my late 20s I started to read and study Marcus Aurelius book meditations and think and grow Rich by Napoleon hill When my parents retired from the family steel rule die business in 1976 we were doing around $100,000 a year in sales. By 1981 my company had become the largest manufacturer of diecut dollhouse kits in the world we were doing about $4 billion in sales with over 40 employees. I had the good fortune to attract some really great people that took full responsibility for all the day-to-day operations. This enabled me to travel study meditate exercise and play way too much tournament poker. So now in the final stage of my life I would like to share with younger people some of the useful things that I've learned over the years. My daughter son and grandson are operating the business today it's Greenleafdollhouses.com

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