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    CW 616 - Happy New Year! Home Warranty, Eviction, LLCs, Negotiations, Zillow, Cash-on-Cash Return Q&

    in Finance

    Jason answers your questions in this high-level Q&A. The main takeaway from this episode is to buy some properties now. Getting started is often the hardest part for real estate investors. If you don’t start today you may put off creating a wealthy future for yourself and one day realize it is too late. If you buy your properties with the help of Jason’s team you are able to leverage the huge volumes at which they do business. You get seasoned, professional help with your very first property purchase. You don’t have to do this alone!


    Key Takeaways:

    [3:26] Oliver was a dedicated listener before working as an investment counselor

    [9:21] Why doesn’t the whole world know about income property?

    [11:17] 14 million individual investor-owned single family homes

    [15:10] Jason answers real listener questions about LLC’s, evictions and identifying markets

    [17:47] 1.) Buy some properties and 2.) Protect your assets

    [23:47] How to identify and choose a real estate investment market and the local market team

    [29:11] Understanding acquisition costs for the Local Market Specialist

    [32:45] Properties on JasonHartman.com are not necessarily the best deal you can get

    [34:57] Multiplexes or single family houses? Which is better for cash flow?

    [38:46] Higher priced properties have lower rent to value ratios

    [40:15] Meet the Masters event is coming up - you can still get a ticket

    [41:35] Venture Alliance trip to Dubai on President’s Day weekend




    The Asset Matrix Presentat

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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Finance

       Solo 401(k) - The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show we’ll cover the most attractive and least known individual retirement plans entrepreneurs can take advantage of. When we think of IRA’s we think of $5 – $6,000 that can be contributed each year. If a plan allows contributing 10 times as much – would that get your attention? But before you start reducing your estimated taxes for 2016 with this new knowledge, you need to join us for the show. And if you change your clocks remember the show time will be different for you  
            Our special guest is Clint Coons, a founding partner of Anderson Law Group and current manager of Anderson's Washington office. His practice involves the structuring of private lending structures, joint venture agreements, land trusts, LLCs, tax deferred retirement vehicles, and other business forms to shield real estate investors from the myriad of challenges facing them in the new economy. Clint has published dozens of articles and workbooks on real estate investing and asset protection, including his most recent book: Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors. 
            So whether you’re thinking about starting a new venture, you’re in the early stages of operations, you’re growing a business, or paying too much in taxes as a reward for a job well done .... grab a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us for this show on the Solo 401(k)...

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    Spartan Life Radio: Living and Learning Communities

    in Education

    Welcome to another episode of Spartan Life Radio on WNSB Hot 91.1 FM. The college experience is more than just studying, reading and writing research papers. Our guest from the Student Affairs division will talk about living and learning communities or LLCs . . . a program that enriches the student experience by placing participants in cohorts that live and learn together. Jonathan Walker, assistant dean of students and the director of learning communities will be our guest on this episode of Spartan Life Radio on WNSB Hot 91.1 FM. For more information on Norfolk State's living and learning communities, listen to the full Spartan Life Radio broadcast.

  • Overview of Business Credit for LLCs and Inc.s

    in Real Estate

    "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money" with 50 years of combined experience in real estate and finance, Ken Sheppard & Dana Leigh share real world "How To" actions to use real estate togenerate passive income, build wealth and create a financial legacy for your family  We started out this way and so can you.

    Ken and I are learning more about getting business credit lines.  Come learn with us

    Find our podcasts on the iTunes store under "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money".

    Please join our online community at CreativeFlips.webs.com and connect with us on LinkedIn- Ken and Dana.

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    7 Things you need to know when you own a family business

    in Finance

    Are you part owner in a family business?  Join host Barbie O'Connor for today's MoneySmarts4u show about 7 things to consider when you are involved with a family business.  Emotional entanglements, the family tree, profits and losses, assets and liabilities, company structure, and reorganization strategies are all part of today's discussion.  

    For more MoneySmarts4u, buy the book on Amazon.  Subscribe to the show.  Like us on Facebook.  Listen in on Itunes.  Email any questions to barbie@moneysmarts4u.com.  Check out the website, www.moneysmarts4u.com. 

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    Spartan Life Radio: Living - Learning Communities

    in Education

    We're talking about Living - Learning Communities on this episode of Spartan Life Radio. If you've ever longed for a rich and engaging college experience for yourself or your children, check out the upcoming episode of Spartan Life Radio. College life . . . it's more than just classroom and library time. At Norfolk State University, faculty and administrators pride themselves in developing holistic learning experiences that enable students to have different experiences during their academic careers. One of those holistic approaches to the learning experience at NSU is our Living-Learning Communities.

    Living-Learning Communities or LLCs are:

    A collaborative initiative between Academic and Student Affairs

    Creating an integrative and holistic experience reflecting fully engaged campus

    Recruitment (enrollment) and Promote student success (retention and graduation)

    Support the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

    Join us for an informative discussion about Living-Learning Communities with experts from NSU's Student and Academic Affairs. Listen or join the conversation at 1-347-850-8515.

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    Manager-Managed vs. Member-Managed LLCs

    in Legal

    Under the Illinois Limited Liability Company Act, Illinois limited liability companies (LLCs) may be member-managed or manager-managed.  This podcast will explain the differing roles of manager and member in an LLC, explain how the management election is made, and the consequences attendant in each choice.  The podcast will conclude with a preferred choice of management structure.

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    Can the Law be holistic...this attorney proves it can!

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to another episode of The Quirky World of Mama Char..,whoody whooo! Today's guest is an attorney and holistic coach...yep y'all read that right! Lisa Fraley of LisaFraley.com makes both work together for the common good. As an Attorney + Legal Coach with Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC, she provides personalized legal protection and services for coaches and holistic entrepreneurs to protect themselves and their businesses as they grow. She has created a 7 Step Legal Protection System so coaches and entrepreneurs know how to take the right steps at the right time in the right order so they can feel confident and empowered to share their gifts with the world, including creating client agreements, disclaimers, terms & conditions for websites and programs, LLCs/scorps, trademarks, and more. She also works with individuals to create customized agreements, such as for joint ventures, affiliates, and hiring a team. You will be able to catch Lisa at the Be GREAT! Conference Oct 23-25, 2015 in Seattle, WA. For more info on the conference go to BeGreatCon.com.

    And as always, you can find me at MamaChar.com or on all social media @MamaCharBlessed. 

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Alan and Bonnie Cashman, Andrea Reaka and guests

    in Business

    Andrea Reaka best-selling author and speaker.  She is the founder and owner of Edwardsville Tutoring in Edwardsville, Illinois where she has impacted the lives of hundreds of kids.  Her goal is to help parents and students learn focus, motivation, and goal setting so that they can follow their own dreams and make the most out of their lives 

    Alice Baland “America’s Dream Achievement Expert!” She is a hypnotherapist and registered dietitian nutritionist in private practice in Dallas and Plano. She will help you solve problems with marriage, relationships with food, eating disorders and weight, and get your stress under control

    David Haynes managing attorney of the Washington, D.C. office of The Cochran Firm. He devotes his practice to complex civil litigation, high stakes mass torts, wrongful death, product liability, and catastrophic injury cases. He has secured more than $100 million in recoveries for his clients as lead counsel through verdict and settlement

    David Grant member at the law firm of Grant Morris Dodds.  In addition to handling the estate planning needs for some of Nevada’s wealthiest families, David also helps clients from around the country protect their assets by taking advantage of the special laws Nevada offers in the areas of trusts, LLCs and taxation.He has also been named as one of Nevada’s “Legal Elite” by the Nevada Business Magazine and has been given a perfect 10.0 rating by AVVO.com

    Alan and Bonnie Cashman are recognized as outstanding leaders in health, fitness, personal growth and business in the Country.  They operate an award winning fitness studio, LAB5, in Seattle and also an active lifestyle training business called Cashman Lifestyle

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    The Power of Your Business Name

    in Entrepreneur

    Nellie Akalp, the founder and CEO of CorpNet.com, helps entrepreneurs start businesses, incorporate, form LLCs, set up sole proprietorships (DBAs) and maintain businesses in compliance with state filing requirements. Today she joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss the power of naming your business, beyond the brand considerations.

    Nellie has contributed to or appeared in a host of national media, including Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Mashable and Inc.

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    Don Todrin - Asset Protection, What's it All About?

    in Business

    Asset Protection, What's it All About?: Sole Proprietorships vs. LLCs and Corporations. What are Fraudulent Transfers and how to avoid them?

    Also featuring Greg Wales, joining us to discuss recent case studies.