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    The LizyT radio show covering the Woman on Fire Gala

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    Who is the WOMAN ON FIRE?

    The “Woman on Fire” is creating a blazing path, creating success for not only herself, but for those behind her. She boldly shares her journey on this road with others so they too can appreciate her challenges, witnessing her tears, but most of all…the smiles of accomplishment. While on the road full of pot holes and blind spots, the “Woman on Fire” seeks mentorship and support through the hills and valleys of business. She is not afraid to fail because she knows that in her failure lie her lessons for success that will bring her from the darkness and into the light. “Women on Fire” are known for listening to that small voice in the depths of their inner being, choosing to believe in themselves when no one else does.

     “Woman on Fire” is about allowing yourself to discover and share your gifts with the world. We honour the “Women on Fire” at this gala. The evening will begin with a WOF Mingle, where all sponsors have an opportunity to present themselves followed by a catered sit down dinner. Guests will have the opportunity to hear from 5 outstanding speakers that will lead to the honouring of the 5 women nominated for WOF awards.


     Olivia Chow, Mayoral Candidate

    Jilian Saweczko, Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, Politician

    Suzette Dallas, Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur – Suzy Mari Health & Fitness Studio

    Natalia Popovich, Entrepreneur – Nat & Home

    Natasha Morris, Entrepreneur – Gift’d

    Tamara Sylvan, Mother, Wife, Female Firefighter & Entrepreneur – BCPR Smart


    Singer: Woodney Pierre Live Band:  The Poetic Vibes led by JNichole Noel

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    Tanya M. Cooper Author

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    Tanya M. Cooper is a published author of her most recent non-fiction work, entitled, L.O.V.E. Live a Life Of Vibrant Energy (Change Your Story – Change Your Life) and two novels, The Matriarch of La Bonita and The Wayward Daughters. Tanya has a Bachelor of Honours degree in English and History and her Bachelor of Education. She taught in Colombia, South America for three years and the last ten within Canada.  Tanya trained with the Gestalt Institute of Toronto for four years to be a Psycho-therapist and has offered many workshops on subjects such as self-esteem, eating disorders, healing, neuropsychology and re-training the mind.  Tanya has written and spoken for her own radio program called, On Second Thought and has facilitated her own writers’ group.  Tanya provides workshops and individualized coaching on how to develop self-esteem, success and ultimately the life that we desire. 

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    Chloe karstenministries

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    I find I am at my best when I have a little more to do than time allows. I seem to work just a little harder to ensure everything I can do for the day is completed. This is how I feel about reaching the lost, hopeless, wounded and hurting people before the return of our Lord and Savior. When I miss an opportunity to share God’s love and mercy then I feel I have failed in my Christian walk. I love allowing the Holy Spirit to move through me to touch God's children and when I feel the Spirit moving, see people responding to his call I feel most humbled. Words from a song I love says “Why use me God? Why choose me God? I am just one of many millions you saw from Calvary’s cross. Why take my place? Why give me grace? How could you find any value that would make me worth the cost?” This is exactly how I feel every single day. I am so thankful he did take my place and has been a part of my life since I was a child. I have always loved to sing Gospel Music and find music to be a great refuge. Music reaches the soul and helps prepare the heart for the Word of God. As the anointing flows through me I know hearts are touched and God’s plan is accomplished.

    My life's journey is about reaching the lost for Jesus. His return is very close at hand and the time grows shorter every day. I am to reach as many people as possible so God can save their souls, heal their wounds and repair their brokenness. I desire to be a person used by God all over the world. Through obedience to his call on my life I want to see millions find God and in turn they share the love and mercy of Jesus with others. 



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    alph Hankerson Jr. CEO and Founder AwesomeVacationIdeas.com

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    “I can’t imagine a better job than sending my customers off to the best travel and tours around the world. I started AwesomeVacationIdeas.com to be a resource to my customers. I have a natural ability to find great deals and a love of research. I wanted to combine this talent with my passion for world travel and bring the value my experience to you and your family.”

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    Angela Marie

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    Angela Marie 

    Angela Marie is the mother of two wonderful children. She has a son age 18 and a daughter age 15. She is a songwriter, dog lover, and a dog trainer. After spending most of her life being 70% hearing impaired, she was diagnosed in 2010 with a hearing and balance disorder; “Menieres Disease.  Since she can remember, Angela Marie has been listening to music, and singing from the depth of her soul. God held her close in spite of the storms, valleys, dark tunnels, and tidal waves of life that came crashing on her shore. She is now writing a book, and fulfilling dates for her “Straight From My Heart” book and music tour.


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    Kyky Naturalist

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    Kyky Naturalist

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    Valentine Payne Personal trainer at 61 years old.

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    Valentine Payne Personal trainer

    What started out at age 16, with a couple of friends at a local “backyard” gym in Barbados quickly developed into a life-time PASSION. Through trial and error, continued training, and better eating, Valentine started to feel better overall and it wasn’t long until this newly discovered passion became fun. Valentine came to Canada in 1976 and watched his first bodybuilding show in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1983. Valentine entered his first bodybuilding competition one year later in 1984 where he placed 3rd in the middleweight category for Mr. Manitoba.

    Throughout my life, I have read, experienced, and spoken to many people about health and fitness. Each story, each trial, and each triumph have all had an impact on me both personally and professionally, yet one of my top motivators for my achievements and continued success is the well-known health and fitness guru, Jack LaLanne. LaLanne is an American fitness, exercise, and nutritional expert, celebrity, lecturer, and motivational speaker who is widely referred to as “The Godfather of Fitness”.  LaLanne gained worldwide recognition for his success as a chiropractor and bodybuilder and for his phenomenal acts of strength and endurance.  Even after his passing in 2011,  Jack LaLanne continues to inspire me.

    “Anything in life is possible and YOU can make it happen.” – Jack LaLanne


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    Carol Schulte

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    Carol Schulte

    Who am I ?

    a free-spirit. a big dreamer. a believer. a creator. a speaker. a writer. a coach. a wine drinker and chocolate indulger. a searcher, a yearner, a passionate learner. an MA grad in communication from University of Illinois. a BFA grad in theatre performance from Ryerson. a yogi teacher. a big musical theatre fan. a lover of gerbera daisies and bubblebaths. a marathon runner. a triathlete (well, only completed one so far!) a daughter. a sister. an auntie. a godmother. a friend.

    A woman’s empowerment coach and inspirational speaker, Carol is on a mission to ‘Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S.™’ ~ a program she created for fabulous women to embrace and celebrate their true brilliance. She holds a BFA in Theatre Performance and an MA in Communication, and loves living BIG (how many folks can say they’ve lived in an Ashram, shaved their head, or bungee jumped naked?) But it wasn’t always that way. She was fresh out of theatre school, with nothing but a dream to make it on Broadway, when her mother’s passing changed everything. Carol has since learned that life is simply too short not to live in the here and now, and only YOU can believe in you.

    Carol has lived in 7 different countries (including Thailand, New Zealand, & Germany) as well as volunteered and/or travelled through an additional 25. She also speaks Spanish, French, German, and conversational Thai. She is also a volunteer bereavement facilitator, marathon runner, and certified yoga instructor


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    Georgette Crandall Music writer and author

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    When life gets challenging for me, I like to find a quiet place, mainly my bathroom, to communicate with God and to seek his directions.  During this time, I find it’s easy to express myself in words, which results in the songs I have written.  Communicating with God under any circumstance, whether happy or sad helps me to know his voice and builds a relationship with him.  I am at my best and a force to reckon with when I seek him early in the morning.  As stated in the book of Psalms; Early in the morning I let my request be known before thee and I wait with expectations.  Waiting with expectations, is having faith beyond all my circumstances and knowing that God will come through. Being a person who likes to have consistent communications with God through prayer, I know that there cannot be unresolved issues in my heart.  Whenever I struggle with forgiveness, I focused my attention on my own faults and mistakes. 

    This helps me to highlight God’s constant forgiveness and also the forgiveness from people whom I have hurt in thoughts, deeds and action.  I have had discouraging times in my life and at some point or the other threw in the towel, chooses my own path and went my own way.  I understand that there are failures in our Christian walk; however, failure never stopped God from loving us.   Staying in sin, has kept me longer than I wanted to stay, but the consequences of disobeying God drew me even closer to him.   I have tried to stay quiet about God’s love, but like Jeremiah said, “I feel like fire shut up in my bones’. Experiencing the audible voice of God, speaking with me one and one has helped me to stand firm in my faith.   Knowing that God had called me to a specific task of ministering to the lost souls is considered the highest honor and privilege I will ever gain in my life. 

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