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    Living With JOY part 4

    in Spirituality

    We will continue to explore the pocket handbook by Elizabeth Clare Prophet entitled: JOY.  We have enJOYed sharing the insights she shares with us, like this one:  "To increase your JOY visualize a waterfall of iridescent light bathing and regenerating  your being and world, flowing through you at all times.  Accept the JOY it brings."

    I invite you to join us on this JOYOUS journey each week for the next five weeks.  It is a reflective, meditative and JOYOUS time each Tuesday night starting at 8:30 PM CST.

    I look forward to our JOYOUS moments together,

    Deirdre J. Burrell, DAOMc, LAc, Mind/Body/Life Enhancement Coach and Talk Show Host

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    Living With JOY part 3

    in Spirituality

    A Note From the author Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

    Approaching the Garden

    "Everyone yearns for deep and lasting joy.  If you look around, though, you see that while some people emanate joy, others wear sullen faces and still others make merry and laugh but seem to lack real joy.

    The key to joy is simple.  There is ony one source of real joy, and it is within you.  True joy comes from your inner reality".....

    Join Harmonious Vibrations for the next six weeks as we share more thoughts about joy from the pocket handbook, from the series Gardens of the Heart, entitled JOY by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

    Every Tuesday night 8:30-9:30 Dr. Deirdre J. Burrell, DAOMc, LAc, will take you one more step on a JOYOUS journey in time to discover or rediscover the JOY within your heart.

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    Living in Joy - it's an inside job

    in Spirituality

    Only by communicating with self will you find your joy. If your mentor desires you to walk in their footsteps any choice that you make that counters their desired expression will be shown to you as a false choice for you. Anyone that has only the Universal Truth in mind will simply teach you how to question yourself in a way that has you grow in your internal love for self.

    With that growth you will see how, when you choose your heart above all else, no harm comes to you or any other person you are interacting with.

    Why, you should ask? The answer will vary but the one thing that is the same is when you are communicating in Universal Truth you are using not only the 5 physical senses that attune you to this world, but your internal sense which is your connection to the god being you are and as such to the face of the all God, of the millions of souls who walked as you walked, who ascended as you are beginning the process, as they did who continued the spiral leaning until they came to a place to touch the face of the all God and when they were ready they became a part of that glorious whole.

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    Enjoy Your Life by Living In Joy

    in Self Help

    It seems that a lot of people go through their every day lives and don't find very much joy in the everyday things of life.  Find what gives YOU joy and you will find every day to be a joyful day!

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    Living With JOY

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Burrell will share JOYOUS moments that can help change your life.

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    Living in JOY part 6

    in Spirituality

    Did you know that "Fear, doubt, and anxiety disturb your being and block abundance and joy?"  Did you know that it is your responsibility to restore inner peace by stilling the troubled waters of your being and you will be able to see the reflection of the good and the joy that await you."

    Learn more about Living a JOYOUS life through the inspirational insights of Elizabeth Clare Prophet for the next three weeks on my Blogtalkradio program.  That's every Tuesday night 8:30-9:30 PM CST.  We are using the pocket size book called:  JOY by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  You can order your copy today from:  www.summitlighthouse.org I look forward to you being on the call.  And continue to live your life--enJOY!!!

    Deirdre J. Burrell, DAOMc, LAc, Body/Mind/Spiritual Life Enrichment Coach

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    "Joy in the Morning"

    in Religion

    The Bible tells us in PSALMS 30:5 “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Jesus is a prayer answering God, He knows what we are going through and when we reach out to Jesus, He is reaching out to you. The Lord can ease your suffering no matter the reason or source. Join us today and allow the Lord to be a ray of sunshine in your life.

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    This Life is Joy with Dr Roger Teel

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest, Dr. Roger W. Teel, who will discuss "This Life is Joy!"

    Dr. Roger W. Teel is a life transforming speaker, a gifted community builder, and a global spiritual leader. Through practical spirituality, storytelling and humor, Dr. Teel’s powerful messages help empower people and lead them to their limitless potential to live dynamically.  He has also excelled in leading workshops, classes, business and national conferences.

    Dr. Teel holds a degree in psychology and religion, a Doctor of Divinity and a third honorary doctoral degree. He has served pulpits in Oregon, California, and in 1993 returned to his home church, Mile Hi Church, where he serves as Senior Minister and Spiritual Director to over 30,000 members and friends.

    In 2014, Dr. Teel completed his first book, This Life Is Joy: Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Lovingly, and Happily (Tarcher/Penguin). This critically acclaimed book immediately connected and reached all over the country and world, requiring a third printing within days after its release.



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    I'm A Mother Living On Purpose

    in Motivation

    This month on Purpose Living Radio, we are ALLLL about celebrating our mothers! The twist is, we are celebrating those who are living on PURPOSE! These mothers not only take the joy of being a mother seriously, but also are ready to conquer whatever to be their own boss. They aren't playing games! 

    This week we have the pleasure of speaking with Donna Hicks Izzard. Donna Hicks Izzard is best known as “Chief Identity Influencer” and is the creator of the innovative The 3W Life training workshops that teach individuals the importance of reclaiming their IDENTITY to be successful in their personal and professional lives. Individuals learn WHOSE they are, WHO they are and WHY they are here. The 3W Life workshops  empower individuals who are broken, stuck, stagnant and invite them to participate in their own rescue by regaining confidence and understanding their worth.

    Donna has authored two books, “Reclaiming Your Identity” and Walking in God’s Master Plan.  She is a featured contributor in the “I AM AMERICA” cookbook along with Chef Jeff and Tavis Smiley.

    Many call Donna a “dynamo” because she seems to be constantly in motion and can often be found anywhere people need inspiration and motivation. She, along with former “White House Ambassador” Susan D. Johnson Cook, as her business manager, developed a strategy to touch as many lives as possible and they did this by having Donna take advantage of all of her varied activities to spread her positive message of hope and inspiration to individuals in business and women in ministry.

    Those who turn to Donna Izzard quickly learn that their identity is their platform. When you know who you are and what you can do. THERE IS NOTHING THAT can stop you! 


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    Christ's Law of Love

    in Christianity

    Christianity is hands on and practical; it cannot, must not just be closed in by four walks, attraction models and Wall Street growth schemes. There is both tremendous power and responsibly in LIVING God's love. Join KQC Ministries and special guest speaker, Pastor and evangelist Lijo Thomas TONIGHT on BlogTalkRadio. 

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    Let's Talk About Joy and Happiness

    in Spirituality

    Today we will talk with Delrae of the Life Learning Center of Self, about the distinction between joy and happiness as well as the importance of them in our lives. Questions have arisen recently after Lakewood Church co-pastor Victoria Osteen received backlash from the Christian community after video footage of an August sermon surfaced showing Osteen encouraging congregants to "do good for your own self." -- with one church leader speaking about Ms Osteen's naivete about the difference between joy and happiness. 

    Are joy and happiness simply different degrees of the same feeling? Or are they truly two entirely different things?

    Please join us today in conversation as we explore these questions and the roles of joy and happiness in our lives.