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    Eating for Life - With Lisa Newmeyer - Thurs., Feb. 5 at 12 noon PT

    in Women

    Join us with Lisa Newmeyer as she shares her experience of God's amazing breakthrough, joining Him as He has overcome her dyslexia, bulimia, and the experience of living in the fear and hidden shame of never being enough.  She has become a living testimony to the freedom God brings through relationship with Him.

    BREAKTHRU2U, its all in the name, its about facilitating God's break through to you in your relationship with Him, yourself, and others.  Focusing on helping you to hear God's voice through Relationship Prayer, BREAKTHRU2U enables you to know His heart, and allows you to live more fully in Him. When we hear God's voice, we open the door to God's transformation and restoration.  Break through into more of who God is, and more of who He has made you to be! 

    As a Relationship Prayer Specialist, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer she has worked with numerous ministries including Listening Prayer ministries, Elijah House, Harvest Rock Church, Wagner Leadership Institute, Global Media Outreach, and Harvest International Ministries.  And been called to teach and speak throughout the world in Europe, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Australia, and across the US. She is a member of the Christian Coaches Network.

    You can find Lisa at her website: BREAKTHRU2U

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    Navigating Fitness After 50: With - Debra Atkinson Thurs. March 19 - 12 noon PT

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    Join us as Debra shares her knowledge and expertise on fitness and as a personal trainer. An author, healthy lifestyle expert for 30 years, Debra Atkinson instantly connects with people to give them the tools they need to live, work and play with more energy and fun.

    Debra has been speaking on fitness and life-enhancing topics for more than 25 years. She’s a member of the National Speakers Association and has spoken to hundreds of audiences of all types and sizes including church groups, women’s groups, bankers, professional fitness associations, sheriffs associations (hold the fire!), insurance groups, Health Care Associations and Golf Pros. Personal responsibility for physical activity and nutrition is the common theme in her message, whether that message is for greater productivity at work, decreasing stress levels or improving life satisfaction. She calls herself a Barely Boomer and speaks frequently on Active Aging.

    You can find her at: The Voice for Fitness.


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    Hope in the Midst of Depression - With Guest Mary Southerland

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    "Your heart may be broken and your spirit wounded but God will heal and restore you if you come to Him honestly and willingly abandon yourself to Him."

    Mary Southerland seemed to have it all until clinical depression brought her world crashing down. She found herself paralyzed and unable to function at home or in ministry. Join us to hear about Mary's story of deliverance through the practical steps to help every man, woman, or child who battles depression learn to:

    Change a negative thought life into positive, healthy thought patterns.
    Control and use the power of emotions to avoid erratic mood swings.
    Enjoy better relationships by establishing replenishing friendships and managing draining ones.
    Re-set priorities to have a more balanced life


    Mary Southerland is a dynamic communicator, delivering a powerful message that changes lives. She will make you laugh, cry and walk away thirsting for more. Through warmth, humor, transparency and solid Biblical teaching, Mary leads women to discover the powerful truth of God’s Word and motivates them to apply it in their daily lives. An international speaker, Mary has spoken to thousands of women across the United States, Latin America, Mexico, New Zealand, India, Thailand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

    Women identify with Mary, because she has not only survived the road of clinical depression, infertility, adoption, full-time ministry, and the daily stress of life, but has learned to thrive in the midst of life’s greatest storms. Through God’s power, Mary has emerged with joy, strength, and victory.

    You will find her at: http://www.marysoutherland.com/

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    "I Choose You Today" - With Deb DeArmond Today - Thurs. Feb. 12 at 12 noon PT

    in Women

    What’s the secret for hanging on to the happily ever after feelings from the day you said, “I do?”

    It could be as simple as four little words: I Choose You Today

    Whatever you feed, grows….  Words have the power to create. They also have the power to destroy. Everyday you have the power to choose which it will be for your marriage.

    Join Us - With Guest Deb DeArmond

    Deb is wife to her high school sweetheart, Ron, who showed her the path to become a Christ follower 38 years ago. Mom to three incredible sons. Gigi to five perfect grandboys. But Jesus is her favorite, and the guys have learned to live with it. She is a transplanted Californian who has been a proud Texan for 9 years and she Ioves the Lone Star state!

    Deb is an entrepreneur, having owned her own leadership training and coaching practice for 15 years. Deb is an experienced speaker. Her topics include family, relationships, communication and conflict. She is the co-founder of MyPurposeNow http://www.mypurposenow.co and serves as a featured writer for two online magazines. Her first book, Related By Chance, Family By Choice, is the story of two women who love the same man: mothers and the women who marry their sons.

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    Women of Duck Commander Talk Mentoring- Join us Thursday Jan. 29 at 12 noon PT

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    With Special Guests - from the Robertson Family - Dr. Joneal Kirby and Ms. Kay.

    If you have a heart for family and home as a Christian woman and desire to connect with other women to grow spiritually, develop deeper relationships and want to learn how you can have multigenerational impact - Join us with Dr. Joneal Kirby, author, speaker and founder of Heart to Home Ministry. 

    Heart to Home Ministry was started by Dr. Joneal Kirby in 2003. It is a women’s ministry founded on the principles of Titus 2:3-5, and was designed to develop closer relationships across generations among the women in the church and to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Kirby has a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy and is the author of several books including the forthcoming “Heartfelt: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Meaningful Friendships” (Worthy Publishing, February 2015). She is the host of the “Heart to Home” radio show heard daily in Louisiana, as well as Korie Robertson’s aunt.  HeartToHomeMinistry.org

    The principles of Heart to Home will be taught for the first time on a national stage at the inaugural Christian women’s conference to encourage women in their relationships, which in turn will strengthen their families, their parenting and their walk with God.

    Heart to Home Conference Feb. 6-7, 2015

    "Building relationships, sharing our homes, linking the hearts of women, passing our faith to the next generation":


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    Leading Women in Fearless Faith - With Guest Grace Fox

    in Women

    Grace Fox is an author and speaker best described in three words: Daring. Deep. Devoted. Her passion is to help women develop the same characteristics – to become daring in their faith, deep in their convictions, and devoted in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Drawing from Scripture and personal experiences learned while living on Canada’s rugged coastline, in urban U.S.A., and in Nepal’s Himalayan mountains, she uses the written page and the public stage to build Christ-based confidence in audiences worldwide.

    Grace’s quick wit, real-life stories, and biblical insight keep her in constant demand as a speaker for international women’s events and as a World Vision representative. National radio and TV programs look to her as a trusted guest to inspire their audiences. Her frequent media appearances include 100 Huntley Street, It’s a New Day, and The Harvest Show. Everywhere she goes, she exudes a contagious desire to show how God’s truth can help women:

    Conquer the fear of change, such as a move, loss of a relationship, or an empty nest.
    Turn the fear of rejection into the courage to develop meaningful relationships.
    Decrease anxiety over a child’s well-being, a health crisis, or a financial difficulty.
    Use prayer and Bible reading to soothe a worried mind.
    Overcome the fear of inadequacy to embrace new opportunities, such as a service project, a missions trip, or a new leadership position.

    Grace's website "Leading Women in Fearless Faith".

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    "Too Loved to be Lost" - With Debora M. Coty - Thurs. Dec. 18 - 12 Noon PT

    in Women

    Join us with author Debora M. Coty, for practical steps shared from her book on healing, refreshment, and revitalization of spirit, body, and faith.

    Whether you're struggling with issues related to trust, depression, patience, relationships, hurts, or hopes...her humor- can deliver a much-needed smile and equip you with simple tips for attaining the kind of guidance and belonging you crave, the kind that can only be found in the unconditional love of Papa God.

    Debora M. Coty is a humorist, columnist, speaker, writing workshop instructor and award-winning author of over 130 internationally published articles and 14 inspirational books. She has also contributed short stories and devotionals to numerous anthologies. Debora’s passion is sharing her offbeat blend of humor and hope, wit and near-wisdom with women of all ages.

    Mother of two grown children, Debora currently lives and loves in central Florida with her husband and desperately wicked pooch, Fenway. Visit with Debora online at www.DeboraCoty.com

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    The Master's Masterpiece - YOU! With Dorothy-Inez - Friday -Nov. 21, 12 Noon PT

    in Women

    Do you know you were "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14), a one-of-kind masterpiece by the God who "has made everything beautiful in its time" (Eccl. 3:11).  Join us to discover the Masterpiece within and the beautiful person God has created you to be with our guest, Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo:

    Dorothy-Inez (pronounced as one word) is an International Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Total Beauty Expert specializing in Makeup Artistry with over 15 years experience and training in the beauty industry. Some of her past clients include: April Johnson of Project Runway, Nicole Fox of America’s Next Top Model, Savannah Fashion Week, Benzo Coulture Fashions, Harley Davidson, WSAV News and Weather Team, Fox News, PBS Television, Pink Magazine, Wink Magazine, The American Cancer Society and the many women who have graced her chair.



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    Living Victoriously - With Norine Rae

    in Women

    Join us with guest Norine Rae to learn how to live victoriously regardless of your circumstances in life! Norine has faced many difficult circumstances from being born with a heart defect that required experimental open heart surgery at a very young age and dying on the operating table, her struggle with childhood learning disabilities, a challenging home environment, to the deep disappointment of two failed marriages and betrayal. Yet she has overcome and through Christ is living a victorious life!


    Norine Rae currently resides in Beijing, China where she teaches English at Beijing International Studies University. Her primary residence is in Redding, California where she is a member of Bethel Church. In 2012 she completed her Master's in Intellectual Leadership from A.W. Tozer Seminary through Simpson University. She has worked over 30 years in Human Services fields and has done extensive work in ministry, missions, and leadership both foreign and domestic. She is a lifelong learner, international speaker, minister, writer, mother, and friend. You will find her at:NorineRae.com where you will discover her motto for living a vitorious life: "Rejoicing in the journey! Celebrating His goodness through Kingdom Living. Trusting Him as He declared, "Breathe My Air!" With every breath praise the Lord!" 

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    "THE HEAT IS ON" With Danna Demetre

    in Women

    Health, Hope and Humor for Mature Women - With Guest Danna Demetre
    Self-described as a continuous “work in progress”, Danna knows what it means to be “transformed by the renewing of her mind”. A survivor of marital infidelity, the heartbreak of rebellious children, unrelenting panic attacks and prolonged bondage to food, she has personally discovered that God’s Word is truly “living and active and more powerful than a double-edged sword”. She often says “it is like a surgical knife that can cut out the lies we believe and replace them with truth”. Danna’s approach to integrating living truths of scripture with real life and her willingness to “go deep” and authentically share her own journey, has endeared her in the hearts of women around the world.
    A former radio talk-show host and producer, she is now a frequent guest on both radio and television. Through her books, blogs and speaking engagements, she shares her passion to help women discover who they really are in Christ and live more intentional, contented lives for Him.
    Of all her roles, Danna considers “wife and mom” the most important. She lives in San Diego with her husband, Lew and their adopted 14 year-old grandson, Jesse. They have three grown children and two other grandchildren.  Here Website: http://dannademetre.com/.

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    What Men and Women Really Want for Valentine's - With Alisa DiLorenzo

    in Women

    Is your marriage everything that you want it to be? Are you ready to make a change? Join us with guests Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo to learn how you can create a strong marriage so you can have mind blowing intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. Marriage is not always easy but it's so worth it. Come and make your marriage EXTRAORDINARY!

    Join us as we discuss what men and women really want for Valentine's, love, marriage and intimacy!

    Tony & Alisa have been married for 16 years. Tony overcame an 18 year addiction to ography with Alisa as his accountability partner, they lost a child at 18 weeks, have worked together to rid themselves of $50,000 in debt, and twice considered getting divorced.

    You will find more information about Tony and Alisa at their website: http://www.oneextraordinarymarriage.com/


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