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    NIR Welcomes Linda Magel

    in Current Events

    Linda Magel is the oldest of 4 children and born in Iowa.  Her parents were both from farming families.   Her father was an auto mechanic and her mother a homemaker.  the family moved to Livermore, CA in 1961 when Linda was in the 8th grade.  She graduated from Livermore High School and Cal State University, Hayward.   Linda then began a career in the airline industry (Delta Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Qantas Airways) that lasted for more than 20 years.  After the earthquake that devastated the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989, Linda left the airline industry to be closer to home and family. She began a second career as a Real Estate agent in the Bay Area for a few years then moved with her family to the Central Valley of California and became a stay at home mom.  Once her children were grown,  she moved to a little village in central Mexico to enjoy the peace and tranquility.  She moved back to the U.S. in 2011 as her father's health was deteriorating and she wanted to be closer. Linda is married to the love of her life and high school sweetheart. They were reunited at our 45th high school reunion in 2009.   Linda has a combined family of 4 children and 9 grandchildren and one more on the way.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, and fighting an injustice elder abuse system.

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    Nite Callers BigFoot Radio Presents: Tom Yamarone, CA Sas Researcher/Songwriter

    in Paranormal

    Next up in the North American Sasquatch Researcher Series we have California Researcher/Songwriter Tom Yamarone! Tom is a bigfoot researcher and songwriter from Livermore, California who has been actively investigating the bigfoot/sasquatch phenomenon for over 15 years. His search for proof of sasquatch involves acquiring audio and photographic evidence, as well as first-hand accounts.  Tom hopes to educate amateur researchers in the proper documentation of possible bigfoot evidence.  He has organized several major conferences in California and Washington. The history of bigfoot research is a passion of his. This has inspired him to compose and perform songs about bigfoot in tribute to these historic figures and accounts in the sasquatch lore. Tom is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers (bigfootresearch.com).  In 2014, Tom made his big screen debut in Bobcat Goldthwait’s bigfoot film “Willow Creek” performing his song, "Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)". He is convinced these creatures exist based on the available evidence and the thousands of eyewitness accounts.  Tom has one request of you: “Please include a scale item in your photographs of possible bigfoot evidence.”

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    David Livermore: The Cultural Intelligence Difference

    in Business

    President and partner in the Cultural Intelligence Center, and author of The Cultural Intelligence Difference, David Livermore describes how having a high IQ or EQ isn't enough in today's global nd multicultural business environment. He shares the concept of cultural intelligence or CQ as a different way to approach the challenges and opportunities in today's global economy. Learn what CQ is, and why it's important for business people, and anyone in all organizations and walks of life, to embrace and understand. Discover how to assess your own CQ level and find out ways to improve it.

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    in Politics

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Oct 28th --Infamous Day in California's Judical History--Birthday of Corrupt Judge Kevin V. Ryan--Canadian illegal immigrant

    Perjury--Claimed to have lived all his life in San Francisco--But born in Alberta Canada

    Judicial misconduct--Used courtroom personnel for his judicial political campaign

    Made political campaign contribution to the corrupt prosecutor ( Hallinan) in this kangaroo court cases

    Defied Federal Military and federal judicial authority over federal military personnel

    Allowed lesbian terroists to openly lobby his Kangaroo court jury

    Impaneled a suspected non us citizen for his jury

    impaneled an Iranian lesbian connected to our Nuclear program at the Livermore Lab

    Applied to become a federal judge after being exposed for corruption

    Was given the US Attorney job for Northern California California--Half of the deputy US attornies quite rather than be associated with Kevin Ryan

    Kevin Ryan placed ads in male prostitution newspapers seeking their support--

    The honest Gay people who whistleblew the corruption in the US Navy sailor Steven Nary case

    Update on US Navy sailor Kangaroo court case

    Public Policy Questions--Should Bicyiclists and pedestrians  pay a fee to use  public facilities such as the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE?

    NEWS PAPER POLITICAL ENDORSEMENTS--Who makes these political endorsements --what experience do these people have?

    California's Proposition 46--SHOULD DOCTORS and Nurses etc. Also be drug tested?

    A Brief History of Quarentine

    Suggested movie PANIC IN THE STREETS--

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    MN.B.R.T. Radio with Tom Yamarone

    in Fun

    Join Elusive1 & Henry May as they Welcome Brother Tom Yamarone back to the show,  Tom Yamarone is a singer/songwriter from Livermore, California who has been actively investigating the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery for over 10 years. His focus is to obtain evidence of these creatures and record eyewtness accounts.  Tom also attempts to educate the interested public in the proper documentation of possible bigfoot evidence.  Tom has organized several major conferences in California and Washington with the assistance of some very good friends. The history of bigfoot research and  accounts of sightings and encounters are a passion of his. This has inspired him to compose and perform songs about bigfoot in tribute to these historic figures and accounts in the sasquatch lore.  Tom is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers (AIBR) and is also an investigator for Cliff Barackman's North American Bigfoot in California. He also conducts independent research into the bigfoot phenomenon. Tom has been an investigator with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) since 2004. He has appeared in several television programs including Finding Bigfoot.  In 2013 he made his silver screen debut with a cameo performance in Bobcat Goldthwait’s bigfoot movie “Willow Creek”.  Tom is convinced these creatures exist based on the available evidence and the thousands of eyewitness accounts.  His favorite saying is: “Please include a scale item in your photographs of bigfoot evidence.” You can find Tom's blog at http://www.bigfootsongs.blogspot.com/  This is a show you dont want to miss. SQUATCH ON!!!!

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    David Livermore: Leading With Cultural Intelligence

    in Business

    Executive Director of the Global Learning Center David Livermore discusses how people arrive in different cultures around the world, feeling lost, alone and unable to cope. The concept of cultural intelligence CQ equips a person to live and work successfully in various different cultures. Learn how to lead cross culturally, and thrive in the global business climate or at home in your own multicultural community. In a shrinking world, both globally and at home, cultural intelligence is an essential leadership and business skill for everyone.

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    Sister's Sowing The Word Ministry Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    Sister's Sowing The Word Ministry Radio-Blog with Faith, Viola, Cheauvon and Our Special Guest and Speaker, Kathryn Simmons from the "Wells Community Church in Livermore, CA will be speaking on what the Lord has placed on her heart.

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    Kate Mackinnon-Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy

    in Self Help

    Would you like to know more about a powerful hands-on treatment that supports your body’s own wisdom and innate ability to heal?

    Tune in for this thought-provoking conversation with author and craniosacral therapy expert Kate Mackinnon. Kate will explain how craniosacral therapy can be the key to effecting speedy, long-lasting recoveries in patients, while also increasing the effectiveness of any other treatments received.

    More About Kate:

    Kate Mackinnon has been working as a physical therapist for more than 20 years, supporting people in creating comfort and ease in their bodies. Kate  brought  craniosacral therapy (CST) to  her  work  as  a  Pediatric  Physical  Therapist  at  the  California  Children’s  Service,  and today has a thriving CST practice for all ages in the beautiful Livermore Valley wine country. Her clients include Hay House authors and staff, executives at Fortune 100 companies and leaders in health and wellness. 

    Kate is very excited to be able to get this effective treatment more widely known, both through her book, “From my Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy,” and through her workshops and talks.

    For more information, please visit: www.healingbodybalance.com.


    Visit Cloris’s Site: www.cloriskylie.com

    Follow Cloris on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloriskylie

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    Regina Cates & Steve Horseman: Romancing your soul/Secrets Every Man Should Know

    in Relationships

    Regina Cates:

    The job Regina speaks of—helping people awaken to lives of limitless possibility—began in 2004 after a long, painful journey to unshackle her own life. Since then she has become a source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. With the recent publication of her first book, Lead with Your Heart, Regina’s message has inspired an international audience to lead their lives from the wisdom of their heart.

    Using the language of shared experiences, Regina communicates universal truths in a down-to-earth manner everyone can understand. Her spot-on description of the human condition inspires people to take responsibility for their actions, words and thoughts, creating beneficial change in their lives.

    Steve Horseman:

    Steve Horsmon is a Certified Professional Life Coach and owner of Goodguys2Greatmen Relationship Coaching in Livermore, Colorado. He has appeared on local television, blog radio, telesummits, and podcasts all related to maintaining healthy relationships. Steve provides intensely personal, action oriented coaching services for men and women. He hosts private retreats and workshops designed to illicit that lump in the throat which inspires commitment and action in his clients. He has written articles and guest blogs for numerous relationship and expert websites including his own blog.

    Dr. Wade is clinical psychologist, author, TV host, and motivational speaker, who inspires thousands of people each month with her dynamic range of events and free teleseminar's.

  • Livermore Locksmiths (925) 231-3340

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    Wonderful Locksmiths Livermore CA Recognize How That Simply About Anybody Can Use

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    First Contact Radio

    in News

    First Contact Radio 3/13/14 Show #1102 hosted by Joshua Poet


    This Week's Sky at a Glance

    Moon Phase

    Mayan Oracle



    Glowing Lightings In Triangle Formation Over Russia, March 10, 2014, TWO VIDEOS, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO or Orb flying over Anaheim, California 10-Mar-2014

    Object Crashes Through Sky During Spectacular Gloucester Sunset

    Live UFO Sightings Broadcast on Mexican TV - Video

    Are Aliens Trying To Find US

    Hangar 1: Presidential UFO Encounters (Full Version)

    NEW! Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Underground Bases S01E02

    Daily Stories
    Lawrence Livermore scientists make fusion breakthrough

    Rare Diamond Reveals Earth's Interior is All Wet

    Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe, Claims New Study

    LAw of Time

    Finally, Monsanto introduces new strains of food that are NOT genetically modified

    High Council of Orion March 11 2014

    Daily Affirmations - 13 March 2014

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"