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    Live Psychic Readings with Stephen

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Stephen has been sharing his gifts with people for over 25 years.  He looks deeply into the spiritual world for you and gives you the opportunity to understand your life through the world of spirit.  He gives in depth readings about your life in mostly any area. Most people call in to talk about love, money, career, spirituality and their pets. You can ask him any question that you want.  The psychic reading is given on a first come, first serve basis.  If you wish to connect with Stephen after the show, please visit his website at www.flpsychic.com.

    People are often drawn to psychics when they can pick up on specific details such as names, dates, locations and other events.  A psychic can often answer questions about anything pertaining to a persons life. It is always best to ask a clairvoyant for an answer.  You will most likely receive one at some point.

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    Live Psychic Readings Online

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Stephen gives free psychic readings to people every single year around the world.  He gives information to people that call into his show. He helps people in many areas to include: their careers, love, money, business and so much more.  He has a great way of sharing information and helps people to understand their own path in life.  Call into the show if you want to receive a live psychic reading with him on the air.  If you would like to learn more about Stephen, please visit his website at www.flpsychic.com.  For a live private phone reading, please call him at 800-679-6035.  

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    Telephone Psychic Readings

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    This show is dedicted to giving people live psychic readings.  When people come into the show for a live psychic reading, they often ask questions about their life or the lives of others that they know.  This show is meant to help people that are hurting and struggling with their own life questions.  Call in today to receive a psychic reading with Stephen.  For private psychic readings, please go to his website at www.flpsychic.com or call 800-679-6035. 

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    Free Online Psychic Chat Readings

    in Spirituality

    Today's show is going to allow our listeners to get live psychic readings with Stephen. Stephen has given thousands of psychic readings to date and helps people from all walks of life. He helps people to understand their spiritual well being and their physical one as well.  Ask Stephen a question about anything by just calling into the show. For private psychic readings, please visit his website page at www.flpsychic.com or call (800) 679-6035.  Bring your questions to the show and your friends as well.  Have fun and enjoy your time.

    Stephen's clairvoyant gifts have been used to help thousands of people online, in person and over the phone. He chats and connects with his clients as though he has known them forever. You will find that Stephen is extremely easy to talk to and discuss your life situations with him.  He offers free psychic readings on the air to his callers because he cares a lot about people and there well being.  Is it worth your time to stand in line?  You bet!

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    Love Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    You can ask psychic Stephen about anything pertaining to your life. Ask him questions about love, money, career and spirituality.  Psychic Stephen gives this show in order to help people that are having trouble with their spiritual life.  If you have a problem, call in and ask Stephen for help. He has the ability to see beyond this world into another dimension that gives him answers to your life's most troublesome questions.  Whatever you are hurting from, perhaps there is an answer for you.  Stephen helps people from all walks of life and to all men and women that call.  Psychic readings are given on a first come, first serve basis.  The best way to get a free psychic reading is to call into the show.  For private psychic readings outside of the show, please visit www.flpsychic.com or call 800-679-6035.

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    Psychic Experts

    in Spirituality

    Stephen is a full time clairvoyant psychic reader. He enjoys helping people with his prophetic gift. His gift has helped thousands of people from around the world with their questions about love, money, spirituality and so much more. His clairvoyant abilities are able to tap into the spiritual realm and give you answers to  life's most difficult problems.  If you want to receive a psychic reading with Stephen on the air, please call into the show. For private psychic readings, please visit his website at www.flpsychic.com or call 561-907-6689. 

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    Psychic Website Readings

    in Spirituality

    Today's show will allow callers to ask Stephen anything about their life.  Stephen gives live psychic readings to anyone that calls into his show. His calling in life is to help people with their problems.  He gives psychic readings on topics such as: love, money, career, spirituality, pets and so much more.  For over 30 years, Stephen has been reading men and women.  Telling them what he sees in their past, present and future.  He allows spirit to speak through him. He gives messages to his clients and those that call into his radio show.  You can get a free psychic reading today if you call into the show. To schedule a private psychic reading with Stephen, please visit his website page at www.flpsychic.com or call 800-679-6035.  

    His psychic readings have touched thousands of people's lives from around the world. People often callinto the show in order to speak about their troubles.  A prophets job is to help people with their questions about life.  Sometimes,  you may find the answers that you are looking for and at times you may feel as though God is not even speaking to you.  The prophecies of psychic Stephen come from  his heart.  He is able to tap into a spirtiual realm that he knows nothing about in the physical realm.  In the spiritual realm, there is a whole different story.  Can a man possibly know the future before it even happens?  Many of Stephen's clients say that he can tap into the spiritual world before something even happens.  Many people that speak with Stephen say that he is the real deal and knows the spirit world.  If you know someone that needs a live psychic reading on the air, please have them call into the show.  Stephen often hosts his show daily at different times.  

  • Just Believe with Lisa Tarves Welcomes Joseph with LIVE Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    This week, Just Believe welcomes Joseph from psychicsource.com.

    “When fear is banished healing will naturally take place.” Joseph is a psychic medium, clairvoyant and metaphysical teacher, who has helped people find clarity and guidance through a variety of modalities for over 30 years. Callers say they are amazed by his accuracy, while he leaves them feeling informed and refreshed with a new plan to bring peace and harmony into their life.

    In Jan. of 1959, Joseph was born into a magical family and started his psychic training at a very young age. His mother and grandmother, both being mystics and professional psychic readers, started teaching Joseph symbolism and the Tarot at the age of five. At the age of six Joseph was contacted by a Spirit Guide that led him to an injured pet. Over the years, Joseph worked with many different teachers learning Celtic mythology, herbal healing, spiritualism and many different types of divination. In the past 25 years Joseph has worked with law enforcement agencies to assist them in solving crimes and find missing persons. Joseph has read for people from all walks of life including many well know celebrities.

    Currently Joseph lives in the mountains of North Carolina with a dog named Sage and two cats, Mandrake and Gwydion. Writing keeps him busy and when not at the keyboard, he spends most of his time in nature. Being a natural psychic medium, Joseph works with Tarot, Runes, Angels and Spirit Guides. His readings are as unique as each individual and focus on problem solving and detail.

    You can reach Joseph off the air at http://www.psychicsource.com/psychics/profile.aspx?psyid=197.


  • Just Believe with Lisa Tarves - Live Psychic Readings with Jennifer Hicks

    in Spirituality

    Lisa Tarves, Metaphysician, author of the book, "Just Believe, Commonsense Spirituality for the 21st Century", Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and gifted angel intuitive, interviews experts in the area of metaphysics and spirituality each Sunday at 7 pm Eastern.

    This week, Just Believe welcomes back listener favorite, Jennifer Hicks:

    Jennifer Hicks is a psychic and medium who got her start working with law enforcement agencies. Her psychic skills began at age 16, but she kept her ability a secret from everyone—family, friends, boyfriends and eventually bosses and co-workers. She obtained a degree in biology from Rutgers University and worked in scientific fields for years, selling scientific equipment to laboratories and then suiting up in hazmat gear—those groovy white Tyvek moonsuits—in the environmental industry. Around age 40, she began to hear the people in spirit more powerfully, and they were telling her where certain murderers and fugitives could be found. Scared out of her wits, she finally summoned up the courage to go to the FBI in Newark, NJ and pass the tips along. Turns out she was right—and that began her career working as a psychic.

    Jennifer now does readings for the general public, and she continues to work on criminal cases. You can hear her weekly on Blog Talk Radio, Tuesdays at 7 pm Eastern time, on her show entitled “Making the Connection.”


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    Just Believe with Lisa Tarves - Live Psychic Readings with Jamie Baucco

    in Spirituality

    Each Sunday at 7 pm, Metaphysician Lisa Tarves welcomes a professional psychic to give live readings.

    This week Just Believe welcomes Jamie Baucco, psychic medium healer.

    Jamie has been doing readings for almost 10 years. Jamie believes this is the work that he was meant to do. He feels a deep profound need to give to others in this way, because he feels it truly connects us all, and we need so much more of that.

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    Your Numerology Forecast for August 2015 + Call in for Live Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Call in today for a free psychic reading to help you create an amazing life. 

    30 minutes of transformative psychic advice. Join Amy Tammen for in-depth conversations on how to live an amazing life. Each episode will give you the guidance to heal, manifest your desires, live in your truth and up your cosmic game. You deserve to live well. Amy will show you the way. 

    Want more Intuitive Coaching?

    Book a session with Amy by calling 626-274-0682 or visit http://www.intuitivecoachingwithamy.com/work-with-amy.html.

    Read Amy's bestselling ebook "A Journey to Self-Love". To purchase visit:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PKI8Z3G

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