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    Modern Mythology w/Stephen Willey & Luke Martin

    in Pop Culture

    This will be a very informative show for a upcoming artist reception at the Liv Again gallery. Here the feedback of two of the four young talents who will be displaying on March 14th. Here how they are inspired, motivated, and most of all how they bring their visions to life through the arts. A show you won't want to miss!

     Throughout every culture in history, there have been myths and legends that have influenced society and mankind as a whole. In our modern age there are still stories and legends that influence our culture, but some stand out among others. Four diverse artists come together to display their gratitude to these marvelous stories that shaped and altered their lives. Modern Mythology is a showcasing of these beautiful works.

       Raised in Maryland, these four talented artists have spent years mastering their craft. Stephen Willey, Luke Martin, Alicia Martinez, and Kaitlyn Casey all vary in age as well as artistic style, and offer a new look at the stories that shaped their childhoods. With the help of the Liv Again Gallery in Cambridge, Maryland, these artists will be displaying their best and most powerful works. Promising a showcase of style unlike anything usually spotted in the galleries of Maryland, these artists will not disappoint any lover of television, cinema, or literature.

       Modern Mythology will be held at the Liv Again Gallery in Cambridge, Maryland on March 14th, 2015 at 6pm. The show is open to the public and to all ages; admission is free, and food and drinks will be sold. The artists will also have products such as prints, shirts and other items for sale as well. Come out and support young artists, and enjoy the journey through the worlds as they have.

    To reserve your attendance click here 

  • Vad fan ska jag göra med mitt liv?

    in Social Networking

    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar sin coachkollega, Sanne Aronsson om hennes bok med den intressanta titeln "Vad fan ska jag göra med mitt liv?" som hon givit ut på Ariton Förlag. 

    Hon berättar hur det kommer sig att hon skrev boken, vad den handlar om samt ger tips till de som känner sig vilsna i sina livs- och karriärval. 

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    Er du klar over hvordan, du godt kan tænke dig at dit liv skal være?

    in Lifestyle

    Er du en af os som også gerne vil have en anden virkelighed? Ved du hvordan den virkelighed skal være? Nu og i fremtiden?

    I dette program taler vi om at skabe en anden virkelighed udfra hvad du ønsker dit liv skal være. Om hvad vi har af grundlæggende kvaliteter som vi bygger vores platform udfra . Og om hvordan vi kan vælge de ting som vil føre til forandringen.


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    in Podcasting

    This show will consist of information on "A Masters Peace" Production. "A Motown Experience" is dramatization of the different eras within the history of Motown music. Travel through the different eras of Motown by experiencing Contemporary, Gospel, Revolutionary, and Classical music. Learn Motown history while enjoying song, spoken word, speeches, historic videos, poetry and more . We will speak with Kim Shaw and Kiya Amajioyi who will explain to the listeners the importance of what this show represents and why you don't want to miss it. 

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    In With The Knews: Artist Spotlight: With LIV

    in Entertainment

    Thurs, July 25th, 11pm est . 8pm pac....IWTK: The Artist Spotlight with LIV. We will be talking with her about her life, her music, and the future of hip hop.
    LIV and Monsta Villa have an upcoming project called Beauty and the Beast. Don NOT miss out!

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    #RealTalkRadio Interviews LIV & Tyler Jackson (Ep. 22)

    in Pop Culture

    Hosts: JAMEL, K. Wh1t3, and FLASH GOTTI

    #RealTalkRadio Interviews...

    Female Emcee/Model: LIV

     Born in Chicago, LIV understood at an early age how to adapt to any situation. Realizing her potential to become a model, LIV started modeling for small venues and events in Chicago. Beyond ALL odds LIV soon became a Ford Model with Magazine pages and Advertisements all over the country. She decided to take herself serious as a writer and began writing songs and hooks for multiple artists from Rap to R&B, Reggae and Pop. Using Modeling as a tool - she went on to Join other Mega Modeling Agencies such as Wilhelmina and Elite. Today, LIV is Lyricist & the Co-founder and CEO of YES LIV CAN.

    Also Franklin New Jersey's own Singer/Song writer: Tyler Jackson will be in the building!

    (Pop Culture Recap, Celebrity Interviews/Gossip, Music, Random Prank-calls, and much more!)




    To listen to ALL of our previous Broadcasts: www.MixCloud.com/MyRealTalkRadio

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    Live with Pastor Kenneth Morgan

    in Radio

    Listen to Pastor Kenneth Morgan liv

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    EZ.ACCESS - Guest: LIV

    in Music

    Don't Miss EZ.ACCESS Tonight 9pm est , Chicago Guest: Femcee Artist "LIV" Joins The fly Ladies Zee. Tima & Remi .. Please Don't Let "LIV" Pretty Face fool you LIV is a force to be reckon with,& It all shows off In her Latest Track Buzzing the Airwaves" theINVASION "(BODY BAGS NiCKi MINAJ) .We can't wait to Hear what Lies in the near future for "LIV". So Don't miss a epic show Join us www.e-zeeradiolive.com /(347)996-5090

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    Er du bevidst om dine relationers indvirkning på din bevidsthed?

    in Lifestyle

    Ved dit første møde med et menneske, har de allerede dannet sig en mening om dig, inden du åbner munden. En mening om hvem du er, hvorfor, hvad og hvordan. Og hvor ofte har du ladet disse holdninger forme jeres forhold?  

    Hvor ofte har du dømt dig selv ud fra disse holdninger og tanker andre har om dig? 

    Hvor ofte er din bevidsthed blevet affejret som ikke sandt, enten fordi andre ikke havde samme bevidsthed eller fordi de ville skjule det for dig? Hvor tit har du gjort dig selv forkert og dømt dig selv for at være dum? 

    Er det nu tid til at bryde ud af dette mønster? At skabe dit liv og tillade dig selv at være fuld ud bevidst om andres holdninger til og om dig, uden at købe ind i det som sandheden?

    Hvad hvis du begyndte at stole på din bevidsthed og på det som du ved, uanset hvad dine omgivelser siger og mener? Hvor meget letter vil du have det med at være i relationerne?

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    Soldier Engraver Forger: When Art History and Genealogy Meet with Deborah Child

    in History

    Art historian and genealogist Deborah Child joins Jane today to talk about her book Soldier Engraver Forger: Richard Brunton's Life on the Fringe in America's New Republic. Find out how art history and genealogy were used to tell the story of 18th century counterfeiter Richard Brunton -- a deserter from the British Army during the Revolutionary War and one of the first makers of engraved family history registers. Deborah will talk about how she researched Brunton's life and his work as an engraver and painter.

    Order the book: http://shop.americanancestors.org/collections/american-history-and-culture/products/soldier-engraver-forger-richard-bruntons-life-on-the-fringe-in-americas-new-republic

    Find Deborah: http://www.deborahmchild.com/

    First image: Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Lois Foot. She died Dec, 23 1802 age 40 /  In love she liv'd; in peace she died/her life was asked and was denied.

    Silver medallion, 2 1/16"  x 1 9/16"   

    Illust. William L. Warren, “Richard Brunton.” Art in America 41, No. 2 (Spring 1953), page 71. Photo caption “Mrs. George H. Decker, Watertown, CT.”  Current whereabouts unknown

    Second Image: 

    Family register of Charles Raynolds & Hannah Bidwell

    Rev War Pens and Bnty-Land-Warr App W17528, NARA

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    DEADBEAT PARENTS "The Revival" (Part One)

    in Lifestyle

    This episode will be a ratings breaker. Hear stories from parents who have left their children behind out of acts of selfishness. Also hear how abandonment has really effected the parent children relationships. Chime in on this discussion and voice your opinion on how you think we can tackle this matter of contention.