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    Fearbola in America...Just Another Disguise for Racism in America

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    Let your inquisitive host at SevsDeadSerious get this straight; a disease that began in West Africa amongst the blacks left after the Diaspora and reached the shores of one of the most racist countries on earth by the sheer ineffectiveness of the American health system in this case in Texas (don't mess with Texas) through an individual returning from Liberia and then dying, infecting 2 nurses who are now fine.  The Liberian was black and the only person to die of Ebola in America and America is acting like a bunch of lunatics led by the Editors-in-Chief of total lunacy based on a prophecy of ignorance, Fox News...are you kidding?  It is nothing more than pure racism...a black man trying to kill America (he must be in cahoots with ISIS or ISIL...whichever you prefer) with a virus from the country that gave you the slaves.  Haven't they paid enough?

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    Metal lnternational EP2

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    This week's Metal lnternational Show wll feature global metal by:

    Primordial - Empires Fall (Dublin, lreland)
    Ciridian - Level Up (Ft. Myers, FL)
    Abaddon lncarnate - Hour Of The Dog (Dublin, lreland)
    Abaddon lncarnate - ln Pursuit of Lunacy (Dublin, lreland)
    Shell Beach - Vital Signs (Budapest, Hungary)
    Dalriada - Hajdútánc (Sopron, Hungary)
    Blind Myself - Maradék (Budapest, Hungary
    Ektomorf - The Holy Noise (Mezokovácsháza, Hungary)
    Rising Dream - Confession (Zadar, Croatia)
    All Possible States - Talisman (Lakeland, Florida USA)
    Cave Moth - Burden - Solace (New Smyrna Beach, Florida USA)
    Cave Moth - Power - Balance (New Smyrna Beach, Florida USA)
    Napalm Death - Leper Colony (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
    Burial At Sea - lmprisoned By Thought (Lakeland, Florida USA)

    Don't miss our interview with "Abaddon lncarnate" calling in all the way from from Dublin, lreland!

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    Ebola! Ebola! Ebola!

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    Stop the Incoming Flights from Africa!!!!!

    Stop funding the lunacy of Gaza!!!!!

    What are we thinking about? It's insanity!!!!

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    The Politics of Lunacy

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    The election is only a few weeks away, and with a full moon this week, the lunatics are on full display. I'll give my take on the craziness. Plus more.

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    TRUNEWS 10/9/14: Pastor Paul Blair

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    Rick tears into the lunacy of Dallas officials entering Ebola-victim Thomas Duncan’s apartment without wearing a ventilated, pressured Bio Safety Level 4 protective suit.  Later in the program, Oklahoma Baptist Pastor Paul Blair unloads about Saudi Arabia’s long-running financing of mosques and educational institutions to introduce Islam and Sharia Law in America. 

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    Our Constitution: How Our Courts and the Obama Administration have it All Wrong

    in Politics Conservative

    Guest Christine Timmon, host Robert Jetter, Jr. and panelists Activist Cindy Todd, Founder of Overpasses for America James Neighbors, & Constitutional scholar Kelly Mordecai, with contributor Dan Gray former columnist of the Washington Times. Call in and you stay on the line. You too can Join our Round Table Discussion.

    Follow the Show to get email messages for upcoming episodes. Just hit the follow button of this Link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bards-logic-political-talk

    Bards Logic welcomes Christine Timmon to discuss our Constitution and how the courts and the Obama administration have it all wrong.

    Christine Timmon ( from her site/bio) : An extraordinary candidate for Lt. Governor. She a a Pro Se Litigant who prevailed in most of her cases against local and Federal Government. Timmon is an alumni of Thomas M. Cooley Law Library. She worked with the 104th Congress to reform welfare and drug dealing. In 2012,she worked towards exposing voter fraud. She is a Constitutional Consultant. Immigration is now the focus of her work. She exposes how drug deals aided the invasion of America and how the Constitution takes America back. .

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show

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    We Keep Predicting the Apocalypse, then Forgetting It...So When Then?

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    Within the last 30 days the somewhat biased host of SevsDeadSeriouis has seen the apocalypse broached no less than 4 times; once a week on average.  Holy shit, we must be in REALLY deep shit, but in retrospect...the poo was overated.  In the generation of hyperbole and the doomsday scenario, it seems that everything from Kim Kardasian's nether extrmities to the tentacles of those really vile SOB in the Middle East, either ISIL or ISIS depending on who your listening to (great we're going to blow them into the stone age and we can't even decide on the acronym).  I'm beginning to believe that there is NO pre-eminent apocalypse, but a pre-eminent state of total lunacy in the Age of Ignorance.

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    Christine Timmon - U.S. Constitution - Immigration - States' Rights

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    Christine Timmon Candidate for Florida Lt Governor and Constitutional Scholar

    U.S. Constitution, States' Rights and Immigration
    Governors must know what is about to happen to immigrants

    "Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieta is in for a big surprise! He thinks he is establishing a “new nation” in America of Hispanic/Latino persons. Nieta calls America the “other Mexico”! "

    "America is not about to hand our nation to a failed leader who has nothing to offer his people, so he sends them across the border begging for handouts."

    "Why should America listen to Nieta or any other Mexican/Hispanic/Latino leader? All inventions that make the world go around were invented in America in the late 1800s and early 1900s by white/black/Europeans Americans! Nieta needs to Google Black inventors of America and see that the black inventors were the catalysts in telecommunications, electronics and industrialism. White inventors like Edison,Graham Bell, car manufacturers, Westinghouse, Nabisco and the train companies bought the patents of black inventors to move America forward!"

    "Mexican, Hispanic and Latinos never invented anything! Now they want to come and take over what we Americans achieved by waltzing their people across the borders with babies in their bellies. What a disgraceful group of people are crossing our borders through Mexico. Spanish people who have been in America for twenty years are absolutely embarrassed by these invaders. The original immigrants, Spanish and Europeans came to America under the U. S. Constitution and paid their dues and fees. They all wanted a united America “one nation under God” speaking English."

    Learn More

    Charles Frederick Tolbert   www.cfabamerica.com

    Christine Timmon Pro Se Litigant (PSL) christine84@myway.com, 954.770.4940

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    There's a dumb ass at the gate...no, that's the owner of the gate.

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    Your always law-abiding host is thankful the Supreme Court has protected the internet on his I-phone from being seized by the local police when he's jay-walking.  In other news, the US House has decided to sue the president which should be fun and costly and stupid and wasteful and pointless and politically motivated and did I say REALLY stupid...it is.  And in soccer news, though I barely understand soccer, a Uraguayan player attempted to eat an Italian player, though it must have been an honest mistake...I love italian food and the people are even better.  The marinara on human apendage is to die for.

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Episode XXIV - Can't Bore'um With an Open Forum!

    in Wrestling

    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 RETURNS tonight! With no scheduled guest, but every time we have no guest, you wouldn't believe who comes out of the woodwork! In just 2 weeks, Vendetta Pro comes home to Santa Maria, when we take over the Radisson on the 12th for September to Remember! Vendetta Superstars are already hard at work preparing for this epic once a year show, where we hold a women's only battle royal for the Lunacy Cup, in honor of Pro Wrestling's beloved Luna Vachon. It's gonna be Ladies Night in Santa Maria on September 12th! Join host Jimmy Ray as he shoots the talk, on another entertainment infused episode Vendetta Pro Radio 2014!!

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