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    Greatest Show on Earth!!

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    Plenty of good stuff going on in the internets, There are some security concerns and some Crypto Currency goodies to share.

    Learn more about takeing crypto currency.






    Cryptsy Exchange Rate for Crypto Currency

    InfiniteWP Security Vulnerability 




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    PGP, Mesh Nets, and Riots in the Streets

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    On this epiosde of Liberty Panacea Matt and Jamie are joined with Cathy Reisenwitz of www.Sexandthestate.com to discuss mesh nets, girlscouts selling cookies outside cannabis dispensaries and the protests going on in Kiev and Venezuela.  Our special guest is Ben Goldhaber to discuss Pretty Good Privacy also known as PGP and its importance to protect your privacy.  Ben's work can be found at http://www.ghabs.com/


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    Fight For Food Freedom

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    On this episode of Liberty Panacea join Matt McKibbin and Cathy Reisenwitz of www.sexandthestate.com as they discuss the weeks news,  including new studies on marijuana, lsd, some liberty minded, valentines, and interview Mark Baker of (http://bakersgreenacres.com/) who is currently fighting a court battle against the Department of Natural Resources in Michigan over raisng what the DNR has called an Invasive Species Order (ISO) .  His   Call in with your questions or be sure to catch the archived show on blogtalk or itunes.


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    Decentralize All The Things, Invictus Innovations, Keyhotee, & Bitshares

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    On this episode of Liberty Panacea, Matt and special guest cohost Cathy Reisenwitz, Editor in Chief at http://sexandthestate.com/, discuss the USPS creating their own bitcoin exchange, 3d printers printing other 3d printers, why the US Government has every incentive to see bitcoin fail, crowdfunding basic science and the first interview with Edward Snowden.  Following the news Matt and Cathy take your calls and interview Daniel Larimer CEO of Invictus Innovations and creator of the decentralized exchange platform Bitshares and decentralized reputation system Keyhotee. 

    Invictus Innovations



    You can visit us at www.libertypanacea.com and send us your feedback at libetypanacea@gmail.com.  Shows air Sundays @ 9 pm EST and are avalable on blogtalkradio archives and itunes by searching Liberty Panacea.

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  • Hass and Associates Cyber Security Hvorfor Bitcoin trenger en markedsføringskamp

    in Finance

    Bitcoin har et imageproblem . En stor en .                 

    Og det holder den virtuelle valutaen tilbake fra å gå mainstream , sa Hank Lucas , en professor ved University of Maryland , som fokuserer på disruptive teknologier .

    "Det er vanskelig for meg å si at Bitcoin kommer til å være den dominerende virtuell valuta for fremtiden , " Lucas sa . " Hvis noen kom opp med en virtuell valuta som folk forstått og som har en verdi ikke svinger så mye , vel , da kan det bli en vedtatt av massene og ikke Bitcoin . "

    Det er absolutt ingen mangel på alternative digitale valutaer - Namecoin , Litecoin og Dogecoin , for å nevne noen . Men Bitcoin er langt den mest populære og mye brukt av gjengen . Likevel , er det for tidlig å si om sin popularitet vil vare , sa Lucas .

    En grunn Bitcoin har fått nivået av trekkraft den har er fordi selgere ikke trenger å betale transaksjonsgebyrer , sa Lucas . Det er også populært med forbrukere, fordi det gir dem mer anonymitet når du handler , la han til .

    Men til tross for sin vekst , folk flest er fortsatt skeptiske av valutaen , sier Lucas .

    " En av de største problemene for Bitcoins er folk ikke forstår hvordan de er skapt og som ikke kommer til å lede mange mennesker til å vedta det," sa han .

  • Abney and Associates Bitcoin gang outnumber real currencies

    in Internet

    New Delhi: The world now has a larger number of virtual currencies than a total 180 recognized currencies in different parts of the globe, notwithstanding issues like bankruptcies and growing regulatory unease about bacon and its other digital peers.

    Within an ear shot of the 200-member mark, a total of 193 virtual currencies are currently being traded across the internet, although none of them carry an official stamp from the government or banking regulator from any of the countries.

    While bacon and other such currencies began coming into existence about four years ago, a frenzied proliferation in last two months has more than doubled their count, shows an analysis of data available with various online marketplaces for such currencies.

    Apart from bitcoins, ripple, litecoin, auroracoin, peercoin and dogcoin have seen steady pickup in volume as well market value. The latest additions include teacoin, aliencoin, magic internet money and heisenberg.

    However, Indian laxmicoin is yet to start as its promoters are keen on understanding the Reserve Bank of India views on this venture. The RBI has issued a public advisory, warning that such currencies are risky and not part of the traditional banking system.

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