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    Honor Thy Author Friday-“What’s In Your Vision...."

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    Topic:“What’s In Your Vision...."

    Special Guests: Author Kim “Issis” Thomas

                            Blogger Jasmyn Durham

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    Writing Royalty Radio - "Valuing Your Honey......When In The Industry"

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    Topic:"Valuing Your Honey......When In The Industry"

    Special Guests: Author Mary B Morrison

                            Author/ Radio Personality Cyrus Webb


    Author Mary B Morrison, New York Times best-selling author also writes as HoneyB. She has 17 novels including her newest release, If I Can't Have You. 

    Author Cyrus Webb, is the President of Conversations Media Group (home of Conversations LIVE Radio, Conversations Magazine and Conversations Book Club) and Shadow Play Entertainment. Since 1999 he has used his love of the arts and books to create a brand that has not only showcased his own work but that of others around the United States.


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    The Pussy Chat - Whatever You Like: "Rough or Pampered..."

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    Guest Host: Marques Lewis

    Topic:"Rough or Pampered..."

    You can have whatever you like......


    Author Marques Lewis began writing plenty of short stories, poems, and encouraging women self-esteem on social network sites. After gaining confidence, he began performing his poems at Chill Bar & Lounge at Open Mic Night. The crowd loved him, and he began performing every Wednesday. Then Marques decided that he wanted to write novels. He appeared in the Dec. 10, 2010 and April 6, 2012 publication short poem book, "The Poetic Lounge Vol. 2 and 3". His own poems "Weak" and "I Am A Woman" were selected.Marques has written novels that are getting published in the near future. "It's Love For Her", "It's Love For Her" 2, "It's Love For Her" 3, "Dating Jordan", "Words of Wetness", "May Your Heart Be Encouraged" with Fiordaliza Charles, "Married But Still Single And Lonely", "Good Men Still Exist" with Author Jamila Gomez, "The Man Next Door" and "The Road to the Perfect Guy" Part 1. He has written a Gospel Drama play called "The Wrong One Here....The Right One Awaits", and subjects to start shooting in the near future.

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    Writing Royalty Radio- “Plots.. Twist.. and Turns…”

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    Topic: “Plots.. Twist.. and Turns…”

    Guests: Author Deonte Matthews

                 Author Willie Stewart

    Growing up in a city where employment opportunities are scarce, violence implodes neighborhoods and murder is a norm, it’s rare to find people who are able to overcome these adversarial challenges and come out victorious. Murder City gives us a glimpse into the life of Deonte Matthews (Duke), a young black male from Flint Michigan who has battled such challenges. From facing charges of 1st degree murder amongst others, which were all later dropped, to enrolling in college and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, his accomplishments are admirable and empowering to others who may feel trapped in a life of crime. His powerful story sheds light on the impact of growing up in dense violent conditions, and also the motivation that influences change and brings with it, redemption.

    Willie L. Stewart is a critical care Registered Nurse, author, novelist, entrepreneur, member of the Tampa Writers Alliance, and the Florida Writers Association.  His debut novel taRNished promises to entertain while shaking the very foundation of healthcare and the public’s confidence in that system in order to spur on debate for proper reforms.

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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Live...Laugh...Love..."

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    Special Guests: Playwrights/ Actor and Actress Anthony and Trisha Mann-Grant

                           Author/Singer/Songwriter  Bunny Debarge

                           Singer/Producer    B. Taylor

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    Writing RoyaltyRadio-"Wet...And Wild....."

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    Special Guests: JL King And Robert Helm

                             Author  Nah'Sun

    JL King And Robert Helm will talk abouyt their National Writing Contest

    Author  Nah'Sun was born in Lilbourn, Missouri, Nah’Sun would later move around the Midwest before temporarily settling in Chicago. An aspiring cartoonist, Nah’Sun never gave writing a thought until him and his mother relocated to the Cabrini Green Housing Projects in the early 1990’s.Finding the gift for writing while living in the most notorious housing development in Chicago proved that anyone can prosper no matter the trials they face. His writing would lead to him majoring in Journalism with a minor in English at a 4 year university in New York.  He graduated with  of cultivating his literary talent led him to publish his first novel in 2009.Nah’Sun struck fast in his first year in publishing by winning the 2009 Best New Male Writer Award at the 18th Annual UBUS Black Book Awards for a novel written under another nom de plume. Traveling throughout the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest built up his fan base. Taking a break from the industry during the first half of 2010 blazed the eternal fire he possessed since childhood. Regrouped with a new state of mind, Nah’Sun decided to write under his current name which means “the shine through negativity.” His muse appeared in the form of the curvy and sexy as Nah’Sun’s attraction to full figured women inspired him to pen the drama/erotic novel Thick When the Chances are Slim which was released in 2011..


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    Writing Royalty Radio: " The Concrete Jungle...."

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    Topic:"The Concrete Jungle"

    Where do we go from here.....?

    Special Guest: Comedian/Actor Rodney Perry 

    Comedian Rodney Perry was Born in Chicago, he would find the 
    infancies of his comedy career at the tender age of 7. His 
    teacher noticed Rodney's funny nature and made a deal with him. If he would 
    "shut up throughout the course of the day” he would be given an opportunity to 
    perform for his classmates at the end of the day. Rodney took his teacher up on 
    that deal. This was the beginning. Perry calls Atlanta home when he’s not traveling the country to sold-out 
    audiences or hosting his highly popular online radio show, Rodney Perry Live. 
    His career has opened up many doors for him, from his work as co-host of 
    “Who’s Got Jokes” or BET’s “Mo'Nique Show”, to his starring role as Harold in 
    “Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family”. Even though Perry is a sought out 
    Actor/Host, he still remains a comedian at heart. He is currently preparing for his 
    ‘made for TV’ comedy special entitled "No More Mr. Nice Guy” and can also be 
    seen every Tuesday night as the current Host of Bounce TV’s “Off the Chain"!


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    Honor Thy Author Spotlight: “The Power of The Pen…”

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    Guest Authors:Willie Stewart

                          Marilyn Brown “Slyce”

                          JT Travel and Entertainment Tickets

    Willie L. Stewart is a critical care Registered Nurse, author, novelist, entrepreneur, member of the Tampa Writers Alliance, and the Florida Writers Association.  His debut novel taRNished promises to entertain while shaking the very foundation of healthcare and the public’s confidence in that system in order to spur on debate for proper reforms.

    Marilyn Brown aka "SLYCE" developed herlove for writing as a young child.  She used writing  to tame her vivid imagination. She published her first book DREAM KILLERS in 2010.  One year later she started her webpage SLYCE THE BOOK CLUB because she was a new author and knew nothing about the LIT GAME. Marilyn thought SLYCE BOOK CLUB would be a good way to gain information and network with other others.Here is where she conducts  THE INTERROGATION ROOM.  This is where new and veteran authors alike have the opportunity answer questions regarding their material and publishing experiences.  This also gives the reader an opportunity to get to know their favorite author a little better

    Justin is a business owner whodreamt of being his own boss. JT Travel and Entertainment  is a business where he sells cheaper airfare tickets, hotel deals, vacation packages, and entertainment tickets


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    Writing Royalty Radio: "Words...Music.. and Keys..”

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    Special Guests: Musician/Writer/Producer  B  Taylor

                            Author Sunny Giovanni

    B.Taylor with his new " 1 Life;The Movement" mixtape album coming out with the single "Get Em' Up". He is the biggest thing coming out as he has charted #1 on Billboard, discovered by Motown Legends, and is the "Face & Ambassador of Music and Entertainment For The U.S. Military" by The United States Military, Pentagon, Congress and White House all done independently.First time for the Pentagon & military to back an artist( hip hop) a diff lane in music,. Our mgmt and military is also partnered with YMCMB Vice Pres. E.i. Lawrence(also Lil Wayne, Drake's manager).

    In southern Dallas, Texas, Sunny Giovanni, or "Gio" as she likes to be called, was a teacher and a graduate from Texas A&M University. Gio has had a very strong history with literature, diversifying from poetry (winning placements in oratorical contests), to thriller short stories as a way to vent her frustrations.Sunny Giovanni is an advocate for gay and trans rights, and says: "You can't help who you are, and you damn sure can't help who you love. You should be true to who are, rather than to conform and live the ultimate lie, and live miserable until the day you die." Credited from the poem she penned "Titanium", modeled after her novel.Gio is the founder of Lucid Legends Publishing/ Photography, Kno Joke Entertainment, the host of "We Talk TOO Much Radio" on BlogTalk Radio, and blogs on Tumblr under the name "KnoJokeGio". She is a friend to many and prides herself on making a smile out of an extremely horrible day.

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    Writing Royalty Radio: "He Just My Best Friend........"

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    Guest Authors:Author Slynn and Jen Raygoza

    Author Slynn (Stephanie Stevenson-Covington) lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband. She attended Columbia College majoring in accounting but took a break to pursue her passion for writing. For the past seventeen years she has worked as a Lead Collector in the medical industry. Slynn loves to sing, read and write poetry. Once a vocal leader of her own small local gospel group, she moved towards another gift from God, writing. She believes that music will always be in her soul but writing is another way she has been able to express herself more freely.Currently she is writing a collaboration for Darkberry, in the process of releasing the sequel to My Husband’s Cousin. With a full schedule and no plans to slow down just yet she is also a freelance editor.

    Author Jennifer Raygoza lives in Corona, California , she developed a love for writing poetry  at the young age of twelve, but did not want to become a writer when she was young.She had dreams of becoming a Marriage Counselor and majored in Psychology when she was older. Although that dream did not work out she still councils relationship advice to friends and family.In 2013 she published her first book called The Guardians. Originally it was a story written for fun, and out of curiosity was self published.Little did she know that it would be a hit with vampire lovers. Fans encouraged her to write part two in the series.

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