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    Health and Acid-Alkaline Balance

    in Self Help

    Illness usually develops in an overly acidic body. There are many factors that can contribute to acidity. Most toxins are acidic. Stress and anxiety create acid body fluids. The byproducts of many of the foods that are commonly eaten are acidic. 

    Relaxing and choosing alkaline forming foods will help improve the body’s pH. Most vegetables and fruits are alkaline as an end result of metabolism. On the other hand, meats, dairy products, wheat and most other grains are acid forming.

    Most of the pollutants in and chemicals added to public water are acidic. If one uses reverse osmosis to purify the water, it removes the chemicals, but this process removes minerals also, lowering the pH of the water. It is important to re-mineralize RO water or distilled water to make it more alkaline. Consuming water alkalized with minerals will gradually raise pH, but this should not be done to an extreme.

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    Walk the Talk to Health & Well Being with Dr. Glenna and Mildred Lynn McDonald

    in Lifestyle

    Episode 6: Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in the Elderly - Adding Naturopathic Medicine to the Healing Equation 

    According to research, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is the second most common infection presenting in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.  This being so, there is an excellent opportunity for mainstream (allopathic) and naturopathic practitioners to work together to find the best solution for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of UTIs.

    In this episode, Dr Glenna Calder, ND and I will explore UTIs as they specifically relate to the health and well being of our loved ones who reside in long-term care facilities. Together, we will tackle what causes UTIs, common symptoms, at risk individuals and treatment options (including antibiotics, probiotics, D-mannose, greens, cranberry, acid/alkaline balance and others). Since reoccurrence of UTIs is common in the elderly, Dr Glenna will offer her professional guidance on how to best break the UTI cycle with practical preventative measures. 

    As always, the information offered is for your consideration. It is our hope that you will use it to facilitate proactive and informed conversations with the health care team responsible for providing your elderly loved one with the best UTI care available in your location. Dr Glenna Calder ND is registered with the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. Please note that the information presented is general in nature. If you have a UTI, please seek the help of a medical professional.

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    ALS Crowd Radio: Dr. Paul Cox, PhD, Environmental Causes of ALS

    in Health

    S2:E3 Dr. Paul Alan Cox, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Ethnomedicine, will speak about his research in finding and fighting the environmental causes of ALS.  Dietary exposure to an environmental toxin called BMAA may trigger ALS related symptoms.   Large doses of the dietary amino acid called L-serine may reduce the risk of BMAA exposure.  Dr. Cox published his most recent findings in the Proceedings of the British Royal Society published on Jan 20, 2016.

    A Harvard Ph.D., Paul Alan Cox has spent his career searching for new medicines by studying patterns of wellness and disease among indigenous peoples. For these efforts, TIME magazine named Cox one of 11 “Heroes of Medicine.” His work with indigenous peoples in preserving their island rain forests won him the Goldman Environmental Prize. Cox has published over 200 scientific papers and four books.

    He has held academic appointments at the University of California, Berkeley, Brigham Young University, the University of Melbourne, Uppsala University, the Swedish Agricultural University, and the University of Illinois, Chicago, and served as Director of the Congressionally-chartered National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Hawaii and Florida.

    Cox founded Seacology, the world’s premier environmental non-profit organization for island conservation, headquartered in Berkeley, California. Through partnerships with indigenous people, Seacology has now saved over 1.3 million acres of island rainforests and coral reefs in 56 nations. Throughout Polynesia, he is known by the chiefly title Nafanua.

    Cox currently serves as the Executive Director of the Institute for Ethnomedicine in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His research there is focused on finding and fighting the causes of neurodegenerative disease including ALS and Alzheimer’s disease.



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    "The Ultraviolent Icon" John FN Zandig!!!!!!

    in Sports

    The show you've been dying for. 

    Tonight's guest is:

    "The UltraViolent Icon" John MotherFu**in Zandig!!!!!!!!

    Topics discussed:

    -Starting CZW 

    --How did they make the transition from training school to running shows?

    -Creating the "Pyramid of Hell"

    -Philosophy on building his locker room

    --Having to "outdo" ECW 

    -Reaction to DJ's claim that the current CZW features solid wrestling, while the old CZW didn't

    -What led to the creation of Best of the Best?

    -Memories of "Deja Vu": His No-Rope Barbed Wire match vs Lobo

    -Bringing in The Messiah

    --What was his story of the attempted XPW "invasion" of the Arena?

    -How did Johnny Kashmere go from 'CZW Guy' to wanting to destroy the company?

    -Story of Justice Pain jumping to XPW

    --Thoughts on Justice Pain as a wrestler

    --Memories of the night he brought CM Punk in to face Justice Pain

    -Starting TOD

    -Memories of Cage of Death 4

    -Why was Cage of Death 5 "Suspended"?

    --Thoughts on New Jack

    -What's the history of Rob Feinstein and CZW?

    -What led to Zandig wanting to sell CZW?

    -Getting the 'itch' to come back?

    -Thoughts on Derek Sabato

    -Working with Mike Burns

    -Thoughts on Hellaware Assassin

    -What are Zandig's thoughts on Nick Gage?

    -Losing so many guys to drugs 

    -How should CZW pay tribute to Trent Acid?

    -Thoughts on the DJ Hyde 'heel' character

    -Getting ready for Zandig's Tournament of Survival

    -"Bad Boy" Joey Janela calls in to confront Zandig

    -"Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson calls in to challenge Zandig

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    If America has the best healthcare system in the world, why are we so sick?

    in Politics

    On this episode of the Chris Monroe Show we will discuss your health and well-being. To be a productive member of our community and future our health is very important. America has the best healthcare available on the planet so why aren't our people the healthiest. A lot of this has to do with habits. Habits are nothing but conditioned behaviors over time.

    We will be joined by herbalist and expert healer Zeki Adir Sabalie 

    This young scholar will be interviewed on the Chris Monroe Show and you can call in to have your health questions answered by an expert.  Zeki has cured many diseases the natural way. 

    We will talk about this more on the show. I'm a see you, before you see me! 

    Chris Monroe AKA Student Master Teacher AKA Mr I Stay Woke

    Learn more on this topic and others - http://www.chrismonroestl.com

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    in Health

    W.B.N.'s 'S.L.O.P.E.' (Save Life on Planet Earth TM) brings forward proactive Solution Bearers with practical, proven scientific ways to address Global Irradiation & Extinction Level Threats to Global Waters, Air, Soil, and Sentient Life (human, animal, plant, etc.).

    Keeping your appointment with destiny!

    Joshua Flint, healer, alternative therapist & health consultant with over 20 years of hands-on experience was led by friend and associate, the late Dr. George Merkl, discoverer of Life Crystals, to vital health and inner transformation with Life Crystals and fulvic acid. Flint's desire to share this good fortune and vibrant health transformation birthed The Goodly Company. 

    The Goodly Company offers an exclusive, potent, pure selection of OMRI certified 100% organic Humic & Fulvic acid concentrates as well as offering Humic and Fulvic concentrates in pure mountain spring water and ATP elixirs originally developed as Life Crystals by bio-physicist, George Merkl.

    We'll be discussing all the Goodly Company's products including as they describe:

    "Goodly Bullet Powered Humic Coffee. More than just Brain food…

    If you're tired of the spikes and crashes of regular commercial coffees, start your day with a healthy balance of a Goodly Bullet Powered Humic Coffee. This superb tasting quick-to-make-at-home drink, combines Humic coffee with quality fats to create a sustained energy boost. The Goodly Bullet Powered Humic Coffee is the perfect brain food, and prevents coffee crashes and the need to refuel.

    HumaLife Humic Acid Love Dirt –  Produces your own THC & Cannabinoids"

    For more information, visit: Humalife/Utopia

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    Bring your concerns

    in Lifestyle

    What do you do when life hits?
    Can people be trusted
    The acid tested when the core is exposed.
    Why are they in your life is for their benefit or cause?
    How to move pass people and continue with GOD.

    Hi, I'm Eboni, I'm a Seer, some of the faith call me Prophetess. Others call me a psychic but I'm far removed for that. I'm a woman of wisdom, guidances, and insight. I'm here to help if you would like insight into your situation CALL IN NOW @ (646) 716-5105 . Have your question ready and one question per person with a 15-time frame to answer.  If you're looking for a more private approach BOOK IT NOW!!! 

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    CB (Charles Berrin-USA) & MoBlack (Ghana) - Charles International House Music

    in Radio

    Charles Berrin is the RDJ of Charles International House Music radio program that showcases and features DJs from around the world playing all thea best of HOUSE MUSIC -- Techno, Tribal, Euro, Vocal, Jazz, Ethnic, Progressive, Deep, Minimal, Funky, Soulful, Gospel and more.  Each Saturday from 2 to 4pm (EST) broadcasting from Washington, DC, USA.

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    Zika Virus, what do you know about it!

    in Education

    Tune in on Saturday April 23, 2016 at 11:00 am CST

    What is a virus, the origins of viruses are unclear, some may have envolved from plasmids-pieces of DNA that can move between cells- while others may have evolved from bacteria.

    Virus consist of two or three parts; Gene, DNA and RNA

    1. Gene- is a locus  (or origin) of DNA that encodes a functional RNA or protein product, and is the mole cular unit of hereditary.

    2. DNA (Dexoyribonucleic acid) is a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in growth,development.functioning and reproduction of all living organisms and many viruses.

    3. RNZ (Ribonule acid) is a polymeric molecule implicated in various biological roles in coding,decoding,regulation and expression of genes.


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    Adamson's Quest - Winding Up

    in Radio

    On Thursday April 21st, 2016 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will discuss his Magical Inner Plane novel Admson's Quest and offer a dramatic reading of Chapter Eleven. This fictional journey up the paths of the Tree of Life was begun back in 1979 in the old pamphlet style Seventh Ray and has been continued in the new journal version of T7R since 1999. The final installment Chapter Twelve is in the works and should be ready by next week. We did a show on Adamson four years ago that is still available in the archives for those who wish more background on the story. Adamson's experiences reflect the anxieties of the times (late 1970s) he tries to overcome psychosomatic illnesses, psychological neurosis, Freudian complexes, Jungian archetypes and Qabalistic paradoxes, while dressed as the Fool in the Tarot, more recently he deals with contemporary problems: reptilian illuminati, pollution, invasion of privacy, social engineering, virtual reality and military-industrial corruption. So, if you want to join the 2084 Army's virtual reality nano-tank corps and battle giant mole-crickets (Mike Charlies) in the non-whitehouse lawn then tune in and let's roll!


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    DJ Hyde Back on Yakuza Kick Radio!!

    in Sports

    Tonight ...

    CZW Owner DJ Hyde is tonight's guest!!

    Topics discussed:

    -What led to DJ buying the company?

    -What does DJ feel are the main differences between Zandig's CZW AND his CZW?

    -Why was Curt Robinson included in this year's BOTB?

    -"There's absolutely no difference between Penelope Ford AND Ronda Rousey."

    -"Brittany Blake is a homegrown star" 

    --DJ: "Jay Cat ... She can tap you out." Jay Cat: "you're out of your fu**in' mind."

    -Why did Conor Claxton regress?

    -Rickey Shane Page: Why did it take DJ so long to bringhim back after TOD 2015?

    -What happened at Proving Grounds?

    -What are DJ's thoughts on Sozio? The Front angle

    -Thoughts on the Lio Rush - Joey Janela angle 

    -Thoughts on 'missing out' on key bookings

    -DJ mentions how Gabe Sapolsky "hands out business cards" in his locker room. Why does he allow that?

    -'Missing the boat" on Fred Yehi

    --DJ says there's no room on the card for a lot of new talent. Yet

    -Why hasn't Trent Acid been inducted to the CZW Hall of Fame?

    -What happened at last year's "Down With The Sickness," where he left JC Bailey out of the in-ring tribute?

    -Thoughts on Joker's comments / opinion of him

    -What's up with the BJW relationship?

    --Why hasn't Tremont been in BJW?

    -Why haven't we seen Scot Summers?

    -What fell apart with the DJ Hyde - John Wayne Murdoch "angle"?

    -If JT Dunn was not going to come back, why did he go over in his feud with David Starr?

    -Thoughts on GCW holding a DeathMatch tournament 6 days before TOD

    -Why is the Junior title an afterthought?

    -What's DJ's philosophy on 'being a heel'?