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    Nano Reef Hour - Nano Tanks and Conservation

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    On Sunday February 9th at 8pm est,7pm cst and 5pm pst Joe and Albert  will be discussing some of the pluses and minuses to the reef keeping hobby and its effect on the oceans around the world..A must listen episode for those concerned about the health of our Oceans !





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    Jim Oppenborn, Marine Resource Coordinator, St. Lucie

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    In order to provide better areas to fish and dive and to enhance local fisheries, artificial reefs are being deployed to provide additional hardbottom areas.  These reefs have been created using donated heavy concrete and steel materials like culverts, concrete pilings, light poles, and steel vessels. We also talk lionfish. Why are they a hazard? Recent Developments
    In December 2012 and January 2013, four barges of light poles donated from Florida Power and Light were deployed to create two reefs.  The first reef, located in 62-foot depths, had a profile of 27 feet, while the second reef, located in 102-foot depths, had a profile of 25 feet.  Post deployment dives on the reefs showed fishes (i.e. triggerfish, black seabass, pelagic baitfish) already utilizing this new habitat.
    All of these artificial reefs were deployed with the help of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Artificial Reef Construction Grant.  The reefs help provide destinations for recreational anglers and divers and habitat for over 110 species of fish and numerous invertebrates.
    To get involved in the volunteer artificial reef monitoring program, report fishing catches on the artificial reefs, please contact Jim Oppenborn, Marine Resource Coordinator, at  oppenbornj@stlucieco.org.

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    In the Wake: Fishing reports from around the globe
    On the Bridge: David Jones
    On the Dock: David Wirth
    Got Fish or Got Rum?: Lionfish
    In the Box or On the Rocks:  Aquaskinz www.aquaskinz.com - They offer the finest in outerwear, bags, pouches, organizers and accessories. All designs have usability in mind and the materials are saltwater grade - tested and proven
    Original air date 12/09/11  Contest is Over

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    Join Us at the Table

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    The Deering Seafood festival will feature lionfish this year. What is that? Lad Akins, of REEF, will enlighten us.