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    A chat with Romance Author Linn Halton

    in Lifestyle

    Today['s guest is  romance author, Linn B Halton all the way from the small Gloucestershire village of Arlingham, on the banks of the River Severn. Linn lives with her adorable husband and cat with attitude – Mr Tiggs! Linn writes romantic fiction with a psychic or astrological theme and feature many paranormal events in her books.
    Linn is also a featured new Author on loveahappyending.com and Editor of the feature ‘Author & Associate Catch-Ups’ including ‘Reader/Author Team Reports’ on the website’s magazine-style section. Join us as we chat with this busy author.

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    Saturday Cocktails w/ Richard Holmes & Linn Halton

    in Books

    Back again for another lively chat w/ author, muse, blogger, spiritual seeker and lover of chips - Richard & editor & author - Linn!

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    The Power of Space Clearing

    in Self Help

    For centuries space clearing and ceremony have been used in homes to create powerful and nurturing energy. Join host and Master Educator LuAnn Cibik and this weeks guest Traci Bray, Advanced Practitioner and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Practitioner to share about how space clearings can activate the feng shui of the home and the effect they have had on their clients lives. Traci, who is also a gifted medium, will speak of altars and ceremony that have had fascinating results. Discover Why things might be happening in your home, could it be a visit from spirits? Callers with questions are welcome.

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    Friday Night Jam # 37

    in Entertainment

    Friday Night Jam has two guests on the show! Entertainment Industry Music Producer Lynn Lumpkin. And Female Rapper Savvy Raw. Plus comedy, music, topics, skits and much more. And The FNJ Entertainment Report. Hosted by Edgar "The Talented One" Alexander. Guest Co-Host Jennie Linn. Featuring Entertainment Reporter India Mynatt. (c) Copyright 2016 RBE Radio Network. All rights reserved.

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    Friday Night Jam #36

    in Entertainment

    We have a special edition of Friday Night Jam, just for you! Guest: Evangelist ReTanya Williams. (Actress & Songwriter) Retuns on the show. Talks about her upcoming acting career. And an inspirational gospel message. If those of you have prayer requests now, lease post your comments on Facebook below. And ReTanya will pray for you, live on the air! We have comedy, music, topics and fun. And The FNJ Entertainment Report. And Jennie's Back! So get motivated this Easter Holiday Weekend. Tune in. Hosted By Edgar "The Talented One" Alexander And Special Guest Co-Host Jennie Linn. Featuring Entertainment Reporter India Mynatt. (c) Copyright 2016 RBE Entertainment All rights reserved.

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    Let your LIFE Bloom!

    in Self Help

    Join Terry Bowen, Advanced IA/Medicine Wheel Feng Shui practitioner and LuAnn Cibik, Master Educator of Interior Alignment to learn how to use the power of springtime to launch your LIFE DREAMS!

    The spring equinox is filled with action energy for your new adventures in life. Learn great tips for powerful clearing clutter, ways you can nurture your dreams, and how to use the energy of plants and air to encourage your life to blossom in beautiful ways.

    Medicine Wheel Feng Shui connects with the energy of nature, the four elements and the power of the season, to create a powerful and empowering space.


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    Creating a Solid Foundation for a Healthy Spring

    in Self Help

    As we move forward into spring, we are greeted with the energy of growth and change. What a perfect time to examine the parts of our home that provide a solid foundation for living a healthy life. Joinhost Felicia D’Haiti, MTIA, with her special guest Laura Clark, CPIA, as they discuss tips and techniques to Create a Solid Foundation for a Healthy Spring! 

    About Felicia: Felicia D'Haiti is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®, holding certification programs in the Washington, DC area. She provides feng shui and space clearing services, both on-site and distant as well as workshops on topics including Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing, and more. To connect with Felicia, visit her website: www.feliciadhaiti.com.

    About Laura: Laura Clark, CPIA, is known as the Soul Wise Living Mentor and uses a unique blend of spiritual awakening tools to clear the energy within and around her Clients. She guides them as they learn to hear their own wisdom more consistently, understand it with more clearly and act upon it more courageously to lead the inspired life filled with Joy & Abundance that they so want. To connect with Laura, visit her website:www.soulwiseliving.com

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    Alijandra Welcomes Back Color Expert Diantha Harris, Who Will Give Readings!

    in Spirituality

    As an independent Interior Designer for over 25 years, Diantha Harris has brought together her many years of experience and research on color and feng shui together. In addition, Diantha has studied energy healing and so understands how energy moves through and around you. She has brought all this study of and research on color, feng shui and energy into her product lines of the most delightful sprays that create the vibrations of color or feng shui tenets through her combinations of essential oils or flower essences, which fill each bottle.

    As you are probably aware, color and feng shui can change and support your life. When you add in the practice of The Akashic Records, which Diantha has been reading for over 15 years, you have a great group of tools to enhance your expansion of consciousness and the ability to have the life you dream of. You can find out all about her products, books, teleseminars and more details about Diantha at her website, www.lifepotentials.net. At the website you may also register for her free newsletter and read many archived articles. Diantha is professionally certified by the American Society of Interior Designers, is a faculty member and color expert for the Feng Shui Institute of America, is a charter member of Healing Touch International and has studied Reiki, is an ordained minister, is a professional member of Feng Shui Institute International and International Academy of Colour Therapeutics, has certification credentials from Denise Linn in Interior Alignment and from Deborah Craydon and Warren Bellows for Floral Acupuncture.



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    Coventry&Warwickshire Paranormal talkradio CWPTR

    in Spirituality

    we are very excited about tonights live show we have chris halton from haunted earth television on our show tonight at 9pm

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    How to Implement Those Hot, New Design Trends

    in Self Help

    Lisa Morton, Allied Member ASID, CPIA joins LuAnn's show once again to discuss how easy it is to blend the interior design of your home with Feng Shui. We will talk about some of the hot interior design trends for 2016 and explain how to implement them into the Feng Shui of your space. Learn more about Lisa at http://www.interiorconceptsbylm.com/

    LuAnn Cibik, this week’s host is a Master Teachers of Interior Alignment and encourages people to call in with questions during the live broadcast,. You can find out more about LuAnn and her certification programs in Interior Alignment ( as well as other online and inperson workshops and events) at http://www.innerharmonyfengshuischool.com

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    Episode 1221: Larry Conley Radio Show

    in Training

    A sepcial on-location episode of the Larry Conley Radio Show from the Missouri Winter Fire School.  His guest is Fire Engineering Magazine editor-in-chief Bobby Halton.