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    3rd Coast Sundays LIVE from Diamonds Lingerie Club

    in Music

    Hosted by Datboy Freakman & Bigg Bell Da Kidd with DJ Heavy Hands in the mix.

    Send your music to blockbleedaz36@gmail.com or djheavyhands88@ymail.com

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    Live Every Sunday from 9pm - 11pm

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    Explore the Power of Lingerie

    in Women

    Suzy Manning, CEO of SUZYMANNING LLC and host of "Women Living Empowered Lives at Midlife" BlogTalk Radio interviews Hidi Lee. Having worked as a lingerie designer for 25 years, Hidi has seen thousands of naked women of all different sizes, shapes and ages in her fitting room. And yet, she believes they are all the same kind of woman…the one that is confused and insecure about their own body. Hidi knows this is the true obstacle to any kind of success: relationship, personal development, career growth…

    From her books “Almost Naked” and “Sexy with no Boundaries” to her workshops “The Naked Truth Workshop” and “To Be Your Own Image Consultant” and her fashion blog “Lingerissimi”, Hidi has only one goal in her mind - to turn that once confused and insecure woman to become a confident, sexy and successful individual. It is time to break through the false body perception. She makes sure that her audiences are walking out of her workshops or putting down her books with not loving Hidi more, but loving themselves more.


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    Interview With Lingerie Football League Running Back Amanda Ruller

    in Football

    Amanda Ruller is not only a running back for the Los Angeles Temptation, but this Lingerie Football League (LFL) player is also a personal trainer. During this interview, I talk to fitness expert Amanda about everything LFL and football related including:

    What makes the Lingerie Football League appealing from an eight year old girl to a group of college students
    The music that she listens to before playing
    What location she likes more between her native country Canada and Los Angeles

    Not only is she tough, but she showcased her beauty by winning the 2014 Miss Southern Saskatchewan competition. She still had to showcase her athletic ability by performing a Clean and Jerk that also got her first place in the talent part of the competition.

    Listen To The Show And Learn More About Amanda Ruller, And Her Teamates As She Talks About Her Team Members

    Website: AmandaRuller.com

    Twitter: @Ruller2a 

    Instagram: @AmandaRuller

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    Courtesan Candy: Love & Lingerie For The Art of Seduction

    in Women

    Tune in to get into your sexy side, as Yolanda Shoshana chats with Margaret Shrum, the Lingerie Goddess.  Find out the hot secrets of how to get the right bra size to get "the girls" in the right place, where to get sexy lingerie on a budget, why lingerie is important in the art of seduction and so much more! This will change the way that you look at lingerie. For more lingerie information follow The Lingerie Goddess at @LingerieGoddess on Twitter.

    Follow Yolanda Shoshana at @Shoshi on Twitter as she drops love, sex and magick daily!

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    Transgender Woman Alana Sholar and Her Spouse Bobbie Thompson

    in Lifestyle

    Alana Sholar and Bobbie Thompson are a married couple who live in central Kentucky. What is unique about this couple is that Alana is a male-to-female transwoman and Bobbie is a biologically gendered woman.

    Alana, born as Alan in 1961, a time and place where the word transgender was not known, lived and worked on Kentucky thoroughbred horse farms and trained to be a jockey. He also worked various blue collar jobs such as construction, trucking and factory work.

    Alana believed the most difficult task to ever face in life would be telling family and friends she is transgender, but it wasn't. Within months of coming out as transgender she had to tell them that she had been diagnosed as HIV positive.

    Bobbie knew Alan for approximately 25 years and the even shared a traditional male/female relationship in the mid-1990's. Nearly a decade passed when Bobbie saw Alan again in 2006, only this time Alan (he) had become Alana (she). Freaked out, Bobbie told Alana she didn't want to have anything to do with her. Two years later they were married.

    Alana is the author of Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery, and Bobbie tells her side of the story in her memior My Husband Looks Better in Lingerie Than I Do...Damn It.

    Today they still live in the same same Kentucky town where Sholar grew up as a male. They have a blended family of three children, four grandchildren, and two dogs.

    To learn more about their books, please visit http://www.hunginthemiddle.com and http://www.my husbandlooksbetter.com

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    Anina Young & Rose Jeffries Talk Fashion

    in Women

    This is a broadcast of an interview I had with both of these fashion mavens in February of this year shortly after the Oscars. We are talking about what to expect in the Wedding aisles, especially this coming June. This conversation is part of a longer conversation that will be in an upcoming book: The Experts Edition. Listen in to Anina Young of Brazen Lingerie and dress designer, Rose Jeffries.

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    Weird News - Pop Culture Craziness! - Sharpton

    in Pop Culture

    Hr1  Dead veteran tells about how he found he was dead. And how he lost his VA benefits... because he's dead. Oh wait... he's not really dead! Govt efficiency at it's finest.

    Mark Dice, man on the street, interviews beach-goers to see if people will blindly follow ridiculous celebrity "political" stances. Frightening!

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else.

    Eyeball tattoos are the new thing! Warning... they're permanent and irreversible.

    Teaching kids about sex by showing them is ok, but free-range parenting is a problem.

    Sexy lingerie is a new thing for men.

    Classic book "Of Mice and Men" on the cut list in multiple states for being "too depressing." Hellloooo... it was the "Great Depression!

    Hr2   Border crossing etiquette: How NOT to act when crossing into the U.S. from Mexico! Yeah, they'll taze you.

    Joe takes listener calls.

    Hr3   Republican presidential candidates. Just a quick recap to-date.

    Rev. Al Sharpton says he should be exempt from paying taxes.

    Rev. Jesse Jackson has an anti-gun rally in Chicago to protest the ownership of AK-47. Uh, those are ALREADY illegal, buddy.

    Naked final exam is a requirement for visual arts class at UC San Diego. This is what your tax $'s pay for!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Lana Starr joins Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    Former WOW star Lana Starr joins us on Turnbuckle Turmoil. She was
    one of the top stars of the nationally syndicated WOW promotion.
    Lana has done everything from magazine covers to posters to
    lingerie football to appearing on WWE's RAW. Join us as we talk to
    one of the most entertaining personalities that ever appeared on

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    Hott Girl to Couture Girl - Transitioning: Adult Entertainment to Fashion Model

    in Lifestyle

    In a world where every girl has Big Dreams of becoming the Next Top Model,  I meant the Next Top PLUS Model!  What happens when a dream takes flight and one is ready to soar? She says "Where do I start?" With so many avenues and roads to take, one has to be careful in what is known as the Industry Of Sharks.  Let m say this as the owner o 3D Plus Modeling Company, I work with models on a daily basis. New to Seasoned models find themselves with their backs agaist the wall when the WRONG pic gets posted. 

    My Special Guest this evening is Cynthia "Century Huney" Parks... she is a BBW (Adult Plus Entertainer). She is joing us tonight to talk about her life as a BBW as well as her trying to transition into the Plus Fashion industry.  Cynthia stated that, " I can be in a matching bra and panty set or lingerie and it's nasty yet they can pose in the same and it's catalog.
    Yes, I understand that BBW is all about being sexy but isn't that the goal of everyone at the end of the day."   She further went on to state, "all parts of this sexy selling industry, is about selling a product, and at the end of the day both sides of the fashion industry, be it Entertainment or Fashion are aiming for the same goal which a repeat constant revenue."

    Let's talk aout it with Auntie on Hott Topics here on Curves In 3D Radio

    Omega AUNTIE Mothersill





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    The Oscar Gowns 2015 march toward Wedding Aisles

    in Women

    Two experts  in the dress design and lingerie field for plus-sized women and I have a chat about what to expect in the coming months as wedding dresses and lingerie. You may remember Rose Jeffries as my dress designer for the 2011 Wedding Cake Taste-Off and Anina Young of Brazen Lingerie and who for the past 2 years I have had come on to talk about the best lingerie to wear under special occasion attire.

    You also know that Anina suggests you wear nothing, zip, GO NAKED throughout your honeymoon, so that is not what we're discussing here.

    by the 2nd show you'll have all three of our picks from the Oscar 2015 show for what coming up in the wedding aisles.

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    Momofuku Wedding Knowledge

    in Women


    Today we’re honoring Momofuku and translating it to instant wedding dresses with me and my guest favorite picks from the 2015 Oscar Red Carpet. Today’s broadcast is part 2 of my Oscar special show. My guests are Rose Jeffries-Dress Designer & Stylist and Anina Young-Brazen Lingerie. During the course of the show you will hear our favs and even Rose’s announcement of this year’s wedding trends and even what the groom may be wearing.