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    The Cock Tour ~ Lingam Love Enlightenment!

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    Always honor the Lingam and learn the true power of the cock and how to worship it! 
    From Wicktionary.org: Lingam 1. The penis or phallus, especially when worshipped as a symbol of or in connection with Shiva.  From basic Masters & Johnson instruction to Tantric Consciousness of the Heart-Lingam association to Sex Wisdom.
    Rev. Goddess Charmaine teaches: 
    Remove negative programing about the Lingam
    The Reflexology of the Lingam Changing the size and shape of your Lingam Milking the Lingam The Mushroom Lingam Worship of the Lingam Impotence Ejaculation issues Prolongation of arousal
    Be Enlightened and be Blessed by the Cock Wisdom!

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    Thorough Body Thursday: Limp Lingam Dysfunctional Phallus (penis)

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    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 11pm on Thursday, sip a cup of conscious tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 30 mins of your life! We’re going in the grab bag tonight, Thursday Topics, Limp Lingam Dysfunctional Phallus (penis), Is it you...Him or Both of Yall?

    Call in to the Goddess Suite 516-453-9075

    Have a question? Email us @ GoddessSuite@gmail.com

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    Rise of the Lingam Yoni Consciousness!

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    Take part in the journey of exploration and growth with Rev. Goddess Charmaine as she guides you through the true understanding of the Yoni Lingam power and how it enhances your spiritual consciousness! She will discuss specific issues related to men and there relationship with their , Lingam and how they can become stuck with issues of PE, Erection and Desire! And she will also support women in releasing their , Yoni Power by creating a deeper connection to the vagina clit and tits to release anger within, and to stop using their pussies as a weapon and rise into the Goddess they really are! And the ULTIMATE way to Healthy Orgasms through non goal oriented SEX! YES!  End the unhealthy programing that leads to performance anxiety and lowering self esteem. And learn how becoming multi orgasmic also enhances your spirital growth! This is an Adult Show! For the Grown and Sexy! Holla and Always Goddess Blessings 

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    Talk about it Tuesday: Does Size Matter?

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    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in @ 9pm for Talk about it Tuesday's show, sip a cup of Goddess Blend  tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life! 

    Join us tonight as we talk about the age old question.  Does Size matter?  We will not only discuss men, we will also talk about women too!

    Fellas is her Yoni not hugging your Lingam like it used to?

    Ladies is he stroking but you don't feel anything?

    How big is too big?

    Is there a such thing as too tight?

    Call in 516-453-9075


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    Kundalini Rising - Women Embrace Your Yoni and Sexuality

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    Join Nu Blak Order BPC Radio Tonight for The Hit show "Kundalini Rising" Tonight we will be discussing The Yoni (Sacred Space) and how women should embrace their divine yoni and know her worth!
    Also we have tips on lingam flexing and yoni eggs
    So tune in at 9 pm ct 10 pm eastern and 8 pm GMT
    This will be a live call in show @718-506-1960

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    Kundalini Rising And The Chakra System- Tonight is Men night With Tafari Sudra-K

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    Multiple Sex ~ Your Ultimate Love Story!

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    "It's time we introduced the six varieties of Greek love into our everyday way of speaking and thinking." Eros, Philia, Ludus, Agape, Pragma and Philautia! "The Diverse Greek system of loves can also provide consolation. By mapping out the extent to which all six loves are present in your life, you might discover you've got a lot more love than you had ever imagined---even if you feel an absence of a physical lover." Join Rev. Goddess and explore your ultimate love story in the way you have expressed love in your life and in the way you have allowed others to treat you! NOW, learning about EROS and the many styles of MULTIPLE SEX, you can choose to enhance, rewrite, remove or evolve your story! Rev. Goddess will guide all listeners through a release ritual and calling in LOVE ritual! Goddess Blessings 



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    Righteous Cock!

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    The Lingam never lies! The Lingam will always RISE! So why all the confusion, dilusion and misuse of the dick?! Discover the consciousness of the Righteous Cock with Rev. Goddess and let your Yang cock power grow and grow and grow and grow!!! 

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    Sexual OverLoad ~ Blowing your WAD

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    Scream when you come! Breathe deeply and enjoy the ecstasy of bodies touching and sweating all over! Lay in the silence of erotic thoughts. Bringing sexual balance into your life is the key to mastering your ability to manifest your desires! Misdirecting sexual energy or not cultivating it in a way that is useful can cause you to become overloaded,overwhelmed and explode! Bringing depression, emotional turmoil and strong desires of attachments and then the total opposite! So lets drop into our bodies and bring up the bliss we deeply desire and learn how to express your sexual energy in a way that brings pleasure, excitement, happiness, orgasmic trembling and evolve in all aspects of our lifes. Release yourself from the cunfusion of life and create the wisdom of your WAD! 

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    Sex, Tantra & Shamanism! Initiation Of a Young Man!

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    Rev. Goddess is joined by her Son, Armane (Excale) Browne and he will share his growth and experience into sex, life and spirituality because of his Goddess Mother! Learn how he gained confidence and understanding of women. Nude groups, lingam love and more! Armane has developed is own spiritual life and has become a force to be respected in his own right! Join this very interesting discussion and be witness to Rev. Goddess hearing stories of Armane's private intitations that she knows nothing about! 

    Armane J. (Excal) Browne

    Began his own meditation and practices grew as Armane took part in ongoing spiritual groups such as kundalini meditation and aura reading groups. During his High School life Armane was introduced to psi (energetic manifestation) and martial arts (Hung-ga and BJJ) developed a body knowledge that helps ground him. At the age of 16 to 18 trained and became a Reiki Master, trained by his Mother Rev. Goddess Charmaine. During this time He also studied with Kenneth Ray Stubbs as a Sexual Shaman and maintains monthly shamanic gatherings with Ray and others. Armane has developed his own positive reputation in the spiritual community. He has assisted ISIS Phoenix at the Sacred Sex Round Up during her presentation and Continuing to learn the healing arts of Shamanism from her. He was interviewed by Laurie Handles on Tantra Cafe. Now at the age of 25, Armane continues to evolve in his spiritual work offering Reiki, Tarot Readings and various other groups in and around New Jersey and New York. 



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    EROTIC TALK...Celebrating our 1st Year!

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    Join Rev. Goddess and Celebrate her 1st year here on Blogtalk Radio with Erotic Talk! You can call in to ask any question about any of the topics she's discussed throughout our first year together! What do you want to know? How can you show your love to Rev. Goddess for being on the airwaves? Do you want a quick tarot reading? Sure we can do that too! Let's celebrate and enjoy tonight's show by reliving the past years episodes and sharing how they made us feel. Call in to get a question answered through the tarot cards etc. The more EROTIC we can be, the more FUN we can have! And here's to another year of great times on the airwaves!! Goddess Blessings 


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