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    EXCEEDING AWESOME with Line Brunet (& guest Jennifer Sparks)

    in Women

    Jennifer Sparks (B.Ed., M.S., CPT) is a certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach, Ironman tri-athlete, teacher, and single mother. Her experiences and education offer first hand insight into the role that mindsets can play in changing lives.

    She is the author of the recently released book, WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female's Guide to Creating a Life You Love, the perfect guide for getting unstuck, cleaning house, and creating a life you love. WTF to OMG offers strategies you can apply quickly to become fully aware of what you need to do to create your dream life.

    To learn more about Jennifer, check out www.swiftkickfitness.com and www.wtfomgbook.com

    Line Brunet is a Personal Power Coach, Speaker and Radio Host helping strong and ambitious women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it, in life, love, business and beyond. Line's passion is to see women live a life of meaning and do work they love. She shows women how to leverage their best asset – THEMSELVES! To learn more about her personal coaching and events, visit her at www.SassySoulfulSelf.com

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    EXCEEDING AWESOME with Line Brunet (guest Kate Anthony)

    in Women

    Kate Anthony is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach* (CPCC), trained and certified by the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She is also trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) by The Center for Right Relationship and an accredited member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a member of the ICF’s Los Angeles Chapter.

    As a Single Mom she was so beaten down by her marriage that she went back out into the world with zero confidence, zero money and zero prospects, financial or romantic. She's been everything from bitter, cynical and jaded to oddly idealistic and PolyAnna-ish. Kate's been the single party girl three nights a week letting her cray-cray fly, then home being nurturing mama the next three and starting to feel a little bit confused, to say the least.

    Through a lot of hard work she has gotten to the point where she's complete and grounded within herself. Her biggest passion is helping Single Moms weed through all the craziness of what a new life as a single mom has to offer and find within themselves the amazing, powerful and relentless Rockin' love-goddesses that they truly are.
    Find Kate online at www.kateanthony.com

    Line Brunet is a Personal Power Coach, Speaker and Radio Host who helps professional women achieve personal success by supporting them in figuring out what they want, why it matters and how to get it. Find Line online at www.sassysoulfulself.com

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    EXCEEDING AWESOME with Line Brunet (& guest Shari Molchan)

    in Goals

    In a financial 'rut'? Never fear, this show will help get you out of the stress and worry and see what's possible.

    Shari Molchan is an Author, Speaker, Money Coach and Financial Advisor. Her Money Momentum workshops, seminars and one-on-one coaching have come out of her own history of struggle and the hundreds of men and women she has seen in her over 16 years in the financial services. She empowers women and men to know that the only difference between where they are now and where they can be – is belief – pure and simple. Shari demystifies complex money concepts and offers simple tools that help her clients and audiences alike, lead their best life and serve the world. She knows from her own personal experience that when you begin to believe in yourself, you are going to experience success you can hardly imagine today. Visit her online at www.sharimolchan.com

    Your Host:
    Line Brunet is a Personal Power Coach, Speaker and Radio Host helping strong and ambitious women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it, in life, love, business and beyond.

    Line's passion is to see women live a life of meaning and do work they love. To learn more about Line, her personal coaching and events, visit her at www.SassySoulfulSelf.com

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    EXCEEDING AWESOME with Line Brunet (guest Amy Deagle)

    in Women

    Possibility Activator & Life Design Strategist, Amy Deagle, is an expert in helping small town women with big dreams overcome their limiting beliefs and launch into a life of purpose, passion & possibility. Amy believes there is no reason to limit yourself to small dreams or small thinking just because you have small town roots.

    As the founder & publisher of the Women of Possibility magazine, she is on a mission to help women break out of the status quo and into audacious possibility, because, after all, success is a mindset, not a location.
    To learn more and download your copy of Women of Possibility magazine, visit www.AmyDeagle.com

    Your host, Line Brunet is a Personal Power Coach, Speaker and Radio Host helping strong and ambitious women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it, in life, love, business and beyond. Line's passion is to see women live a life of meaning and do work they love. To learn more about her personal coaching, group membership coaching, workshops and radio show, visit her at www.SassySoulfulSelf.com

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    Premier of Midlife Mojo with Breakthrough Coach Line Brunet

    in Self Help

    Are you feeling stuck, stressed and knee-deep in lost? Then you've come to the right place!
    This premier episode of Midlife Mojo will:
    introduce you to who I am explain why the topic of midlife is important to me reveal what you can expect from this show help you begin to break through the feeling of "what now?" Join me for straight talk, BS not included, on taking the crisis out of midlife and moving forward with confidence.
    Line Brunet is a Speaker and Breakthrough Coach for midlife women who feel stuck and stressed by helping them remember who they are and reveal who they're becoming.
    She is also a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader promoting the importance of laughter and bringing more fun into our lives.
    Line is driven to inspire people to invest in themselves through coaching, speaking, workshops and radio.
    Learn more at www.sassysoulfulself.com

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    EXCEEDING AWESOME with Line Brunet

    in Self Help

    Soul Purpose & Balance
    Jennifer Sanders is a custom-yoga designer and psychic healer who helps spiritual seekers create their own magical lives. She specialises in integrating all aspects of your being from the soul level smoothly into the physical, by tailoring yoga programs based on the energies your soul is abundant in. Jennifer lives and works in France but enjoys meeting friends and clients all over the globe! She would love to connect with you too at www.balanceonpurpose.com for her free video series Reveal your Magical Life.

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    Line & Kim Go Bold!

    in Entrepreneur

    Sometimes things don't turn out they way you plan it! So what to do? Give up or re-plan the plan? That is exactly what Line Brunet and Kim B Smith are doing! Join us to hear all about when life throws you Lemons how do you make lemonade? Simplify, Simplify, Simplify and come together!  

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    Drawing the Line. Qualifyin'

    in Current Events

    Nommo Userkaf introduces his third show for the Protect and Defend Network by once again drawing the line on the cowardice of the Black Man.

    If he is not supporting the struggle, we must withdraw our support from him.

    It is an often quoted statistic that the Black Race controls over $1 Trillion dollars per year (that's 1000 billions or 1 million millions!). Yet, we own virtually no local community businesses.  Black Women and Girls are being kidnapped by the 1000s each year. Black Women and Children get shot down all across the country every day.  And some Black Men actually think they can ignore the obvious and public destruction of Our Beloved Black Race and still count on us to continue to laugh at their jokes, watch their movies and listen to their music?!? GTFOH!

    It is very simple. "If you don't support us, we won't support you."

    Join Nommo Userkaf as he explains why we must qualify the people that we support. And how we are not only wasting our time but participating in our own destruction by supporting those who do not actively support the Protection and Defense of the Black Woman and Child.

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    network leads product line explained by Peter Mingils on building fortunes radio

    in Business

    Peter Mingils explains all the components of the integrated marketing principle and the special segment. You can listen to this on buildingfortunesradio.com

    integrated marketing principle can be explained on the www.networkleads.com/imp

    You can find a lot of the products on www.networkleads.com/everything

    For example, there's advertising on www.youmongusads.com and then there's news on www.mlm.news

    There's Blogging on www.youmongusblog.com

    And even more advertising on www.mlmwhoswho.com

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    Being Outted: The Morphing of Masonry or How Good Men Are Duped

    in Lifestyle

    Moving forward while preserving trust.  While we have been getting older, sixty-two people accumulated as much wealth as 1/2 the population of Earth. History tells us that imbalances like this are always resolved under attack. Roman outlawed hubris.  It was wrong minded and provocative to lord riches and rank above citizens. They eventually repealed that law, an fell into moral, economic and military decline. Once again, wealth has become a symbol of greed.  Men who have nothing, when they loose hope are a danger.  Children are starving, dying.  The diaspora in the millions are heading to the west. Agri-business has replaced the family farm but wealth has been there to buy up acreage for estate living. I believe freemasonry has enough resiliency to weather this instability but what comes of this new age reformation will be changed. We still trade on genius and celebrity, pleased having some curb appeal knowing thousands and thousands of contributions and acts of kindness eventually come together to define nations as they define us.  We have never wanted to compete with cultural power.  We share an unassailable belief in the goodness of mankind, helping the misfortunate and dedication to the advancement of humanity through arts & science; the two fascinations that define humanity. We modernize as we always have, as a small group of men with an honourable history and enduring moral alternative.  

    Next week:  The Challenges 




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