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    Danielle Sabrina~What Vibes Your Tribe?

    in Spirituality

    Danielle will talk about how your vibration attracts the tribe of people in your life and business.




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    Suspense Radio One on One - August 30th, 2015

    in Books

    Suspense Radio One on One in partnered with Partners in Crime tours.net. Suspense Radio is powered by the Suspense Radio Network to bring you the very best in author interviews, industry news, reviews and much more.

    On Today's show we have two authors. First up will be Melissa Zobel to talk about her latest book "Wabanaki Blues - Book of the trilogy". 

    Next up will be author Jeff Lindsay, who is the creator of the character Dexter, yes the same one as the Showtime Show. Jeff will be talking about his latest book and the creation of Dexter, the show and much more.

    You can check out all the shows on the Suspense Radio Network on demand and please visit www.suspenseradionetwork.com for more information. 

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    Robert Lindsay Alternative Left

    in Politics

    Robert Lindsay Alternative Left

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Lindsay Hopper of Freedom To Be You

    in Self Help

    Edmonton, Alberta – We all have intuitive abilities that have been dulled for various reasons.  If left open, our hearts can and will guide us to fulfill our deepest desires for our lives.

    Lindsay Hopper is an energy healer, coach and the founder of Freedom To Be You, where she works with individuals to awaken their creative potential, activate their power and live their true life purpose. Lindsay’s unique brand of energy healing helps her clients to open their hearts and their imaginative capacity to reinvent themselves and start living the life they truly want.

    “I help people unlock their intuition and unravel their subconscious programming so they’re free to live their heart’s desire,” says Lindsay.

    Lindsay has a unique ability to recognize and dissolve the specific and collective consciousness limiting frequencies in your energy field that are blocking you from expressing your full potential.

    “We are vulnerable so we do everything we can to stay safe and adhere to the values of our tribe," says Lindsay. “I help people understand that our intuition is here to show us everything we need in order to unlock these patterns for ourselves. I teach people to look at the challenges in their life in a completely different way."

    Lindsay says she’s never felt so passionate and engaged and creatively inspired by her work with clients.

    “It’s time that we recognize that this is a really brilliant way of being,” says Lindsay. “How we access our true creative genius is when we tap into that infinite source all around us. That is only found through our intuition.”

    If you are committed to fulfilling your creative potential, power and purpose and opening to the life of your dreams, visit http://freedomtobeyou.ca/

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    Elizabeth Pfeiffer~Shifting to Higher Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    Elizabeth will talk about how to tap into higher consciousness and how to deal with the changes that will come with it. 




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    The Summer of Trump

    in Politics Progressive

    How radical is Donald Trump's immigration plan? It would gut the 14th Amendment. And other GOP candidates are jumping on his bandwagon. To be fair, only Scott Walker has echoed Trump's sentiment on this so far, and other, more "grown-up" candidates like Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham have pushed back on this idea. But the GOP likely voters responding to polls are eating Trump's antics up, so we ask: how long will it be before this becomes an official part of the Republican platform? MOMocrats Karoli, Cynematic and Donna Schwartz Mills discuss the electoral landscape from a progressive point of view. 

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    The Pump & Dump Show, Musical Comedy Duo

    in Moms and Family

    Comedian/musician Shayna Ferm and her sidekick, MC Doula (aka Tracey Tee), host this highly irreverent, cult-hit show full of comedy, games, prizes, drinking, swearing and parental commiseration. Live musical performances are spread throughout the evening with songs like “Eat Your F-ing Food,” and “When I Die, I Want to Come Back as a Dad.” Audience participation includes “Stump the Breeder” and “The Most F-ed Up Thing Your Kid Did This Week.”  Conceived (pun intended) in Denver, Colorado in 2012, this show will make you laugh your c-section scar open.

    The Expressing Motherhood podcast aims to highlight creative moms. If you are interested in being interviewed please email host/producer/co-creator Lindsay Kavet: lindsay(at)expressingmotherhood.com

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    Pass the Popcorn: Previewing the GOP Debate with the MOMocrats

    in Politics Progressive

    Ten candidates will duke it out Thursday night in Cleveland for the first GOP debate, and it promises to be a doozy! Especially since Fox News has relegated at least six other serious Republican contenders to an overflow event that starts earlier in the day, which critics have dubbed "the kids' table." MOMocrats Cynematic, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills preview the event and talk about the chances of a bloodbath between front runner Donald Trump and equally bombastic contenders like Chris Christie. Pass the popcorn. It's early enough in the race that we can be entertained instead of frightened.


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    Donelle Dadigan debuts program on Marilyn Monroe

    in Lifestyle

    Donelle Dadigan (Founder and President of The Hollywood Museum and owner of the Max Factor building/archives), who recently hosted the acclaimed Daytime EMMYS kick off party, is now available for interviews about Marilyn Monroe and LGBT History Month exhibits and their star studded previews as well as the history of beauty for Hollywood's biggest stars (Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Angela Lansbury, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe and many more,. as the archivist for the great Max Factor.

    Ms. Donelle has recently purchased and secured the copyrights to hundreds of never before seen rare photos of Marilyn Monroe, uncovered by the son of Monroe photographer, Milton Greene.  The images include promotional photo shoots as well as candid images taken with friends and colleagues such as Milton Berle, Maurice Chevalier, Sammy Davis, Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Louella Parsons, Billy Wilder, Frank Sinatra, etc.  The Hollywood Museum (http://thehollywoodmuseum.com/) has brought international collectors together to showcase an unprecedented exhibit from June 1st to Sept 6th.  Among the items on display will be Monroe's childhood, film costumes, public appearance gowns, personal clothing, jewelry, furniture, make-up, medication (found on the nightstand, the night of her death), memorabilia and much more.  At the exclusive preview on May 27th, the cast of ThinkFactory Media's "Queens of Drama," Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris & Donna Mills (Wednesday's at 8:00pm on POP), modeled personal and film wardrobe worn by an original Queen of Drama, Marilyn Monroe,