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    B Corp Series: Mike Brady CEO Greyston Bakery: Baking Brownies to Hire People

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    While baking 30,000 lbs of delicious brownies on a daily basis seems like it should be enough, Greyston Bakery's unique Open Hiring is its hallmark and what it is best known for.

    Since its founding in 1982 by Zen Master Bernie Glassman, Greyston, the country’s leading social enterprise, has provided individuals in Southwest Yonkers, NY with employment, skills and resources to lift them out of poverty. Greyston’s unique combination of Open Hiring at the world famous Greyston Bakery and PathMaking services offer a roadmap to assist individuals and families in visualizing and realizing their paths to self-sufficiency. Its spiritually-rooted philosophy fuels community development and a commitment to human growth and potential.

    Greyston's open door hiring policy offers employment opportunities regardless of educational attainment, work history, or past social barriers, such as incarceration, homelessness or drug use. Greyston believes that employment is a first step in an individual’s path toward success.

    Mike Brady, President and CEO of Greyston Bakery, New York's first Benefit Corporation explains how it all works: anyone that comes to the front door of the bakery is given the chance to work, no questions asked. When a job becomes available the next person on our waiting list is given a job. Greyston provides them with resources, personal development tools and training in professional skills to give them the greatest chance for success in their new job. 

    The Voice of Leadership is proud to launch this B Corp Series: For People, Planet and Profit, and even more proud to give the first spot in this ongoing series to one of it's favorite brownies, er, organizations ... Greyston Bakery.

    Linda Lombardo hosts.

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    Okokon Udo, A Blogger's Voice: Can You Hear the Cries?

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    Okokon Udo's blog begins: Can you hear the cries? Have you tapped into the global channel lately? Are you listening to what is happening? What an intense last couple of months, no, years, we have had. I have been holding my breath, hurting on the inside, sourcing, praying, wishing and hoping. I have been hoping that the level of polarization and extremism that is showing up in national and global discourse can be noticed. And that the awareness can provide us with data. Data about how we suddenly forget to celebrate what’s right with the world and resort to behaviors that are demeaning, marginalizing and plain destructive. And how in that space, boxes suddenly emerge. We become US and they become THEM. And the lines get drawn. And THEY cease to be human. And they become objects (aka enemies). And WE become justified in pointing (words, guns, pens, energy) at them and killing or destroying them, literally and figuratively.

    Host Linda Lombardo and guest Okokon Udo talk about the lines of separation. Okokon is a global leadership consultant, facilitator and coach, and founder and president of Distinctive Leader Options, Inc.

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    Leadership Talk w/ Elaine Greaves w/ guest Linda Lombardo

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    Linda Lombardo: I coach people who dream of creating positive, lasting change in the world to turn up the volume, lead and be heard. A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through The Coaches Training Institute since 2001, my experience includes 20 plus years within high-profile organizations implementing and facilitating management and leadership development programs, creating leaders and change agents to develop cultures of communication and engagement. My specialty around life story coaching uses the neuroscience of behavior, discovering and developing the leader’s voice for the sake of positively impacting the bottom line, while building leadership talent and legacy.

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    Rick Tamlyn: This Just In and The Bigger Game of Leadership

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    The Voice of Leadership welcomes back the fabulous Rick Tamlyn! Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC) as designated by the International Coach Federation, and senior trainer for The Coaches Training Institute, a world-renowned coach training and leadership development organization, Rick brings philosophies to the world such as, "Life's All Made Up!" (so why not create the most exciting and challenging life you can imagine?), and Play Your Bigger Game, an operating system for life that keeps us on the game board; never stuck.

    In this one-on-one interview, Rick talks to VOL host, Linda Lombardo, about his upcoming series on the VOL called This Just In and the Bigger Game of Leadership; don't tell Rick - I hope to get him to take leadership itself through the Bigger Game board to a GULP and a Bold Action.

    Rick also shares his upcoming Bigger Game Expo in June 2015 in Silver Bay, NY, and if we play our cards right, we might even get him to talk about some of his favorites things, such as, row boats, frozen grapes, Ellen DeGeneres, and Karen Carpenter. Just sayin' ...



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    The Dark Underbelly of Leadership Part Two: Saboteurs

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    The Voice of Leadership offers part two of its series - The Dark Underbelly of Leadership.

    This is a seven part series that will air over the next seven months.  We'll explore topics such as; Exactly what is Leadership?,  What is the Dark Underbelly?, What Saboteurs hang out in the Dark Underbelly, How important is self-knowledge and awareness for leaders, What are the power elements of Leadership and how are they best employed.  We will talk about true and authentic leadership vs. manipulation and power mongering.  Along the way we want to bring you personal stories of leaders who have pushed the edge of their leadership, danced through the dark underbelly, dealt with their saboteurs and emerged from their experiences - stronger leaders. 

    Part Two of this series is titled, SABOTEURS: What are they? Why are they? What to do about them?

    This program features VOL host, Linda Lombardo, and coach, consultant Joss Rowlands.

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    Presence at School: Co-Creating the Future of Education

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    We've had Rick Tamlyn on the Voice of Leadership talking about Playing a Bigger Game, Linda had the privilege of being on the air with Dr. Otto Scharmer, Co-author of Theory U and Leading from the Emerging Future, and Presence. Imagine playing a bigger game with presence in the workplace and in schools. That’s our program this week: bigger game players on two continents in two different hemispheres who have applied these leadership principles and launched a compelling new program – called Collective Leadership - designed specifically to create high performance leadership teams that lead from the collective, and from the emerging future. And how this "bigger game" was conceived, incubated, and continues to "morph" and grow into more countries, and industries.

    PresenceAtWork’s mission is to support senior leadership teams to transform their leadership style and organisational culture through a new focus on systems awareness, thinking and behaviour.  By taking leaders on a profound journey of growth, PresenceAtWork is changing the game in organisations, propelling people out of silos and into co-creation, co-leading and powerful innovation to meet the demands of the emerging future and be sustainable.

    Their latest quest? Addressing our next generation of leaders - our youth.

    Melissa O’Mara is founder and chief catalyst at i3Activate, a purpose-built network of professionals providing consulting, coaching and training for change agents, Jane Weber is a co-founder of PresenceAtWork, and co-developer of their unique collective awareness methodology and Roelien Bokxem is a co-founder and principal of PresenceAtWork. She is a senior consultant, coach and experiential facilitator who specializes in leveraging collective leadership to create positive work environments, maximizing business productivity and results, and improving organizational climate.

    This program is pre-recorded.

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    WAKING UP WITH LINDA & Stephanie Haynes(Break Away From Expectations of Others)

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    Friday Frolic---Lets Get Together!

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    Back again with Psychic Tuesday with Linda Schooler, Friday edition.      Same as before, I will be taking your calls in an effort to serve you.      My hope is to give you an opportunity to "think outside the box" on situations in your life.     I can offer a perspective that perhaps you had not thought of.         I have been a professional psychic for over 20 years, and I love doing readings.    Join me for another round of readings, on Fabulous Friday.  

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    First Ladies of Disco on Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne

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    This segment of Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne is action packed taking you back to when music was straight up golden! We have three, count 'em 3 living musical legends joining us. Ms. Linda Clifford, chart topping award winning phenomenal disco diva! Martha Wash half of the amazing legendary Two Tons of Fun, The Weather Girls, the voice of Black Box, and house music diva of the 90's, and friend of the show and Boogie Down Bronx friend in my head, the legendary Evelyn "Champagne" King! These three ladies have recorded a song together and are on tour! Can you imagine the dancing going on at those concerts??? Well, let's start the dancing on Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne!

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    Festival of Angels Radio with Host Linda West and Special Guest Linda Kingsbury

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    The International Society of Angels is the only nonprofit organization that offers a one-stop resource center for anyone desiring to grow in their understanding of angels.  We hope to promote and circulate relevant, timely angelic information in an era of reason and logic - a time when spirituality is often disregarded and forgotten. We are a community that earnestly believes angels are closer than you think.
    The Festival of Angels Expo, in Portland Oregon, on April 18 & 19, 2015, will give you an exciting opportunity to purchase products and services while you participate in live demonstrations, food, fun and entertainment. There will be expert speakers sharing with you a variety of  topics. A few of these experts will be interviewed so you can get to know them before the Festival. http://thefestivalofangels.com

    Professional Herbalist and Clairvoyant Teacher, Dr. Linda Kingsbury joins us  to share her herbal wisdom and spiritual insights. Linda enjoys a lifelong intuitive connection with the natural world. She earned a PhD in Holistic Nutrition to support her clients and students in a balanced way. These experiences led to creating Spirit Herb Elixirs for the Aura, Chakras, and Conscious Creation. With the support of the Plant Devas, Dr. Linda grows organic herbs and flowers and prepares them into tinctures and flower essences. She has spoken at Whole Life Expos and Health Fairs around the country and she will joyfully share her passion for the plant kingdom with you today. She teaches classes in Herbal Medicine and Spiritual Healing in the Northwest with her home base in Moscow, Idaho. Her hobbies of swimming with wild dolphins, exploring horse heart connection, writing earth wisdom songs, and ecstatic dance supports all her work. www.SpiritHerbs.com


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    Did Robert Durst Kill Susan Berman? Linda Crystal Forensic Astrology

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    Wednesday March  25, 2015 at 6:30pm EST on WHERE ARE THEY? DID ROBERT DURST KILL SUSAN BERMAN?  Forensic Astrology has the answers!  Join LINDA CRYSTAL, AMERICA'S  #1 FORENSIC ASTROLOGIST!

    Along with Co-Host Terrye Lynn Newcomb, a searcher in the Hailey Dunn case from Texas, running the chat room, answering your questions, giving you links and helping you become Followers.


    Did Robert Durst use Kathy's medical books and cadaver information to dismember her and the others? 


Join Host Live Chats