• Real Talk with Lina & Kelvin

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    Come join us for real talk and good music. Topic: Why do we as people feel the need to hold each other back from progress?

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    Real Talk with Lina and Kelvin

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    Come join us for music and real talk. Topic:What is music doing to our youth?

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    Shop talk with Social Media Consultant John Lusher

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    What's up Diamonds,

    Welcoming March and looking forward to the spring! I'm hanging in there and you're right here with me thank you so much for your continued support! This month marks the first anniversary for the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork Show! I have a special promtion for the month of March I will be offfering a free banner 270 x 170 on the LJDNShow.com website a $32.00 value free for the month of March. If you want more information email us.

    This month is getting a #fabulous start with my first guest this month Social Media Consultant John Lusher so get ready to gain some new followers and likes in your social media networks cause this social buzz is going to be #haute! We talk about brand building in social networks all the time on this show and its nice to welcome other opinions in this field that can add some strategic insights on best practices in social networking. Listen in you don't want to miss this one and its live which means you can also call in to ask questions phone lines will be open at 347-237-4697.

    I will also be promoting a new band this week welcoming a band out of NYC called Oogee Wawa! I am excited to have them as a part of our #DiamondDelight family! Check out their page on the website and in Reverbnation. The LJDNShow is now downloadable on iTunes free!  Let's show both of them some #DiiamondLuv on Monday's show.

    Got skills? Find out how goot you are be a part of the "Talent In 10" project in April interested? Email us at ljdnshow@gmail.com.

    You to can be a guest it's easy and free send your email inquiries to guest@ljdnshow.com



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    Real Talk with Lina & Kelvin

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    We will be talking about double standards.

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    Interview with Filmmaker & Set Designer Jay Burton

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    What's up Diamonds,

    Thank you for supporting the show please continue support by listening in or downloading Monday's show, when you show your support you are not only supporting the show you are supporting the guest and the #Indie Music artist promoted here on this show.

    We are still celebrating the show’s anniversary this month as part of our celebration we are giving away a free 270x175 or 270x300px advertisement banner on our website you can select the page you would like your banner to be seen on Free for the month of March this is a $20 and $25.00 per month value. So stop by and check out our website at each http://ljdnshow.com pick what page you want your banner to be seen on and send it your banner to ljdnshow@gmail.com.

    Monday’s show does not fall short on talent we have Indy artists Filmmaker and Story Designer Jay Burton he will be on talking about his new film “Dormant” due to open this summer he has also produced and starred in three other films “Dormant” is a prequel to a comic book series named “Bermuda City” on the Red Crow series label. If you like Alfred Hitchcock movies then you’re going to love “Dormant” it promises to be a mental suspense movie that doesn’t fall short of bloody action. Jay will all so be participating in the “Talent In 10” project starting April 27, 2015.

    Speaking of “Talent In 10” have you gotten your audio together yet? Although there is really no deadline went to send in your audio but… If you want to be on then premier of “Talent In 10” on April 27 you will need to have your audio submitted by or before April 20, 2015. For more information about the project go to our website or email ljdntalent@gmail.com.


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    DiamondDelights Music Comedy BrandBuilding Tips

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    What's up Diamonds,

    Hello to you all! Thank you for tuning in on another episode of the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork show don't even think about clicking off  we need you to listen.  You know this is a Murphy's Law studio anything can happen you know the rest I appreciate you listening we are now available in iTunes =)

    Feb. is coming to a closet and March is right around the corner! 2015 is moving on March 17th will officially be the shows 1st anniversary! Yep I have been here for nearly 1 year starting out with 0 listeners and followers. Although my followers are coming along slowly my listeners up nearly 3,000 that's pretty good for one year's work! In celebration of the shows anniversary in March I will be giving away free advertisement on the shows website LJDNShow.com the advertisement will be a Free 270x175 clickable that's right clickable banner advertisement valued at $32.00 per month you'll pay nothing for the month of March check website for specifications and formats.

    Starting in April "Talent In 10" will begin airing every last Monday of the month if you want to know just how good your talent is in voice, film, music, even sales here's your chance to find out! Promotions will start in March with detailed information be sure to check the website for promo information beginning in March.

    Monday's show is all about the music! I will be playing music from my #DiamondDelights promotions make sure visit the website for updates & info. You will also here from our Comedian Brian T. Shirley and of course I'll have those brand building tips to help build your business and your name! Join me live and remember you are always welcome to call-in studio lines will be open #347-237-4697.



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    Celina Lina Interview: Az 1 Promo

    in Music

    Jacksonville RnB singer/songwriter pays a visit to our radio station to discuss her new music, movement, and her music industry insight. Tune in at www.blogtalkradio.com/az1promoradio to listen live or call in from your mobile phone to listen at (646) 668-8198


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    Health,Wellness and Empowerment with WebTV Host Dawn Causey

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    What's Up Diamonds!

    I enjoy talking to you and I thank you for listening for it my show . March weather is doing what March does, totally unpredictable you never know what to expect, it’s kind of like my show because my guess come from different walks of life each one striving to their own thing.

    Monday’s guest has a show on the American Hearts Radio WebTV called Remarkable Essence Host Dawn Causey's show is all about wellness, health and women empowerment it airs on the second Monday of each month at 7:45 PM EST. We'll talk about her show get some health and wellness tips, and discussed her women’s conference that just so happens to be going on this weekend in Morrow Georgia Saturday, March 21st called The Third Annual Essence Of Women Health, Wellness and Empowerment Conference. She has a lot of good stuff going on at the conference. If you happen to be in Morrow Georgia stop by and check it out if you bring you can good the admission is free to find out more information about this conference you can visit Dawn’s website at www.theessenceconference.com.

    There is still time to get a free banner ad on the ljdnshow.com website. The DiamondNetwork show website and mobile site are always receiving visitors believe me your ad will be seen. If you would like more information and get aboard this free promotion before March is out email me at ljdnshow@gmail.com.

    Have you sent in your “Talent In 10” audio recordings yet? We only have a few more weeks before the premier of the show make sure you have your write-up, with 1- 2 sentences about your audio,  the link where the audience can click on more information, or send in your email link.  For more info about “Talent In 10” go to our website at ljdnshow.com click on the “Talent In 10” logo.

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    Coffee Talk Time 3-09-15 Let's Talk About Stuff

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    What's up #Diamonds!

    It is that time again #CoffeeTalk time when I get a chance to somewhat relax and there is no guest it's just me and you! You know I get lots of #goodstuff that I want to share with you and not all the time I have the time during a show to do it. So every so often maybe once every 8 weeks I like to have my #CoffeeTalk episode so we can get a little personal.

    On Monday's CoffeeTalk I will be talking about new technologies emerging in today's trending society, I'm also going to talk about this dreadful and beautiful cold weather we have been having, social media and brand building tips to share. I have some magazine articles with what I think is some useful information in them this is the type of information that you move your head up and down and say #goodtoknow something you can put away to use as a conversation piece when out socializing with friends. Then I'll  talk about the new night time serials on prime time looks like television is trying to step up its game to keep up with the cable series, which ones do you watch? I'll share mine with you feel free to call or skype in and share yours too phone lines will be open at #347-237-4697.

    I'll also be introducing a new #IndieArtist this week I'll be promoting the music of Michael Brondstetter who sings Country Folk/ Rock Folk (never heard of that one) and Americana music coming to us out of San Diego CA. We play all types of music on this show if you want yours heard send us an email. Don't forget you can download the show on iTunes now so check us out.  Last stop by our website to see all of March guest and music links to our promos.

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    INTERCESSION: Touching the Hem of His Garnment

    in Prayer

    Women are the pillar and foundation of the earth, we know how to touch the heart of God with our deepest needs and with the need of others 

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    Mornings with Lina Jay

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    Music, news, and talk. Topic: to be announced

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