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    Lights Out Live

    in MMA

    Listen in as UFC legend Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, Olympic certified coach Jeremy Boling, and Co-host Paul Pottle as they talk about Mixed Martial Arts, Traditional Martial Arts, Judo, Wrestling, BJJ, Grappling and much much more

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    Lights Out Live

    in MMA

    Listen in as UFC legend Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, Olympic certified coach Jeremy Boling, and Co-host Paul Pottle as they talk about Mixed Martial Arts, Traditional Martial Arts, Judo, Wrestling, BJJ, Grappling and much much more.  Tonight they will be discussing Midwest Fight Series event on July 19th.  

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    Lights Out Live

    in MMA

    Listen in as UFC legend Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, Olympic certified coach Jeremy Boling, and Co-host Paul Pottle as they talk about Mixed Martial Arts, Traditional Martial Arts, Judo, Wrestling, BJJ, Grappling and much much more  

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    Lights out?/ Secure the grid!/ Seriously Speaking...

    in News


    What can you do to secure the grid?

    First, Get smart. You can track the threats at www.securethegrid.com. When industry and government are challenged with hard questions by informed voters we are one step closer to securing the grid. Educating your sphere of influence is the next step.

    The electrical industry does a great job delivering energy to America each day but someone still needs the authority to make sure that energy and the lives depending on it are safe and secure. The electrical industry lobby has a conflict of interest when it comes to securing the grid. They have millions at their disposal to downplay threats and re-assure the public of their reliability.

    Education and knowledge in the scientific community within the electrical industry will help to secure the grid. That is a big part of what the secure the grid coalition does. After 11 government studies, established and uncontroversial threat assessments, and the advice of the nations top scientists, the industry has failed to harden itself against major solar storms, physical attacks, cyber attacks, and EMP attack.

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    Lights Out Welcomes Karissa Fleck and Phil Siracusa

    in Paranormal

    Phil Siracusa is the author of two best selling books "The Horsefly Chronicles" and "The Curse of The Horsefly Chronicles". Both books document the true life demonic haunting surround Philip. He has had some of the best and most recognized names in the paranormal at his house, helping him with this troubling case. This haunting is still going on today.

    Karissa Fleck is a well known psychic medium and paranormal investigator. She is the lead investigator on the horsefly case. She lived in the case with the family for four months while investigating it. Staying in which has been called the portal to hell by various recognized psychics in the field.

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    Lights Out

    in Health


    Have you ever wondered just how important sleep is? How sleep plays a role in everything that we do? Our internal clocks are governed by seasonal variations in light and dark; extending daylight artificially leads to a craving for sugar, especially concentrated, refined carbohydrates that, in turn, cause obesity. More seriously, lack of sleep inhibits the production of prolactin and melatonin—deranging our immune systems and causing depression, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Tune in this week as the author of Lights Out TS Wiley joins me to share with you everything you need to know about sleep. How to and why to sleep.



    T.S. Wiley is the author of "Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival, ". Wiley succinctly and logically argues that electricity and the light bulb put us out of sync with nature as the ultimate "endocrine disruptors". People spent summers, before electric lights, sleeping less and eating heavily in preparation for winter because the light triggered the hunger for carbohydrates. Now, light is available 24 hours a day. Heating and air-conditioning climate control our hormonal responses to consume carbohydrates now available year round. This is the scenario for obesity, Type II diabetes, and depression. In Wiley's opinion, sleep is the best medicine. Her newest work in process is "Manthropology", exploring how medicine and modern life are killing men. Find out more about the study of bio-identical, bio-mimetic HRT on her website, www.thewileyprotocol.com

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    Lights Out Welcomes Andre Wullaert of NTGS and AGB

    in Paranormal

    Our mission is simple, Honesty, Integrity, Passion and Respect in everything we do.  We are a Passionate  group of Paranormal Researcher's/Investigator's that are in search of answer's as to what lies beyond this life here.  We go into every investigation with an extremely open mind always ready to find logical answer's FIRST, only after that, do we start to dig deeper as what may be causing certain activity at any given location.  We utilize the latest in Electronic Equipment, Technique's and Theories to capture both Video and Audio evidence, and after scrutinizing what we have found, we will share it with you and let YOU DECIDE !

    We investigate Residential and Commercial properties and NEVER charge a fee to the client.  We respect each clients privacy to the fullest and are extremely respectful of their property and privacy.




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    Lights Out Welcomes Charles Banks Author

    in Paranormal

    "I was born in a small rural Iowa town in 1972. I owe everything to my great parents Gerald and Sally Banks. Charles Banks, father of three wonderful children: Chelsey, Peyton, and Katarina. I have been married for over 18 years to a wonderful woman Stephanie Banks. We are both educators. I have been teaching for 12 years and have coached various sports. Prior to my educational experience I worked in the Industrial sector as a Manager. I graduated from Graceland University in 2004 with a BA in History and Secondary Education. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with two Masters degrees; MA in Secondary Education and an MA in Education Administration. I am currently working on my PHD in Educational Leadership. My life has been one of learning. Constantly searching for the truth. I was raised an Episcopalian and have later been baptized within the Protestant faith. I believe in God, and love my country."

  • Lights Out Welcomes Amy Jo Paranormal Investigator

    in Paranormal

    "My name is Amy Jo AKA GHOSTBOX CHICK. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana now and I have been investigating for over 5 years. I am a independent Paranormal Investigator. I host my own events and join other groups on investigations. Paranormal Investigating is my passion. Let me share my passion with YOU :)"

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    Lights Out Welcomes Frank Lee of C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal Team

    in Paranormal

    Frank Lee, founder, director, and case manager for The C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal Team (Central Alabama Society for Paranormal Investigation & Research) and host of the Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio Show, is a veteran paranormal investigator who has a background in several areas of study in science and technology. He has always had a deep a passion to learn more about the afterlife following a near death experience he had as a child.

    The C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal Team has been Lee’s first experience as a founder/director and most challenging by far, but he gives credit to the team members for their hard work in truly making things happen. Aside from his role on the team, Lee helps mentor newer teams, educates people in the community about paranormal investigation, works with paranormal authors to conduct research for their books, is in the process of writing a his own book, writes a blog designed to provoke thought in the paranormal community, is an advocate for paranormal unity between teams and researchers, works as a paranormal consultant for news and media production companies, and hosts a weekly online paranormal radio show called Paranormalities & Ponderings.

    C.A.S.P.I.R. continues to be a community organization helping various charities and civic organizations in both the Central Alabama area and nationally. The team focuses more on the people affected by paranormal activity instead of only the location where it occurs. C.A.S.P.I.R. takes on many complex cases whether it is people who feel that paranormal activity has followed from one location to another or something more sinister... The C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal Team is there to help.

    Website: www.caspirparanormal.com

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/caspir.paranormal

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    Lights Out Welcomes Roger Belt of Half Past Dead Para Radio

    in Paranormal

    Roger has been investigating the paranormal since 2002. He's 56 years old and Radio Host of Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio.