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    Moorish Light Radio

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    Shining light on the confusion, basic facts, and ultimate goal of the Moorish Movement in Love and Understanding

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    Guests tonight are author & channel Ariyana "Light Atonement" and psychic Kyle

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    Alijandra's two guests tonight are Ariyana, author and channeler of the book "Light Atonement" and psychic Kyle Matthews, who will assist Ariyana with a translation of the light language she speaks. Ariyana’s  Light Family will be asked questions and Ariyana will channel. Callers can also call in with questions for Ariyana as well as her Light Family. 

    Ariyana was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She moved to the United States at the age of 18 to attend the University of Southern California. It was there that she met her ex-husband, with whom she built a multimillion-dollar furniture business from scratch. After a series of revelations through meditation, and with the help of psychics and healers, Ariyana connected with her life’s purpose. She quit her position as the president of the furniture company, and, with the help of her cosmic family, has become a healer and consultant. She lives in Los Angeles. www.astarchild.com

    Ariyana channels messages from three multi-dimensional beings she calls her Star Family. Their messages remind people to live in harmony, strive for love and peace, and work to end wars, violence and poverty. Moved by the uncertainty of the future of the planet, they also urge people to take care of the living being that is the Earth.

    Kyle Matthews has been a working psychic for more than 25 years and has built his own clientele from thousands of satisfied clients. He has the ability to see and read other people’s auras. Contact with his guardian angels, coupled with his extraordinary abilities enables Matthews to translate messages from others who reside in dimensions beyond this one.

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    Mother/Source Gives an Update on Temple of Light Successes

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    Mother/Source will come to talk with us about her Mini-Messages, and how she sees our progress toward Ascension.   She will give us an update on the exciting developments in the Temple of Light.

    Mother is here to tell us what we will need to learn, how we can best open our hearts and minds to free ourselves of the last shadows of programming from the years under the slavery system of the Anunnaki trained cabal.

    It is time for us to come fully into our Mastery.  The Company of Heaven is here to help us achieve our goals.

    There will be time for questions from callers, so come talk with Mother, Kathryn, Christine and Jade, our youngest channel and teenage advisor.

    Come share a wondrous evening with us!


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    Armor Of Light.....

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    Precept upon precept brothers and sisters.  As this world becomes progressively more and more dark, know that our FATHER has not left us helpless.  It is in the scriptures and you have read it many times.  The "Full" armor of YHWH has nothing to do with leather or iron, but with those things that show that HE is present in your heart.  When those things are there, just as with our tabernacle, big things happen.

    John saw it as a seal.  Paul saw it as components of a roman soldier's armor.  Peter and two others saw our MessiYAH transfigure into this "Armor" in Matthew 17.  John the beloved saw it upon our MessiYAH in the first chapter of Revelation.  YOU WILL BE LIKE HIM.  Our armor is made of pure Shekinah light....  The result of our FATHER's presence when HE sat upon the mercy seat.

    Let's talk about our FATHER's provision and protection in the darkest time that this world has ever seen and why we REJOICE in this time!

    Brother DL-Elderyoungman

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    Moorish Light Radio

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    Shining light on the confusion the basic facts and ultimate goal of the Moorish Movement in Love and Understanding

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    Moorish Light Radio

    in Education

    Shining light on the confusion, the basic facts, and the ultimate goal of the Moorish Movement in Love and Understanding. 

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    Shining light on the confusion, basic facts, and ultimate goal of the Moorish Movement in Love and Understanding.

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    Rafiya the Light Worker - Main Chakras on The 6th DAY hosted by Mieasha Stroud

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    The 6th DAY 'You choose the day you will have'~Gg

    Co-hosted byMa'am Ma'amG.g. &  Michelle Garrett




    (in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.

    On The 6th DAY, for this episode and for the next seven weeks, the hosts of HLT0 will sit with coffee in hand and tuned into  the mind with Energy Specialist, Rafiya the Light Worker. She is going to discuss the basics of what is Chakra and its' seven centers. We all know what shows up in life could affect us on many levels. But what about what has occurred in the past? It seems whether we know it or not incidents and events have prevented us from moving on in present life living. There are too many little battles that show up in life for us to stay in constant worry keeping us blocked from true happiness and what is here for us in this realm. As we continue to be in bondage over our past , and the past we don't consiously know about, but HLT0 knows for sure, a healthy body begins with a healthly mind. This subject matter may be new to some, but we invite you to take a look and HLT0 guarantee by listening, you will get something out of this segment with Rafiya the Light Worker.


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    Beyond The Light Radio

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    Join Us For Another Exciting Night Of Medium Radio Talk With Jamie Jones (Beyond The Light) and Lorie Johnson( Whispers From Heaven)
     Lorie Johnson, has the ability too see spirits, speak with them, and hear them. I can also pick up on their feelings and mannerism. These experiences bring me much joy, as I hope we connect with your loved ones. My goal is to bring happiness to your hearts with a happy ending to so many of the question's that you may have.

    This is a gift to me from our heavenly father with the guidance of guardians and guides of those who have passed. Each day my abilities become stronger to help those be at ease with so much information missing from their life.
    I would like to say welcome, as I hope our journey through this experience with each other will be a blessing.
    God bless love.

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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - Let My Inner Light Blaze

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    Inner Light

    “Let there be Light” in every dimension of MY LIFE. Let there be Light as Perfect Intelligence in full radiance in every aspect of my Mind. Oh, Let Light from the Divine Presence in my soul ignite Divine Qualities in me today. Today, I let the Light of Wisdom, Love, Joy, Prosperity, Faith, Understanding, and Peace be set ablaze in me as my Inner Light. I let this Inner Light shine for all to see.  Family and friends begin to ask about my gift of Joy and Peace. I say, “I open the windows of my soul to the Light of the Divine Presence. I Let It cast out the shadows of doubt, fear, and misunderstanding. I shout, “Let there be Light in every corner of my mind and heart.” My Joy and Peace are the Light of God’s Presence in me and as. Divine Light is NOW made visible in me.   Maisha

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    Light upon Light

    in Religion

    As-Salaam 'alaikum. Thank God Ramadhan is here again and we are alive to witness it and participate in the highly rewarding acts of worship, Alhamdu lil-Laah. 

    Ramadhan is the month when prayers are answered. There is no better time to learn about the significance of Dua than now, so lets join Imam Haafizh Mubaarak Oladejo for this important topic.

     Your body might be starving, but your heart is smiling and your soul is rejoicing. If only you know how fortunate you are for fasting to please Allah‏. May this Ramadhan be a month full of forgiveness, blessings and guidance for you and your family. 

    Please, say your 5 daily prayers, give charity, read the Qur'an, partake in good community work especially at the Masjid, be good and kind to your parents, family, friends and neighbours........‏May Allah SWT ease our tasks. Ramadhan Kareem‏. 

    For the month of Ramadhan, Light upon Light will be on in shaa Allah every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5-7pm Central Time.