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    Armor Of Light.....

    in Religion

    Precept upon precept brothers and sisters.  As this world becomes progressively more and more dark, know that our FATHER has not left us helpless.  It is in the scriptures and you have read it many times.  The "Full" armor of YHWH has nothing to do with leather or iron, but with those things that show that HE is present in your heart.  When those things are there, just as with our tabernacle, big things happen.

    John saw it as a seal.  Paul saw it as components of a roman soldier's armor.  Peter and two others saw our MessiYAH transfigure into this "Armor" in Matthew 17.  John the beloved saw it upon our MessiYAH in the first chapter of Revelation.  YOU WILL BE LIKE HIM.  Our armor is made of pure Shekinah light....  The result of our FATHER's presence when HE sat upon the mercy seat.

    Let's talk about our FATHER's provision and protection in the darkest time that this world has ever seen and why we REJOICE in this time!

    Brother DL-Elderyoungman

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    Bo Ryan decides to coach one more year and then retire.

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will discuss the decision by Bo Ryan to retire after the 2015-2016 season.  Ryan has never missed the NCAA Tournament in his 14 years at Wisconsin.  Who do you think should replace Ryan?

    The United States Women's National Team beat China 1-0, on Friday to advance to the World Cup Semi-Finals.  They now face Germany, with the winner advancing to the Final, Sunday July 5th. Can the United States end their drought of World Cup Championships or will Germany stand in their way?  Listen in and call the show.

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    Light upon Light

    in Religion

    Let's join Ansar-ud-Deen Society, South-West Houston, for a soul-lifting Assalat session and an inspiring lecture this evening. May Almighty Allah accept all our efforts as Ibaadah. The Holy Prophet (SAWS) enjoined us to always join the Jama'ah for Allah's blessings to be received in abundance,

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    N.M.I w/ First Year On Earth, Sleep On It, Rivers Monroe & Light The Fire!!!

    in Music

    First Year On Earth - Indie/Roots band from Austin, Tx....S/T EP ft. the singles "Georgia" & "Best Is Yet To Come" out now...Currently on their summer tour & playing Norman,Oklahoma tonight...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/fyoemusic

    Sleep On It - Indie/Alternative band from Chicago,Ill. New Ep "Safe Again" out now...Just chosen today as the featured band on the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands for the Vans Warped Tour(warpedtour.battleofthebands.com)..Currently on tour w/ Real Talk..Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/sleeponitband

    Rivers Monroe - Pop/Rock band from Philadelphia,Pa...New album "Smart Girls" out July 1st...Playing Vans Warped Tour July 4th-21st...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/RiversMonroe

    Light The Fire - Post Hardcore/Metalcore/Southern band from Dallas,Tx...New record "Lost At Sea" available now...Played the Dallas date of the Vans Warped Tour...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/lightthefiremusic

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    Turn on the Light Broadcast with Pastor Stephen and Ann Butterfield

    in Lifestyle

    Get you prayers answered

    Hear a word from the Lord

    Light the world while leading strong

    Call and make comments


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    Love, Light & Lyrics

    in Self Help


    We are rocking and rolling full speed ahead…

    Our guests this week are Author D. Milan, who will share stories from her newly released autobiography, When We Were Young.  We will also have a spotlight on Spoken Word Artist, Abstract C.I.M. who has burst onto the Atlanta poetry scene with powerful words that are sure to leave her listeners speechless. Find out more about how both of these young women are already well on their way to building an outstanding legacy. What steps are you taking now that will directly influence your future for the generations that follow?

    CALL IN to 917-932-1078, Press 1 to speak.  SUNDAY 2pm EST

    Thank you for listening to Love, Light & Lyrics Radio with Felicitee Love & TJ Nicole!

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    A MORE

    in Christianity

    "As error is fast progressing, we should seek to BE AWAKE IN THE CAUSE OF GOD, AND REALIZE THE TIME IN WHICH WE LIVE. Darkness is to cover the earth, and gross darkness the people (Isa 60:1-3). And as nearly all around us are being enveloped in the thick darkness of error and delusion, IT BECOMES US TO SHAKE OFF STUPIDITY AND LIVE NEAR TO GOD, where we can draw divine rays of light and glory from the countenance of Jesus. As darkness thickens and error increases, WE SHOULD OBTAIN A MORE THOROUGH KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH AND BE PREPARED TO MAINTAIN OUR POSITION FROM THE SCRIPTURES." – {Early Writings; Pg. 104.2}

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    in Spirituality

    An aspiring motivational speaker, trainer, and author who is well known for utilizing his experiences strengths and desire to help others. As a featured speaker Shane’s positive down to Earth approach entertains, empowers and motivates his audience to find new heights in their value to themselves and to others.

    Born in Troy, New York Shane has an extensive background as a trainer and consultant in process management; however in 2011 he was diagnosed with chronic clinical depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, along with other medical challenges. 

    Over and over audiences are captivated by Shane’s courage as he utilizes his inner battles and vulnerabilities as his strength. He applies his voice to empower, and motivate others to take on life’s everyday situations as they are, so to be able to live life to the fullest when opportunity presents itself. Shane specializes in helping patients and their supporters in the fight against mental health related illness. Revealing such concepts as “Water on a Grease Fire” and “Suspension of Disbelief” he effectively brings the fight against mental illness from a patient’s point of view and has been applauded by many.

    Shane’s the author of his up and coming book titled “Strength from My Struggles Within”, a bibliography of sorts where his writings and experiences are used to describe in depth of his battles with addiction, codependency, clinical depression, as well as PTSD selflessly revealing how they all contributed to the perfect storm within. Other writings of his include “I Want My Money Back” and “Arisen Strength” which is also enjoyed by many as an audio track and motivational piece.


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    in Spirituality

    Elena Radford

    Born and raised in Peru, Elena Camargo Radford comes from a lineage of an Ancient Incan Culture. This ancient linage is steeped in shamanic teachings and practices. She has inherited and developed the sacred language and communication used by her people from over thousands of years ago. The tools accompanying these skills are multi-dimensional in quality and unlike others, allow Elena to tap into the DNA and ancestral heritage of the subjects in order to heal them on every level, reaching the spirit and soul, eliminating any and all negative energy. This technique, unique to the Ancient Incan Tribe, has been suppressed over the centuries…

    As a child, Elena’s questions about life were often received on a vibrational level, in stillness, “They just came to me from the plants, the animals and the mountains,” said Elena. During her childhood, this same connection existed with other children as it would come to her in a wave of emotion, feeling their story, their background, their home. Trusting this feeling, and knowing she has a gift, Elena cultivated, nourished and developed these qualities well into her college years until she moved to the United States. “Culturally,” she says, “it was different here and I found people not understanding or embracing my ways. I was young too. Consequently I tried to shut out my natural tendencies of intuition and healing. I thought it didn’t fit into the lifestyle here.”

    Elena’s practice of Inca shamanism includes, activating water, Crystals, and the information within them that allows people to clear their DNA. As an Incan Shaman, she is well revered and respected by her peers. Elena shares her gifts and insights, by providing numerous services to others, including individual sessions, web-seminars and workshops 


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    Light upon Light

    in Religion

    As-Salaam 'alaikum. Thank God Ramadhan is here again and we are alive to witness it and participate in the highly rewarding acts of worship, Alhamdu lil-Laah. 

    Ramadhan is the month when prayers are answered. There is no better time to learn about the significance of Dua than now, so lets join Imam Haafizh Mubaarak Oladejo for this important topic.

     Your body might be starving, but your heart is smiling and your soul is rejoicing. If only you know how fortunate you are for fasting to please Allah‏. May this Ramadhan be a month full of forgiveness, blessings and guidance for you and your family. 

    Please, say your 5 daily prayers, give charity, read the Qur'an, partake in good community work especially at the Masjid, be good and kind to your parents, family, friends and neighbours........‏May Allah SWT ease our tasks. Ramadhan Kareem‏. 

    For the month of Ramadhan, Light upon Light will be on in shaa Allah every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5-7pm Central Time.

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    Monday afternoon with New Guest!

    in Spirituality

    Marie A. Georgopulos   Restore, Embrace, Awaken and Let Go! http://www.hearttransformations.com


    Kathy Basel  http://www.thevitalitycode.com