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    The Wrestling Debate: The Moment That Will Last A Lifetime

    in Wrestling

    On Sunday at the Survivor Series just when it looked like The Authority was going to win the main event and rid the WWE of 4 wrestlers the lights go out and here comes Sting, the last man from WCW to enter a WWE ring, to rid the WWE of the Authority. Join John,Billy,Jaime,Sean,and Stat Boy as we talk about the moment that will last a lifetime. We want to hear everyone's thoughts on what happened last night. The phone number to call is (323)870-4022. Come join us as we talk one of the best moments of the years in WWE

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    Michale and Charles A Lifetime of Adventure, Awareness and Experience LIVE

    in Spirituality

    This Very Special episode, Michale and Charles A Lifetime of Adventure, Awareness and Experience, of Mind Body and Spiritual Consciousness and sharing it with others. This Special Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles will, share spiritual insights and adventures, including the Who, What, Why and How, of Charles, Michale, Experience Your Path, RelaxLetGoBE.com and the ongoing mission to bring Mind, Body, Spiritual Consciousness and Awareness to all who seek it. Charles will be sharing openly about his life, relatonships and all that has inspried him and his life and mission.

     You can click, “listen live”, on the top of our Experience Your Path Facebook page and at www.RelaxLetGoBE.com click the mic on the top of the home page. You can access podcast of all The Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles shows using the same links when the show is not live.

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    Shark Tanks Across America: The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

    in Business

    Join me today to learn about what could possible be THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME...       Shark Tanks Across America,LLC.

    What if every time a small business startup launched, you could be getting a piece of the action; not just in YOUR community, but in communities across America? That is the premise behind just ONE of the many exciting training programs developed by Nancy Gaskins, Founder of Shark Tanks Across America, LLC. 

    The first nationwide Business Incubator Program of its kind is scheduled to be launched in Northwest Florida January, 2015. 

    Designed to inspire and encourage participation from every citizen in your community, and citizens in communities across America... Shark Tanks Across America offers an affordable, fun option for everyday people to gather on a regular basis to explore the world of Entrepreneurship. Participants learn how to brainstorm, create, pitch and fund business ideas for their community and region. No education, experience, income, or credit is needed to participate! 

    Shark Tanks Across America Business Incubators will provide grant funding for start-ups, affordable retail space for budding Entrepreneurs, and a high profile venue for the general public to (1) gather, research, brainstorm, pitch, & vote on their favorite business ideas, (2) showcase, introduce, launch and sell new products and services, and (3) introduce and recognize local, regional, and national entrepreneurs for their accomplishments. 


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    "A Lifetime Last Night"with author David Homick

    in Motivation

    David Homick, author of "A Lifetime Last Night", was first steered into banking, a lifetime away from his true calling, author of highly suspenseful, spiritual, metaphysical fiction. This book (available on Amazon) might encourage you to chase your own dream!

    David Homick, ex-banker, embodies George Eliot's quote, "It's never too late to be what you might have been." After first venturing into web design, he found his true calling, fiction writer. With best selling "A Lifetime Last Night" under his belt, he's currently deep into his second exciting, spiritual and even more metaphysical novel. Peek into his world at www,davidhomick.com. 

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    If You Want Happiness For A Lifetime…

    in Motivation

    Inspiration of the Day

    If you want happiness for an hour…
    take a nap.

    If you want happiness for a day…
    go fishing.

    If you want happiness for a month…
    get married.

    If you want happiness for a year…
    inherit a fortune.

    If you want happiness for a lifetime…
    help someone else.

    Chinese proverb


    So Now What?

    In a study at the University of Pennsylvania, volunteers asked to engage in either a pleasurable or charitable act reported that the charitable act caused them to feel happier longer than the pleasurable one did.


    Altruism beats out pleasure for greater happiness.

    Just by giving to somebody, giving of your time, energy or money, that releases hormones, neurotransmitters, and protective antibodies which increase the immune system.

    When altruism was studied with MRIs it was found that giving lit up the same areas of the brain that lit up when you received a reward.

    Your brain creates something called the Helper’s High, similar to a runner’s high after a workout. Giving releases endorphins and dopamine which lead to a feeling of elation followed
    by a feeling of calm.

    Studies also show that you live longer and are healthier.

    Don’t have any money to donate to your favorite charity?

    So busy with work and family that you don’t have any extra time to help out with a project?

    That’s ok because sometimes the best thing you can do for another person is to just give them your attention and listen...

    Continue reading at MOJO WISDOM


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    A Lifetime Working with Idiots & How to Survive

    in Politics Conservative

    Whether you’re a veteran of the workplace or a novice, there’s no escaping that each of us will have to deal with an idiot or two on the job. This book will teach you how to cope, survive, and advance. This book is by no means a text book…it’s a survival guide…filled with humorous and insightful slices of life, how to(s), and do not(s). How many idiots does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is in the book.

    Douglas E. Glaeser, a Senior Management IT Consultant, has been a veteran of the workforce for more than 36 years. Having written, produced and directed two award-winning plays, he now turns his focus on life in the Corporate World with his funny and insightful new book, A Lifetime Working with Idiots & How to Survive.

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    Pat Reihl; Two Lives One Lifetime

    in Moms and Family

    Pat Reihl is the author of the newly released memoir; Two Lives One Lifetime describing her own experiences through her journey of generational addiction and is a bare all work she hopes will help thousands with an honest look at a rarely talked about phenomenon of our culture. Today, Pat continues a thirty-five year professional career in addiction recovery, specializing in working with women and families. You can learn more about Pat HERE and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Friday August 1, 2014 w/ S.G. Athena Karkanis From Lifetime TV's The Lottery

    in Entertainment

    On today's show, we will be speaking to Athena Karkanis, better known as White House Chief of Staff, Vanessa Keller, on Lifetime Network's The Lottery.

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    Hajj: A Journey of a Lifetime-Imam Sultan R. Muhammad

    in Culture

    Thursday October 9th 2014

    6PM EST; 5PM CST -- Call In & Listen In # (347) 857-4514

    Global Peeks hosts Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad, the National Imam of The Nation of Islam in a discussion on Hajj: A Journey of a Lifetime. The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan desires to lead 10,000 people on Hajj in 2015, no later than 2016. The broadcast is part of the preparation and opportunity to gain knowledge about the pilgrimage and the initiative of the Muslim leader. Initiative --- Official Website-  http://noihajj.com

    For near 2 Billion Muslims around the earth, the pilgrimage of Hajj is one of the pillars of their faith. Imam Sultan will share, answer questions & explain the significance of Hajj and its relevance for the faithful.

    Be Free to live tweet during the session @ Hashtag #GlobalPeeks

    Follow information about our Broadcasts on The Hereafter is Now Network Website

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    Anne Rippey Talks About The Broadway Balances America Mini Series on Lifetime TV

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Anne Rippey. She is the Chief Marketing Officer for Key Brand Entertainment. She will discuss the Broadway Balances America Mini Series on Lifetime TV.

    “Broadway Balances America” will provide behind-the-scenes excerpts and interviews highlighting the shows that are featured on Broadway Across America’s 2014-2015 Broadway series nationwide – from Boston to Costa Mesa, from Houston to Minneapolis, and everywhere in between. The Balancing Act’s hosts get up close and personal with the casts and crews, even experiencing what it’s like to dance in their shoes.

    About The Balancing Act® on Lifetime® Television

    Now in its 7th year, The Balancing Act continues to empower women in all aspects of their lives. The mission at The Balancing Act is simple – the show strives to help today’s modern woman balance it all by bringing them positive solutions to enrich and empower them. Entertaining, educational and trusted by women, viewers can tune in to America’s premier morning show The Balancing Act on weekday mornings at 7:00 am (ET/PT) airing on Lifetime television. For additional information or to view a segment visit:www.thebalancingact.com.

    To learn more about the Broadway Balances America series, please visit:www.broadwaybalancesamerica.com

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    Love Talks with Pastor G from Lifetime Church

    in Religion

    George Searight II will be joining me on Love Talks today for a candid conversation about walking by faith, building a family and now a church in Orlando, FL. 

    Pastor George just launched Lifetime Church in February after leaving his family and place of his birth to obey God's call to expand the Kingdom of God.  We'll talk about that process and how he hears God speak in his everyday life.  A husband to Nefray and father of Tre' (George Searight III) and a soon to born son, Pastor George has blessed many, especially through A Life, a college campus ministry held at Rutgers University, and continues to walk out God's favor upon his ife in Florida.

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