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    UMBRadio (Akiladahun, Syncere Slade, & Bunni Roe)

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    Join us for great topics, lots of fun, soulful music, & lots of positivity. As usual, always interviewing the most talented wome from across the world!!!!

  • Carol Pilkington - Discover Who You Really Are & Why!

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    Carol works with adults 40 and over who have achieved a certain level of career success but still feel unsatisfied and are in some kind of transition. They sense they are here to make a difference but are not even sure what that difference is.  Often times the biggest question that is coming up is “Who Am I?’  I help them connect with their true purpose so they can be fully alive and full of joy.

    Carol’s training is unique in that she’s had an eclectic background in many modalities, holistic systems, and teachings.  It has provided her with a wealth of different sources from which to draw data and metaphysical principles and concepts to introduce to clients and students that prohibits dogma.  More importantly, Carol has had numerous mystical experiences and experienced altered states of consciousness (without the assistance of drugs) that have enabled her to integrate all of what she has learned into her daily livingness. Studying a subject matter is not enough.  In order to make something your own you must directly experience it.  She teaches people how to contemplate and go deeper into the nature of a subject matter to arrive at answers based on experience, not intellect. 




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    Do Men and Women Express Love the Same? I AM ME RADIO

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    Its time to amp up! #IAMMERADIO is bringing it to you again family! Lets sit down with "The Beauties of #IAMMEUNIVERSITY and hear from  #Ibeauty #MissSweetHeat and #TIFF as they share what lessons they learned this week in the University .Is "The Art of Coversation" and "The Art of Seduction" a lost "art" in todays culture? Also come find out what Men and Women are saying about what they love most in the opposite sex. Thats not all.....  #Hottopics, #Laughter  #IAMMEMOMENTS  #WHODOESTHAT  #INSPIRATIONALCORNER and  A BIGGGG SURPRISE. But lets,not forget with our Guest Vincent K Harris, Author of "Making The Shift" is joining the Ladies, and will be making an exciting announcement of his own. Just when you thought you were safe, The Beauties are about to shake things up. Be there Dec 10th, Wednesday at 8pmeastern at www.blogtalkradio.com or call 845-241-9898. Exclusive on #IAMMERADIO

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    How to Win at Relationships, with Sharissa Sebastian

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    Learning to build strong relationships is critical to success in our personal and professional lives. In this show we will discuss effective ways to excel in this area. We will also share some valuable tips on how to identify the underlying issues in your key relationships and what to do to overcome them. Join Sharissa Sebastian and Brent Brown as they discuss this very relevant topic as we head into the holidays.


    Sharissa Sebastian is a certified life and leadership coach for women. Her passion is helping women break free from being stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed in their careers to live a life of passion, purpose, joy and fulfillment. She has a desire to help other women succeed and live their best life. She currently serves on the board of directors of Empowering Women as Leaders (EWL) that provides scholarships to non-traditional female students. Sharissa has been featured on ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC and is also a speaker and writer. To learn more please visit www.sharissasebastian.com


    Brent Brown is a certified professional coach with a passion for helping couples, individuals, teams and leaders develop the skills necessary to improve their critical relationships on all levels. He is dedicated to helping others better serve themselves by developing strategies that aid them in becoming better partners, professionals and people.  He is a US Air Force veteran who has served around the world and witnessed and experienced relationship dynamics in action.  

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    Luminous Living: Simple Secrets to Make Your Heart Sing and Dance

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    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, a columnist for ALIST magazine and PERREAULT Global Digital magazine; Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), EFT, Deep Yoga Teacher Training 200 (2014-2015) at Piedmont Yoga Studio, Consultant, and  Community Advocate.

    Svetlana is a host of the Radio Show called "To The Stars Through Adversity." http://www.blogtalkradio.com/svetlanakim

    Svetlana Kim is the author of White Pearl and I:  A Memoir of a Political Refugee, which chronicles her journey from Russia to the United States, where she arrived with only one dollar in her pocket and not a single word of English at her disposal; today, she is a leader among her peers in the business world, and has been honored with numerous awards citing her commitment, skill, and integrity.  

    Our Guest: Michael Alperstein is a spiritual maverick, and his mission is to solve problems at their core by creating spontaneous and out-of-the-box solutions. He guides you back to your Heart and into aliveness and trust. He's a life coach showing you how to use the magic within your Self and how to bring spirituality and positive energy into daily life. He's the author of Mastery Where You Are and the director of the online community Light Workers World. Read more at: http://LuminousLiving.com

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    Author of The Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome Teena Harris joins The Woman at the Well

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    Author of The Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome  Teena Harris joins The Woman at the Well, Beverly Black Johnson, to discuss the in's and out's of The Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome.

    The “Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome” is a cross between a Pimp and a Gigolo coined by the author, to describe men who have a pimp mentality with gigolo tendencies. The book also addresses women's issues in relation to the roles we play in “Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome.”  It basically breaks down the interpersonal and social political conditions of people in emotional turmoil. The Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome… the cross between a Pimp and a Gigalo…Volume 1, is a precursor to Rocked to Sleep Recovery…The Pimp-A-LO Syndrome Book & Workbook Vol. 2. 

    Teena Harris is a  Addictions Specialist, Administrator, Motivational Speaker & LifeCoach.

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    The dangers of supressing emtion

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    Join Scott as we discuss the dangers of emotional suppression.  Emotions are to be experienced but do not need to be the definition of a person's identity in order to be considered valuable.  A motion will suppression can cause people to act in ways that does not allow them to enjoy their everyday life.  Follow us on twitter @poperception or E mail directly at poperception@aol,com to set up your transitional coaching and perceptual coaching session.

    Mastery of emotions is necessary in order to be completely empowered.  The ability to master emotions is something that nearly every person is capable of achieving.  Learning the techniques to do so is within the hour of every one listening to this program.  If you know of someone who would benefit from this information please send them to link to this program.

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    Good Day Lovelies,

    "Veronda Bellamy Inspired" is committed to bringing you something soulful and inspirational from the textures of the show. She understands that life can get the best of you and really wants to provide you with insight that will guide you into an indentified purpose and intentional living.

    Join Veronda and Guest every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. EST. by calling 914.338.0464. As Veronda always says, "Sit back and Enjoy," isn't that soooo like life.

    Be INspired


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    Do you have the right mindset for success? Let's Talk about it.

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    Do you have a successful mindset? What is a successful mindset? What are the steps to a successful mindset? Have you asked yourself any of those questions, Let's talk about it. Tune in as I discuss what a successful mindset is and how you can create a successful mindset.

    Think Success, Achieve Success

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    Time with Tinnie: Birthing Purpose

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    What is your purpose? Are you unable to answer this question, I have Dr. Sheronda Orridge who is the Owner / Operator of Loving Spirit Life Coach Academy LLC and a Holistic Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer who will be stopping by to discuss "Birthing Purpose". She is also a life coach for Better Futures Minnesota where she coaches men returning home from prison and a career development coach at Frogtown Neighborhood Association. Dr. Orridge is a writer, author, spoken word artist, certified TOP facilitator, certified doula, motivational speaker, curriculum developer, and community organizer. Dr. Orridge is the recipient of the 2012 Leap Forward African American Award, the 2012 National Parent Leadership Award, and the 2011Community Honor Roll Award. Dr. Orridge specializes in tapping into client’s creativity to find and heal past traumas. She uses her talents and strengths as tools to organize communities around education, poverty, foreclosure and to promote Holistic Healing.

    Time with Tinnie's mission is to encourage our listeners to learn the power of revealing, healing, and moving forward and Dr. Orridge is just what we need as we close out the month of October which brings awareness to Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. Giving birth to purpose takes patience, support, and consistency. So be sure to tune in as Dr. Orridge and I dive deep into the process of giving birth to your purpose. 

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    Weight Loss Coach Arlene Spann stops by Good Deeds with Dr. Renee Sunday

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    Arlene Griggs Spann . A woman of God, married to entrepreneur Jerome Spann. She is a mother, grandmother, author, international speaker and radio show co-host. 

    Arlene has a heart to help others and it is evident through her commitment and lifestyle to serve. She founded Arlene Spann S.W.E.A.T.S., a business she created from her struggle of being pre-diabetic, with high cholesterol,  and overweight to her success of reversing diabetes, bringing her cholesterol levels within normal range, and losing over 50 pounds. She uses this success story as a living example of how you can turn an obstacle into an opportunity to inspire and empower others to take control of every aspect of the lives so they can succeed and reach their highest potential and God given purpose for life.

    Her educational successes includes a “How to Start and Succeed in Your Own Business” certificate. A "Losing to Live" certificate. Her increasing passion to see others triumph, led her to become successfully certified as a Life, Leadership, and Weight Loss Coach from New Creation Coaching Academy in Maryland. As the founder of Arlene Spann S.W.E.A.T.S., she sees clients for weight loss, lifestyle and wellness coaching. Arlene’s emphasis is on proper nutrition, exercise and behavioral modification and integrates that in her coaching for positive behavior change, strategies for success and goal setting. She is the author of S.W.E.A.T.S. The Arlene Spann Weight Loss. 

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