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    in The Bible

    The most important thing we overlook in finding our purpose. 

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    The Evolution of Life Purpose

    in Women

    In this episode, certified transformational life coaches Ingrid Sthare and Vicy Wilkinson from Complete Life Coaching discuss an increasingly important topic in the realm of coaching, Life Purpose and Meaning.  Many people begin the coaching process to resolve an acutely painful problem (grief from the loss of a loved one or because of a divorce or unexpected job change) or because they “feel stuck and have tried everything – including counseling”, or because they’ve lost the ability to trust in themselves and their own judgment… Whatever the beginning of the process, we’ve found that our sessions usually lead into a deeper exploration into the distinctly human questions: WHY am I here?  And WHAT is the purpose in my life?  Let us help you feel better, and start to answer life's BIG questions for YOURSELF.  

    We are here to help!  You can find out more here:  http://completelifecoaching.com/reallove2014.html

    Have questions?  Want a free trial coaching session?  Call us at (864) 270-9303 or email us at info@completelifecoaching.com.

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    The Importance of Living Life with a Purpose

    in Self Help

    It's Sunday night in the Magick Playhouse and mystic philosopher and inner fitness coach Dina Deon and co-hostess Ms Grier will be discussing the importance of living life with a purpose. So often we strive hard in life for the ability to "possess" something constantly forgetting that in helping people, in being a benefit for others - we naturally receive what we desire as rewards.

    Join us via phone at 646-716-8029, press 1 to speak.

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    The Purpose of Life

    in Christianity

    If you have often wondered why you are here on this planet because there simply has to be to it than just working it away, this episode is for you. I often asked the same question and now have the answer. Our purpose is to become a qualified spirit being in the coming kingdom. We also have a spiritual and physical purose, not just a physical purpose. 

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    Masked Purpose

    in The Bible

    We will explain the signs and symptons of purpose, wearing a mask, that disguises who you really are.

    HIdden gfts and talents will begin to unfold, as you willingly submit to the challenges, that will help you to discover your true assignment and purpose.

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    The greatest example of purpose

    in The Bible

    We will teach on what it take to demonstrate and fulfill our assignment

    and purpose in order to be a global solution.

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    Are You Ready to Live a Life of Purpose?

    in Self Help

    Do you know your purpose? Are you ready to walk in your purpose? What is the first step to begin walking in your purpose? Tonight, we discuss walking in your purpose and the importance of knowing your purpose. The first step to walking in your purpose is knowing who you are. Do you know who you are? No!? Yes!? Maybe!? Whatever your response, it is time to focus on knowing who you are and more importantly, whose you are. Once you know who and whose you are, then we can begin the process of walking in our purpose. There is no time like to present to begin walking in your purpose; this is a leap year, which means we have an extra day to start walking in our purpose. I ask again, are you ready to walk in your purpose? 

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    Living Life on Purpose: Part 1

    in Self Help

    Robert Byrne said "The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose." Join us as we explore what it means to find your purpose and live life with intention based on a deep knowing. Find answers to questions such as: Why am I here on earth? What is the difference between meaning and purpose? What is the relationship between dreams, vision and purpose? What are the obstacles that keep us from connecting to our higher purpose? Part 1 of this two part series builds the foundation for unveiling our hidden gifts so that we can use these gifts to assist in manifesting what we desire. This conversation is one that has the potential to open new doors and new possibilities for you!


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    Living A Life Of Passion And Purpose

    in Lifestyle

    Passion! Purpose! Direction!

    Do you want to know how to get excited about getting up on Monday mornings?

    Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Passion Test Facilitator Andra Wochesen joins us on this show to show us how we can create a life around what most matters to you and be seen for who you truly are with crystal clarity about your talents and skills.

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    Your Life Purpose - SpiritQuest on The Cosmic Citizen

    in Spirituality


    Would you be so kind and Re-POST this out.. thx GG

    SpiritQuest = Practical Spirituality

    Seven Keys of Harmony to the Symphony of The Universe.

    #1 - Week 7

    #2 - Week 6

    #3 - Week 5

    #4 - Week 4

    #5 - Your Life Purpose (This Week)

    #6 - Personal Fulfilment (last episode)

    #7 - Know Thyself

    While the attainment of each ascendant goal is a factual achievement, in the larger sense such goals are simply milestones on the long ascending path to Paradise. But however relative such successes may be, no evolutionary creature is ever denied the full though transient satisfaction of goal attainment.

    Ever and anon there is a pause in the Paradise ascent, a short breathing spell, during which universe horizons stand still, creature status is stationary, and the personality tastes the sweetness of goal fulfillment.  The Urantia Book Paper (39:4.7)

    SpiritQuest - - A Worship Service... Every Sunday Noon ET, 11 CT, 10 am MT, 9 AM PT

    Always in Love

    God's Gumshoe


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  • Staying on Purpose

    in Christianity

    Join Bishop and Pastor Carter at the Embassy of Faith Christian Center as they confront real-life issues in a Christian way.