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    Transformed Traveler features Gary Marriage + Marty Babits on Life Lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Transformed Traveler features Gary Marriage. Gary's team have identified their own style of transformative travel....creating long term, economic change by applying entrepreneurial skills. 

    Also on today's Life Lessons show is Marty Babits.


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    Life Lessons with Matthew Truhan of Murad

    in Lifestyle

    Matthew Truhan of Murad joins us on Life Lessons to provide advice to young entrepreneurs.

    Originally from Orange County, California this musician, surfer and now corporate success shares life lessons from his parents and from his community oriented company- Murad.

    Hear about the core values of Murad and how they walk the talk.

    Listen to Matthew's experience as a mentor and his advice to the graduating class of 2016!

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    Anne Stom of Ace Hardware featured on Ace Life Lessons show

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    Anne Stom of Ace Hardware featured on Ace Life Lessons show. Anne's stores are in the Washington D.C. market.


    1. We think that Ace is the epicenter for communities. Tell us how your community depends on you.

    2. On our Ace shows, we have heard a pattern/trend in leadership we call collaborative intelligence. This is where Ace employees consider a problem that has to be solved by a homeowner or a community and goes about solving it in the most judicious manner. Give us an example.

    3. Ace owners are rewriting the book on succession planning in America. With 28 million small businesses at work today, how is Ace getting third generation millennials on-boarded to take over the family business?

    4. Inside the community theme, the Ace show has uncovered stories on hard situations and obstacles that have been overcome. One example is the Gilliam family going through three fires at their LA store. How does a store rebound after crashing and burning? Give us an example from your store.

    5. At the center of Ace is doing business at the speed of thought and truly knowing your community. How do you balance your community priorities with gathering, managing, and using information to win as a store owner?

    6. Ace has enlightened hospitality. Share a story on delivery of services or products and how customers feel.

    7. Building friendships instead of a network shows an important nuance to young business owners. Ace owners focus on a higher purpose and intention to deliver happiness. Give us an example.

    8. What is your Ace ethos for the future in the DC area?  Example: Millennials and Gen Z shoppers can expect Ace to be trendy, adventurous and a valued partner in their lives.

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    Life Lessons with Linda Knight, author of Promises for Dynamic Living

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons with Linda Knight, author of Promises for Dynamic Living, a new 80 day devotional. It is an 80 day devotional.  Each day I take a promise of God, write an inspirational or thought provoking paragraph, list lessons and truths, give a short prayer, and ask application questions. The last section is a list of related verses.  God’s promises are repeated in part or whole throughout His Word and confirm His desires for us. 

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    Can you get smarter? Life Lessons on aging with Rick Tocquigny

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    Can you get smarter? Life Lessons on aging with Rick Tocquigny

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    Ruthie Greenberg is back on Life Lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Ruthie Greenberg is back on Life Lessons. Hear about her latest books and exploits.

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    Life Lessons from Uber

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    10 Lessons for Brands from Uber’s Social Marketing


    Credit Kira Sparks,

    It’s not every company that delivers kittens to its customers. And boats. And ice cream. This company, knocking down marketing norms left and right, is ground transportation service Uber. We hosted Uber’s Senior Community Manager Max Crowley on our live Afternoon Snack Google+ Hangout On Air– where he chatted about the magic behind the marketing with Shoutlet’s President & Chief Strategy Officer Aaron Everson.




    Think local.

     Cultivate collaboration.


    Bring social offline, too.

    Have a personality.

    Be available.  

    Optimize for mobile.


    Create opportunities for sharing.

    Track the basics, but look further, too.

     Always leave room for improvement.

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    Life Lessons with Drenda Keesee of The New Vintage Family

    in Lifestyle

    ABC Family network is launching The New Vintage Family based on author Drenda Keesee's concept. Join us in our conversation with Drenda today.

    1. What changes have you seen in our culture negatively affecting modern


    2. What aspects of vintage families would you like to bring back?

    3. Most families today need two incomes to survive. How can mom’s stay home

    with their kids?

    4. How were you and your husband able to start a business from home with five

    kids? How did you balance your work and home life?

    5. I know you started with a lot of debt. How did you get out of debt and start

    building wealth?

    6. I understand you homeschooled your kids.  Why did you decide to do that?

    7. How were you able to homeschool and run a business?

    8. You are in the enviable position of having had a good relationship with your

    kids when they were teens. All of your children grew up to work in the

    ministry and business with you and your husband. How exactly did you

    prevent your kids from rebelling?

    9. What is your best advice for other moms out there trying to win the battle for

    their families?

    10. Were can our readers find a copy of your book, The New Vintage Family?

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    Ace Hardware Life Lessons with Rick Baalmann with Rick Tocquigny

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    Ace Hardware Life Lessons with Rick Baalmann with Rick Tocquigny. Rick Baalmann's stores are in the Missouri and Southern Illinois market.


    Rick is a fifth generation St. Louisian, his family has been selling hardware in St. Louis for more than 100 years!


    He owns four Rick’s Ace Hardware Stores, located in St Louis MO, Centralia and Highland IL.

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    Life Lessons from Dogs welcomes Bryan Bailey, The Wolf Whisperer

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    Nationally-recognized award-winning animal behaviorist Bryan Bailey (“The Wolf Whisperer”) will appear on FOX & FRIENDS on Monday, November 16th. During the live segment on Fox News Channel, scheduled for 6:50am EST, Bailey will discuss his new book, Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, and demonstrate a protection scenario with an 80 lb. German Shepherd security dog.

    In Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, Bailey explains that for all that man has done to carve the wolf from the wild to create a surrogate human, today’s dog is still a wolf at heart. Bailey emphasizes the damaging and paralytic problem of attaching our human traits to our pets.

    “This book is about developing a deep understanding of the authors of your dog’s behavior - nature and the wolf,” explains Bailey. “In doing so, you will truly learn who and what your dog really is and the whys and hows of its behavior. You will learn how activating and deactivating the natural, wolf-like impulses and mechanisms in your dog will lead to the harmonious existence and the control you always dreamed of.”

    Bailey is a nationally-certified Master Trainer and Pharmacotherapy Behaviorist and decorated veteran of the U.S. Navy, working extensively as a supervisor and trainer for the U.S. Navy’s classified dolphin and sea lion projects. He has studied wolves in the wild, trained law enforcement dogs for narcotics detection and search and rescue, and much more.

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    Life Lessons

    in Business

    Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson discussion on Life Lessons.  Live Your Life Intentionally.  When was the last time you had a week so remarkable… so powerful… that your life was never the same afterward?

    What if you could guarantee that next week would be THAT kind of week?

    Experience the Difference 7 Days Can Make


    My friend, John Maxwell is offering to train you in 7 days of FREE online coaching in a unique, groundbreaking journey he calls the 7-Day Experiment.

    There is a nugget of wisdom that the greatest world leaders follow, but most of us miss:

    The secret to a life of meaning and significance lies in your daily routine.  

    Connect with Dr. J at http://www.comtivate.com or email http://info@comtivate.com 

    Stay Fabulous!