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    Coaching Scenarios: Life Coaching

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    Frankie and Terri continue their series on your coaching scenarios, asking the important question: WHAT IF. “What happens when…” “How should you handle…” Today, the tables are turned, as Frankie interviews Terri Hase about important questions and directions in a Life Coaching session.

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    Ways to deal with uncertainty: Life Coaching for inner peace.

    in Self Help

    Life Coach Shawn Marie Cichowski will host "Coaching Conversations" along with August Schilz and Alethea Ball.  The coahcing crew will discuss ways to embrace uncertainity and suggest how to be happier and less anxious.  The coaches will talk about how to let go of fear for the the future and ways to find inner peace.

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES LifeScape Your Life - Coaching & Tarot with Dax Carlisle

    in Spirituality

    LifeScape Your Life - with advice & tips from Dr. Dax Carlisle!  Dax returns to the show tonight!

    Explore the path to happiness, wealth and clarity tonight with us as Dax shares the latest innovative self-help modalities for you to try.  Find out how a Life Coach assists you with your career and relationships, Hypnosis to undo your bad habits, and how to use Tarot & Numerology to see your future.  Plus the latest news from LifeScape Radio, the renovations to the Tarot Guild, and Dax's upcoming Tarot Deck!  We're taking your calls too - don't miss your chance to speak to Dax!

    Dr. Dax Carlisle, DD, CHt, CTM, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Tarot Master, Life Coach, Numerologist and Radio Personality. He is the Founder & CEO of LifeScape Radio - LifeScapeRadio.com - and the President of The Tarot Guild.  He is available for private readings & coaching sessions.





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    Life Changing Insights - Finding the Power of Joy the Power of Positive Thinking

    in Health

    Life Changing Insights with Dr. Alan Simberg and his guest Roger Laidig & Jenny Giblin:

    Roger Laidig is a native of northern Indiana. He graduated from Purdue University and also received his MSBA from Indiana University SB. He retired from his 30-year career at Laidig, Inc., a global manufacturing and construction company, as Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is currently embarking in a part time position as an adjunct professor at Purdue School of Technology in South Bend. His desire is to create trust by interacting, listening, and then sharing lessons that life has taught him. This led him to recently write the book “Finding Purpose and Joy, It’s a Journey”.

    My name is Jenny Giblin and I am a 29 year old Therapist, Hot Yoga Instructor & Nutrition Coach. I have recently been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, and in Glamour, Real Simple, the NY Post, the NY Times, and Forbes. I graduated from Syracuse University, where I received a Master's Degree specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy. During grad school, I had the opportunity to move to Hawaii, where I learned all about the power of positive thinking, yoga, holistic health and letting go of the limiting beliefs that hold us back in life. I help inspire others to become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves by integrating therapy with yoga and nutrition. This unique blend of therapy allows others to awaken and reclaim their power so that they can let go of their limiting beliefs and live the life of their dreams.

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    in Prayer

         We live in a world where because of sin many negative persons and circumstances exist. it is quite achallenge to be positive. But the Word of God promises , "where sin abounds grace abounds much more." It therefore does not follow that you and I must be negative. Our spiritual atmosphere and consequently our attitude can be positive connstantly. God's shows us how to achieve this space of tranquility such that wherever we go the atmosphere we encounter is transformed. Without listening to God's Word on this, it is hard to believe Him on anything else. Get positive. Joins today for live prayer. Dial 714 459-3963. 

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    Legal Eagle & the Coach - Elite Physiques Coaching & A New System of Thinking

    in Business

    Legal Eagle and the Coach with David Altenbern & Bryan Kiser with their guest Aaron Zambrano & Dianne Collins:

    Aaron Zambrano is the co-owner of Elite Physiques. He started as a fitness competitor and quickly progressed to be the on stage personality for Musclemania Texas and Fitness America for 6 years. Aaron is high-level personal trainer and nutrition expert as well as an elite posing coach. He uses fitness, nutrition and competitions as the vehicle to expand the self-expectations of all his clients and be introduced to a world they never knew could exist.

    Dianne Collins has been devoted to the question: what is the access to creating the results we truly desire? From studying everything from physics to metaphysics I made a few life altering discoveries that led me to create the QuantumThink® model—a system of thinking comprised of principles and practices that make it quick and easy for anyone to live the wisdom of science and spirituality in everyday life—not just to know the principles—to embody them.” – Dianne CollinsDianne Collins is a modern visionary, an original thinker, an authority in new world view thinking and the creator and author of the QuantumThink® system of thinking, an unprecedented body of knowledge based in the principles of quantum science and universal laws applied as practical wisdom in all areas of life. 

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    The 3 Golden Rules to Positive Thinking

    in Health

    Host and life coach Monika is going to reveaveal the 3 Golden Rules to positive thinking tonight. Positive thinking is imperative for attracting more positivity into your life.

    This is the show for ladies who wake up being grumpy. And the show is for those who always think that life has nothing positive to offer. 

    With being positive you can master any situation in your life. You can overcome negative thought patterns about your body image issues, negative thoughts about your weight and your looks in general. Positve thinking can help you master obstacles and other blocks in your life. 

    You will also discover how we process our thoughts and how the subconscious mind works. 

    Please feel free to join me to tonight's show.

    I am looking forward to have you with me.

    Best wishes,

    Monika Kloeckner

    The Spiritual Life Coach


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    Imagination: How To Develop And Use It To Your Advantage In Business And Life

    in Entrepreneur

    Victory doesn't always go to the most talented, the best-equipped or the most prepared. Often, victory goes to those who use their imagination to come up with solutions in the heat of battle. 

    Listen in as JT delivers 4 methods for developing, strengthening and using your imagination for better results in business and life. 

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Coaching Scenarios: Retirement Coaching

    in Education

    Frankie and Terri continue their series on your coaching scenarios, asking the important question: WHAT IF. "What happens when..." "How should you handle..." This week, Terri interviews Frankie about retirement/transition coaching: With the last of the baby boomers turning 50 this year, this topic has never been more important!

    Coaching Impact Radio. Brought to you by Impact Coaching Academy.

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    How Coaching is Changing the World

    in Lifestyle

    Patricia Hirsch, MCC, interviews Helen Attridge, MCC. Helen shares after 5 years of having my International Coach training company, I took some time out this year to review where I had been and where I am going, something I strongly recommend coaching clients, coaches and international leaders I work with do. From this time of reflection, I was able to review what was working both personally and professionally for me. This “reflection time” was deeply inspired by a leadership training I taught in China last November, where I walked into a room of leaders from all different walks of life and had a visceral experience in my body of their exhaustion and frustration. I started to hear a small voice inside of me inviting me to change my curriculum and be present with both myself and these leaders over the time I spent with them. That training began to create a pathway forward for me, as a leader, trainer and coach with a passion to create global change.

    Helen Attridge, President, International Trainer, Master Certified Coach, is the president and owner of the Academy of Coaching and NLP (ACN). When Helen took over the program, her vision was to create an international coach training program that provides students with the highest International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentials and combines ICF pure coaching model with powerful NLP coaching techniques. ACN empowers students with everything they need to launch a successful coaching business. Prior to becoming Director of ACN, Helen was an International Trainer for the NLP and Coaching Institute of California. She was a Results Coach for the Anthony Robbins Company, coaching CEOs and executives internationally. She is also Facilitator/Coach for Womensquest Outdoor Adventure Company. In addition, Helen has built a successful coaching practice.


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    15 ways that life coaching can help your life

    in Spirituality

    Join scott as we discuss 15 ways life coaching can help your life This is the time for you to be set free in every way and coaching is one way to make sure that will happen making a choice to invest in yourself is the best thing you can do for your future. We will also debuet music for the first time on the show today! Call in for free coaching to start the best of your life! 516-590-0357

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