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    Awaken To Your Life's Purpose!!!

    in Spirituality

    Guest: Suzanne Strisower, Life Purpose Coach/Author/Author!!!

    Suzanne Strisower is a Life Purpose Expert and Certified Life/Career Coach who has worked with people for over 35 years as a counselor, social worker and personal coach. She also has presented workshops nationally and been a guest lecturer at several colleges and universities, including the University of Miami and the Dominican College.

    Suzanne’s expertise and life purpose workbook have been featured on Nancy’s Bookshelf (Northstate Public Radio). She also will be a featured guest expert on an upcoming episode of the hit National Geographic television show, Doomsday Preppers, where she shows the world how to live consciously, without fear and on purpose.



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    in Health

    On today's podcast your host, Viyahta and co-host Rapha, welcome brother KWAME, a Viet Nam veteran and retired Fed Ex employee.  You'll hear how he over came drug addiction and PTSD and found joy in teaching about the new involution of inner thoughts and the reality of Homosapiens vs Homospiritists.  His experience with the Native American community will give you inspiration and love for a new way of living and being. 

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    How to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose A Brief Intro (Part 2)

    in Spirituality

    Call in to talk and/or listen to the show at (646) 378-1461 on 1/22/2015 @ 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time. If you like to ask a question, please press 1, otherwise do not press any key/anything. Have your pen & paper ready to write down your questions.

    The Prophet Anthony will give you Insights on how to find your life purpose.  Life Purpose tips incuded.

    About The Prophet Anthony:

    Prophet Anthony is chosen by God as the leading Prophet of the world. Prophet Anthony is a Shaman, Spiritual/metaphysical Teacher and Leader, Healer, Mystic, Medium, Lecturer, and public orator.  His mission is to teach spiritual truths, laws of the universe, and to raise the world’s consciousness.

    Contact Us:

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    -Visit the website: www.spiritualmysticorder.com 

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    What is My Life's Purpose and How do I find it?

    in Motivation

    Your lifes purpose is who you are and what you are here to do, it sits inside of you. You have Absolutely and Completely Everything that You need inside of You. You simply have to remember how to get there, because you used to know exactly what you wanted and so we would like to reaquaint You with Yourself.

    You are Love inside, whatever your word is for your higher power, or what you believe in Love, God, Light, Universe, Creator, it does not matter, That is who You Are and What You are here to do, it is Your Life's purpose, it is you. 

    You have Absolutely and Completely Everything that You need Inside of You,

    All of Our Love Christine and The Animals

    The Heart Energy Program

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    Life's Purpose is Service with Kokomon Clottey

    in Relationships

    Life's Purpose is Service is a continuation of our theme, "Service: A Path to Happiness."   Thank you for joining us on blog talk radio, "Happiness Index."  

    What is the meaning of service? Is service an international convention agreed by all people? Assuming one works as a cook, dishwasher, taxi driver, bank manager, City Council person, all these positions are paid service positions. Does one focus on the fruit of the service or the work? Why is true service, the road less travelled by most people?  

    Service as life’s purpose can be an impossible task if one is looking for a short cut to self-actualization.

    Let us focus on Dr. Kings words about service, "Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verbs agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love."  Thank you again for tuning in to "A Happiness Index," found on www.blogtalkradio.com.

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    Inspiration Bootcamp - Embracing Your Life's Purpose

    in Lifestyle

    Have you been feeling confused, out of sorts, and generally cranky lately? If so, then perhaps it is because you are not embracing your life's purpose... your destiny... the reason you are here. Please join us for a special episode of inspiration bootcamp where we explore the importance of identifying, embracing, and pursuing your life's purpose, and why it is so critical to your happiness. This 15 minute segment may be just the shot in the arm you need to get back on track. We hope you tune in!

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    Finding Your Life's Purpose & be the Ultimate Peak Performer

    in Entrepreneur

    Success Coach Carl Ramallo says, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you”. As a former marketing specialist for Tony Robbins, Carl will talk about success, affirmations, the law of attraction, the concept of “paying it forward”, and much, much more.

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    From Possibility to Life's Purpose: Deborah Myers

    in Entrepreneur

    Join me in conversation with Deborah Myers, Founder of Virtuarte, to hear her story of how she took an idea and created a business that fulfills not only her passion and purpose, but also brings economic and cultural significance to artists/artisans from developing world countries. Take guidance from her lessons learned and hear Deborah assure you that you don't have to know what you're doing to jump off and make a big move to pursue your purpose and make money in the process! 

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    Working Hard Or Hardly Working Towards Your Goals And Dreams?

    in Entertainment

    It's funny how to terms can sound so alike and are almost opposite in meaning.

    So tune in cause I'm a chop it u p and break it down for my Get Heard listeners...

    Someone who is hard working is devoting time and energy to performing the required tasks is diligent.

    Someone who is hardly working is barely or scarcely employed, either their poor work habits have resulted in their seldom having a job or they are "employed" but just don't bother to do it...hmm mm might be interesting...Tune in and check out or just tune in and listen to 


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    Discover your Soul purpose.

    in Spirituality

    My show is about happiness and love and inspiring you to create the life you want.  Assisting me are my spirit teachers. The focus will be on Guidance and advice on how to manifest in the areas of: spiritually conscious business development, life purpose, healthy living, relationships, and spirituality.

    As an empath and channel I give soul based readings. I read your soul to help you with the: why, when, where and how’s of life. I help you discover any personal beliefs and fears that are limiting you. This is more how and not when, when is up to you. I delve into your past lives and what effect they have on manifesting what you want. With help of my guides, I will answer questions and give love based advice. The primary intent is helping you deal with the fears and beliefs that keep you from being truly happy, healthy and a love based person.

    Living at the vibration of love energy is the key to healing and manifesting what you want.  Love is: compassion, respect, and kindness, and forgiveness, generosity of spirit, humor, humility, empathy, and appreciation. These principals of love can assist in all forms of healing and creating the life you want.

    I will also present material to entertain and hopefully help you laugh. Laughter is a key in all healing.

    I am a medical and soul intuitive. Studied and practiced for over 20 years as an Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics.


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    The Purpose Driven Life :: Day 19

    in Books

    BOOK Club 

    The Purpose Driven Life:
    What on Earth Am I Here For? (Expanded Edition) by: Rick Warren

    10 years ago, Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life, which became
    the bestselling hardback non-fiction book in history, and is the second
    most-translated book in the world, after the Bible. PDL has inspired and
    changed tens of millions of lives … more than any modern book.

    NOW, Rick has updated and expanded the book with new chapters on the
    greatest barriers to living your purpose, plus 42 video introductions to
    each chapter theme, and 42 additional audio messages that go deeper
    into each chapter.

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