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    How to Survive Life and Death with Robert Kopecky

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    Today's special guest Robert Kopecky, author and Emmy nominated art director, will be here to talk about his three Near Death Experiences. He will tell us the meaning he derived from each experience, and how each applies to leading happy, fulfilling lives in the here and now. Robert will also share with us what he calls his "Three Tips for Happiness": Radical Kindness, Radical Forgiveness, and Radical Surrender.

    Robert is the author of the book, "How to Survive Life (and Death): A Guide for Happiness in This World and Beyond." This meaningful and unexpectedly fun "how-to" book is a curative, educational, and serious look at what to expect from death and how best to live in preparation for the inevitability of it.

    Be sure to save the date and tune in live! Calls are welcomed.

    To learn more about Robert Kopecky and his book, please visit http://www.RobertKopecky.blogspot.com

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    What Happens Next? A Discussion on the Great Questions of Life and Death

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    December 11, 2014 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    THEME: What Happens Next? A Discussion on the Great Questions of Life and Death

    Ann Anovitz – Ann is a long-time Commercial Real Estate executive, an avid community volunteer, a skillful writer and the author of "Charlie's Tale: The Great Questions of Life and Death”, a short novel which illuminates one view of  life's purpose. In addition to Charlie’s Tale, Ann is also the author of the Grandma Annie’s Stories from the Garden Children’s Book Series. The innovative series includes her new book, Cowboy Jose and Pinteroo. The planned, eight-book series emphasizes important life skills and targets the enhancement of the reading experience of both English and Spanish speaking children. 

    Not everyone is plagued by questions of life’s meaning. But, philosophers and clergy are not the only ones interested in questions about life, death and everything in between. Psychological studies tell us that happiness declines in our 20s and returns around age 50. That’s a long period of personal struggle for each of us, and today’s self-help industry has exploded over the last decade in an attempt to address our problems. The reality is that an unexpected illness, a sudden early death of a loved one and even the loss of property or a job can create a "personal" and “spiritual” crisis in our lives. Such a crisis can often compel us to ponder the larger questions of our life's purpose and fulfillment. The search for a basis which can fulfill both your spiritual and aspirational quests in life is a very personal one… and can be very difficult. Sometimes it helps to seek other's views and talk to others about these great questions of life and death.

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    Adventures of Life and Death with Sara Deutsch

    in Spirituality

    Special guest Sara Deutsch, an inspirational teacher, author, artist and psychotherapist will be here to talk about her three Near Death Experiences and how they transformed her life. 

    Drawing on what she learned from her doctoral study in Psychobiology and East/West Psychology, her multimedia explorations, 27 years in private practive, and years of teaching experience, Sara has traveled the world in ways very few people do, She has ventured alone into remote jungles,surviving solely off the vegetation of the land.

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    Surrealistic Trials: Surviving My Life After Death

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    Surrealistic Trials: Surviving My Life After Death with author Hilary Jamron

    When Hilary died, part of her soul refused to come back. That part of her higher self chose to remain where peace and simplicity reign. From that time forward, life would reveal itself in front of her, and she would simply step into her future. Decisions would be made without fear or hesitation by an unconscious multidimensional consensus, and she would survive. She would travel through death and paralysis without self-pity or delay.

    The truth is that each of us is as limitless as space and time, having no boundaries, beginnings, or endings. Limits are illusions, delusions, like pebbles that we casually kick out of our way as we move forward. Illness, pain, heartbreak, and life circumstances are all pebbles. There's no point in looking back when we've already kicked our earthly problems off to the side of the road. The kicking is a gentle toss of the foot done in perfect synchronicity to the drumbeat of lessons learned. After that, the only direction is forward.

    Click here to purchase Hilary's book from Amazon.com.

    For more info visit: http://surrealistictrials.com/

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    The Science of Life After Death

    in Science

    Feeling sad because you lost a loved one? Feeling frightened by a near death experience you've had? Author of the #1 international bestseller "We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death," Sandra Champlain joins Michele to discuss the science and truth about what happens when we die, life after death, and how to reduce grief.

    Michele Rosenthal is a popular keynote speaker, award-winning author and post-trauma coach. Her shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit www.ChangeYouChoose.com.

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    Life After Death – Fact Or Fantasy? Beverly Nadler

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    Beverly Nadler examines Life After Death – Is it Fact Or Fantasy?
    Most Westerners believe that our human experience on the Earth is all there is to our life. Meanwhile, a team in the UK spent the last four years analyzing the experiences of cardiac arrest patients who survived after being declared clinically dead.  Almost 40% of these survivors described having some form of awareness during their death. This is the largest medical study ever carried out on the subject of “life after death,” and the scientific evidence suggests life can continue after death. While this may be startling news to many people, there are 3700 near death experiences (NDE) in 23 different languages on the website of Near Death Experience Research Foundation, the largest website in the world on this subject. Join us today as Beverly takes us on a fascinating journey.
    There are many books written by people who died, visited the afterlife and came back to tell us about it. One of the latest is a NY Times #1 best seller, written by a neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander.
    Before his experience, this western trained doctor did not believe in the existence of a non-physical spirit. In his book, Dr. Alexander says life on planet Earth is a “test” of personal growth and we progress by spreading love and compassion.  He also says that the afterlife was so “real” and expansive that the experience of living as a human on Earth seemed like an artificial dream by comparison.  We will be having Dr. Alexander as our guest on this show on November 25.  Mark your calendar.

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    Real Stories of Life After Death...

    in Radio

    In this nation, there are so many stories of failure, crime, drugs, child abuse and death. Stories of racism, discrimination and hate. 

    But on this week's show, we will highlight real stories of success. For every bad story we hear, there are a hundred real life testimonies of hope, dreams coming true and life after death... You heard me right; life after death... Many of us were once dead and are alive again! These are the stories we will highlight on this week's show.

    Remember, this is your show; so if you have stories to tell, we will be looking forward to you calling in to share them. This show is your opportunity to let your voice be heard. Please, don't pass up this opportunity!

    This Sunday, May 18th, at 7:00 pm, E.S.T., we want to here your story... Just dial 818-739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere.

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    Robin Williams-Life and Death...

    in Spirituality

    Cynthia Fontaine~Transformational Master Intuitive, Healer, Medium, Animal Communicator Inspirational and Instructional Teacher. Cynthia takes you on a journey, to living your best life. A transformational Alchemist, who has help thousands of people around the globe, Step into their Light. 

    Join Cynthia for an educational, supportive and inspiring show, as she uses her gifts as an Intuitive to shine the light on your life and your questions.

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    UNQUALIFIED. Life After Death - The Series : Church Hurt

    in Lifestyle

    The second week of the LIVE Radio series, "Life After Death" continues tonight. Tonight we will voyage where very few have gone before down the alley of CHURCH HURT. Have you ever been hurt at church? Felt like you and your family was supposed to be connected to a particular organization and  found yourself offended, mistreated or misunderstood.  Let's talk about it tonight and see where the conversation takes us!

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    Divine Bite: How to Survive Life (and Death)

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    Three near death experiences set Robert Kopecky on his spiritual path!  He is the author of  "How to Survive Life (and Death):  A Guide to Happiness for This World and Beyond".  Tune in to his practical wisdom and find YOUR spiritual path!

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    Heaven or Life after death, does it really exist?

    in Spirituality

    Since our debut in Feb 14, 2013 we have been captivated listeners from all over the globe and beginning Monday June 2, we are excited to launch our new and exciting interactive show, where YOU our listeners will be able to join us with personal experiences, challenging topic questions and live interactions with our panel! StarzMaya, StarzJames and StarzDragon Spirit.

    Our program time and day is still Monday nights at 7pm est.  Our panel of experts will be exploring thought provoking topics for the entire 1 hour program and you are invited to call in at any time to share a personal experience, or question our panel members regarding these exciting new topics! Although we would love to hear from our listeners, you can still tune in to listen. Starz BlogTalk is available via, cell phones, land lines. 

    While we won't be offering mini-readings or personal questions at this time, we are thrilled to offer listeners a chance to share their perspectives, experiences and general topic related questions. Don't miss out on our Spiritually provocative, informative and interactive shows. We will be inviting listeners to join us throughout the hour, whether you want to challenge the panel, or just share your thoughts, there really is MORE to talk about on Starz Psychics Blogtalk Radio!  Everyone is "talking" on Starz!

    Join us Monday June 2, 2014 at 7pm est..... Our topic:  Heaven or Life after death, does it really exist?




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