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    Life Coach Chat - Clearing the Clutter

    in Self Help

    Join coaches Tracy Pierce of Synergy Organizing (www.synergyorganizing.com), Kim Ravida of Kim Ravida Coaching (www.kimravida.com) and Tim Billiter of DIY for Your Soul (www.diyforyoursoul.com) as they tackle the topic of Clearing the Clutter – How Dealing with Chaotic Thoughts and Emotions Can Help Us Bring Order to Our Lives. 
    Learn how external clutter and disorder is almost always a by-product of internal chaos. And pick up a few strategies on creating harmony in that often messy thing we call life. 

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    Life Coach Chat - Living From Your Heart, Not Your Head

    in Self Help

    Are you always in your head? Does fear often get in your way of reaching your dreams, or even just trying new things? Are you one that plans everything down to the minutest details tying desperately to force and outcomes that you desire?

    If so, you’re probably exhausted; both physically and mentally.

    Maybe it’s time to start seeing the world from a different perspective. Maybe it’s time to give one organ a rest and let another play a larger role.

    Join Life & Leadership Coach, Veronica Taylor (www.lifeleaderscoaching.com), Lifestyle and Business Coach, Kim Ravida (www.kimravida.com) and Life/Life Purpose Coach, Tim Billiter (www.diyforyoursoul.com) on Tuesday, December 3rd at 7 PM ET for Life Coach Chat - Living From Your Heart, Not Your Head.

    Learn what it means to live more from your heart center versus exclusively through the mind. See what you’re likely missing out on and what you have to gain by letting your heart take up some of the decision making tasks in your life.

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    Life Coach Chat - Nurturing Your Spirit

    in Self Help

    Do you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed? Do feel like your life is out of balance?

    Join coaches Tim Billiter (www.diyforyoursoul.com), Lakia Allen (www.connect3coaching.com) and Danica Trebel (www.danicatrebel.com) as they delve into the topic of Nurturning Your Spirit.

    Listen as they discuss ways of quieting your mental chatter and tapping into your inner voice so that you can go from feeling frenzied to creating that sense of wellbeing we all seek. 

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    Life Coach Chat - Rethinking the Glorification of Busy

    in Self Help

    “We live in a society that perpetuates the idea that being busy is better, and that if you aren’t busy, then you’re doing something really wrong.”
    - Tahini Al-Salem
    If you, like so many of us, live a life where you are constantly on the go, where feel like you rarely get a moment to yourself, then this show is just for you.
    Join coaches, Tim Billiter (www.diyforyoursoul.com), Veronica Taylor (www.lifeleaderscoaching.com) and Tommy Brown (www.collegelifeengagement.weebly.com) as they discuss Rethinking the Glorification of Busy.
    Learn why we've created the "rat race" and some tips on how to ease out of it.
    Join us on Wednesday, October 30th at 9 PM ET.

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    It's Steptember... Step In, Step Up, and Step Out!

    in Self Help

    Please Join LeAnne, ans Asa, as we chat about Steppin it Up in the midst of Challenges, Chaos and Celebration!

    Asa Leveaux delights in the fact that he has learned to operate within his personal motto of "possessing a joyous existence conceived by enlightened thought and achieved through love, passion and wealth". As a result of working with Asa, coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs are guaranteed to receive a luxury level of accountability service for themselves and their clients as they innovate, learn and grow. Asa serves the world through his endeavors of love, passion and wealth through being the Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer of Leveaux Group, Inc, Founder of Genius Academy™ and author of "I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men", Asa often tells his audiences and clients that, "Business is a necessity. Bliss is a luxury. You deserve both!”

    LeAnne Parsons is The Walk Your Talk Coach, as well as the CEO of Legacy Now Lived™. As a Coach, National Speaker, Radio Host, and Conscious Adoption Advocate™, LeAnne has given her life to the service of others. LeAnne is a former Homeschool Mom, a devoted Warrior Wife, a Grandmother, Reunited Adoptee, Small business owner, and New Nester. Parsons has walked through this life, one step at a time. LeAnne understands the challenges, fears and insecurities that each one of us can face as we journey through the many seasons of life. As a Certified Life and Leadership and Relationship Restoration Coach, and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, as well as a C.ORE Wellbeing Specialist. LeAnne boldly stands shoulder to shoulder with you as you learn to courageously let go of all the obstacles that hold you back from fully embracing the life you were created to live.

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    My Journey to a Blessed Life- Introducing Natasha Gayden

    in Self Help

    Please join me for my debut show Journey to My Blessed Life- Transforming Pain into Purpose. I will be discussing how I have and how YOU can, pick up the broken pieces and create a purposeful, blessed life. You will get to know a little about me as a person and a Life Coach.

    Natasha Gayden is the founder of Elevate! Master Coaching. Natasha brings over 20 years of corporate experience identifying and developing high potential talent within individuals and teams. She also has many years of life experiences and a track record of helping people get unstuck in their lives. She specializes in those individuals who have been marginalized in their personal lives, which prevents them from realizing their full potential in all areas of life. Natasha has a great passion and love for seeing the underdog succeed. Please contact Natasha Gayden for a complimentary discovery call at 678-416-0228 or visit www.elevatemastercoaching.com.

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    Career Talk w Coach Trina Ramsey: Phoenix Rising: Recovering from Career Setback

    in Self Help

    Sometimes bad things happen to good people. We make a plan. We follow all the steps to execute it. Things are going along well. And then WHAM! Something unexpected happens that COMPLETELY takes the wind out of our sails. And you’re left thinking, “Now what?” Reinvention is one thing when YOU are in control. It’s a completely different matter when you are suddenly faced with not being able to make a living at your craft.

    Trina’s guest has faced adversity and COMPLETELY restructured her life. Lisa Marie Pepe is a Transformational Life Coach, Business Mentor, Published Author, and a fellow Radio Show Host on Life Coach Radio Networks. After a car accident suddenly forced her to stop working as a massage therapist, she did the hard work: faced the bad stuff, reached within, and  reinvented herself, which resulted in an entire new career. Lisa Marie Pepe is the owner of Positive Transformation Life Coaching. She empowers heart-centered women entrepreneurs to fully embrace their unique gifts and talents by providing them with the tools they need to have self-confidence, attract abundance, and thrive in the life and business they most desire.

    To schedule a Complimentary 30-Minute Confidence Reboot Coaching Session with Lisa Marie or for more information, please visit www.positivetransformation.net or call 203-671-0139. Join Trina and Lisa Marie as they discuss life lessons and encourage others who are facing unexpected career challenges. 

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    Create a Life You'll Love w/Susan Gonzales: Healthy Living Begins on the Inside

    in Self Help

    Most of us want to have a healthy lifestyle. Weeducate ourselves on nutrition and exercise yet, there are still times whe we haven't been able to develop consistency in taking care of ourselves. There could be more to having ahealthy lifestyle than just nutrition and exercise.  Join Susan Gonzales, Jann Jaffe, and Alison Graddock for a discussion on creating a healthy lifestyle that emcompasses the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of health. We'll be sharing the mind/body/spirit connections to build a healthy self-image, getting to the root of unhealthy habits vs just treating symptoms. We'll share some easy steps you can take to start making changes now.

    Susan Gonzales (MA.Ed, PCC, ELI-MP) helps people create a life they'll love at any age. Considered the "Go To" coach, she helps her clients tap into their unlimited power to live a life of pupose and fulfillment.She is the creator of the Make it YOUR Mark personal growth program, author of the book Make it YOUR Mark, professional coach, corporate trainer, & public speaker. Contact: Susan@MakeItYourMark.com

    Jann Jaffe (MA, CPC, ELI-MP. C.O.R.E. Well-Being Specialist)  Traumatic brain injuries cut short her international opera/concert singer career and drastically altered her life. Jann helps professional women achieve optimal success, realize their potential, passion, purpoose, & well-being in all aspects of life. Contact: info@forwardtosuccess.com

    Alison Graddock (BA, CPC, ELI-MP, Health/Sports Performance) Alison helps her clients become their best by focusing on the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual to look, feel, and BE great. She is a high energy, passionate, and people centered coach who believes that everyone has the potential for greatness. Contact: Agraddock@gmail.com


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    Mark My Words! With Certified Life and Business Coach, Mark Schall

    in Self Help

    Catching Basketballs With My Glasses!

    Tonight, Mark will inteview Jason Freeman.  Jason is a man who desperately tried for most of his life to hide his highly pronounced speech impediment.  Born with Cerebral Palsy, and now out of hiding, Jason speaks to a wide range of audiences about cultivating the courage to be fully themselves.  Most recently, Jason spoke to an engaged audience of 800.  Quite an accomplishment for someone who, in 7th grade, barely wanted to say a word because he was so ashamed of his voice and who he was. No longer living in that life paradigm, Jason coaches others to get to the heart of who they are and live their truth.   Jason’s vision for the world is that everyone will have the courage to emerge fully as themselves and delight in exactly who they are.

    Listen to this interview, live, and call in to ask questions.

    View a clip of Jason speaking at Kyle Cease' Evolving Out Loud event, by clicking here.


    Learn more about Mark Schall and the Mark My Words! radio show at www.markmywordsradio.com.

    Mark Schall is a Certified Life Coach and Business Coach dedicated to partnering with you to get the results you want in your life and work.









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    TRANSFORM your LIFE w/Coach Tamarra: Conversations with My Younger Self - Part 5

    in Women


    Confidence in women will be our final topic of discussion within this 5-part series. Confidence is the difference between having and not having... the difference between believing and not believing, achieving and not achieving... living life or running from our shadows!

    It's mission critical for women to know their worth, their power, and their strength. There's no better way to be certain of these things than to have the self-confence and knowingness that comes from having a strong sense of self. 

    Our dynamic panel will discuss how self-confidence and perhaps the lack thereof has affected their lives. A healthy conversation around how they are now embracing their confidence and what practices they put in place to not only maintain but to grow beyond their own expectations. Don't sleep on this discussion and more importantly, embrace your inperfections and be CONFIDENTLY YOU!

    Tamarra Causley Robinson is a Life and Career Transitions coach who helps women reconnect their voice to their true calling in life and career choices.

    Trina Ramsey is a career and life strategist, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. 

    Erica Wiederlight is a certified quantum life and happiness coach.

    Pasha Cook, through the platforms of personal development consulting and speaking workshops, assists athletes in participating fully in the game of life and ultimately championing the game of life.

    Tiffany Vanderhorst is our resident Miracles Coach. She lives her own miracles and helps her clients do the same.


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    2016: The Year of Accountability! Set Yourself up for Success in the New Year

    in Self Help

    What are your goals for the New Year? And how are you planning to get there? This show is all about what it takes to truly accomplish your goals in the New Year. A team of coaches and fitness experts will discuss your burning questions, such as: A more effective way to lose weight than crash dieting, setting meaningful and realistic goals, and how to form better habits. Learn how to treat yourself better in the New Year - mind, body and spirit!

    Eric Ferguson (aka Jerzykid) is a native of Essex County NJ and also an US Army veteran. Eric is owner and CEO of bodie-by-e personal training, and has 10 years of experience. . Jerzykid does in home or in gym training and is opening a private studio soon. As a CPT and certified nutritionist he believes in improving the body inside and out.Contact him at bodie.by.e@gmail.com, facebook.com/bodiebye, Instagram.com/Jerzykidjk and Twitter.com/Jerzykid.

    Sean Michael Kehoe is a certified personal trainer of 10 years who owns and operates Transformations By Sean Michael, a fitness and wellness solutions training company.Sean is a certificatied Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist and Golf Fitness Specialist. He is recognized as a Golf Trainer by the Titleist Performance Institute and is also a published writer and life coach.  Sean resides in Northern New Jersey,

    Trina Ramsey is a career and life strategist, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent.She is on a mission to help people to discover the joy in life and make more empowered decisions. Visit Trina online at  mycoachtrina.com. Get your FREE guide: 5 Signs It's Time To Leave Your Job at http://bit.ly/ItsTime2Go