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    adventuresintothestrange 1 Lies lies and more lies

    in Spirituality

    When one starts looking for the truth they will find most of what they hear is lies. The stories have become real to many people. That is not bad enough more people have to create more lies. Things that most people except are being twisted , things like did we really go to the moon. Are UFO ours or really aliens. What truth is feed to children? They are told lies, then after they are acccepted, they are told they are not true. 

       Wed have scinece which comes up with very stupid ideas and sadly people believe them. So How did the human reallly get here? Why?  Please tunbe in . Call in number 516-3871840  I will save the last half hour for any call in's.  

       Do people have any truth about aliens or demons? Nevermind God. 


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    Paul Offit's Pitiful Propaganda, Medical Rights With Children

    in Health

    Join Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, J.D. as he picks apart one of Paul Offit's latest pitiful propaganda pieces, then moves on to some difficult listener questions concerning parental rights and children's healthcare. Email Attorney Phillips at attorney@vaccinerights.com during the week and listen to your answer live on the air or in the archives; call in during the live show to listen or ask questions, 516-387-1393. Find vaccine studies at vaccineresearchlibrary.com, and sign up for the Vaccine Rights E-Newsletter at vaccinerights.com/newslettersignup.html, and listen to ad-free archives at the new Vaccine Rights YouTube Channel.

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    Propaganda, Controlled Opposition & Our Faith

    in Christianity

    Join Fire & Grace Church LIVE @11:00 AM CST as we look at the propaganda war against Jews, Christians, and the Bible even in the so-called "Alternative Media." Satan and his servants are experts at mixing a little truth into their lies and misinformation campaigns. That is why we must know our Bible and not lose faith in God's Word...it is the only true light in this dark place! We must take everything back to the Word of God and let God be true and every man a liar (Romans 3). To listen by phone call 347-884-8566.

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    adventuresintothestrange 1 lies ,lies and more lies part 2.

    in Spirituality

    People being feed lies all their life and still to today believing them. Well a few you let go because you are told to but many you hold on to. It time to start back tracking to where the lies started and why people except them. I am not even talking about the secret Government one but just  normal life.  




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    Rational Propaganda Radio - Test Broadcast

    in Politics

    This was a Rational Propaganda Radio Test Broadcast to prepare for our premire broadcast.... This is a test. For the next forty minutes, this station will conduct a test of the Rational Propaganda System. This is only a test.. Please stand by till our next show. Important information will follow this broadcast. This is only a test.

    Rational Propaganda Media adds to the political equation necessary ideas such as reason, logic, natural law, philosophy and freedom into our current political environment that we all share responsibly for. The importance of fact checking and critical research provided in a safe place of debate, appears to be abundantly lacking in our dissimulated mass media. We invite you to take a revolutionary different approach and get involved in the discussion today.

    Discussing the show’s ideology. What is Rational Propaganda?

    Local News from Tucson, AZ and Pensacola, FL

    Current News and Articles from the Arizona and Wisconsin Daily Independent

    US and World events, economy, and anything else

    What are the Logical Fallacies and why are these of great importance to you?

    Weekly Netflix Documentary Review

    Guests and listeners are encouraged to call in and participate in the discussion, call (323) 870-3961.


    Monday night at 6:30 PM




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    Father of Lies

    in Podcasting

    The Father of Lies of At it again .. Yah The Most High is the Father of Truth which make D-Man the Father of Lies

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    Lipstik N Lies

    in Entertainment

    Slandering after a break up: Was the break up that bad to slander your ex once it's over? Have you ever slander by an ex like Vivica did 50?

    Celebrity Gossip: Yusuf Mack admits being gay after he was exposed in gay , he initially denied the allegations and stated that he was drugged. Societies obsession with Kim Kardashian and the entire Kardashian Family. 

    Health and Beauty Tips by Yola: You guys didn't listen to the last tips provided.... How to properly apply make up, Do's and Don't's

    News: Babies being killed by gunfire, 14 Year old girl in Sandy Springs GA held captive and raped for two days in abandoned apartment after Halloween party.




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    Lipstik N Lies Meeting in the Ladies room News, Gossip, Health and Beauty

    in Entertainment


    Tanza "If he truly loves you, he will never let you find out he's cheating?

    .We would have to say that he cheats, then he never really loved you.

    .There are so many different aspects. It is impossible to try to categorize them.

    .It may be easier to try to pinpoint the exact reasons why they cheated and why they don't want to be found out.

    .You have people who are just broken and can't love or respect anyone. Then you have people who just simply get caught up and can't resist temptation.

    Yola "Dream Crushers"

    .Do you really have my best interest or are you just hating.

    Final statments

    Roni "Fear"

    What is stopping us from facing our fears?

    Is fear real or a psycological fiction that we create ourselves

    How do we go about conquering our fears

    Final Statements

    Toi "Senseless murders across America"

    Can there ever be unity and peace in the communities across the United States

    What are factors that are driving these crimes


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    On Propaganda

    in Culture

    Are the militiamen in Princeton, Oregon terrorist or freedom fighters? Does similar events between whites and blacks get covered by the news media in the same way? If four or more people get shot in a suburb its a mass shooting, but if four or more people get shot in the inner city its black on black violence. Why do white killers get labeled as psychotic while black killers get labeled as thugs and gangsters? Askari and Sundiata wi



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    Rational Propaganda Media (RPM) – Whistleblowers, Gun Rights, Marxist and Nazis

    in Politics

    A rational political talk radio program incorporating ideas, discussion and fact checking.

    Christmas Post-Game: How did our host’s holidays go as they interview each other

    Water Contamination, Whistleblowers, Marxism and Collectivism

    Upcoming show content: Author, William Irwin/The Free Market Existentialist: Capitalism without Consumerism

    Jordan Page coming to Arizona; plans and shows are currently on progress in February

    Holding Ourselves to Higher Standards & Morals

    Aaron and Jason talk politics while speculating about our country social and economy issues


    For our program we will be talking about politics and upcoming guests and shows.

    Informational Links:





    Rational Propaganda Media adds to the political equation necessary ideas such as reason, logic, natural law, philosophy and freedom into our currently political environment that we all share responsibly for. The importance of fact checking and research provided in a safe place of debate.

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    End White Privilege, White Lies & Save USA

    in History

    Americas Whites must end lies about self and lies about others to lift up self, if America is to not become like many countries with only 2 classes of citizens. Rich and poor.  Americans realize the need for unity, but pockets of Whites want life like when it was easier for them to ignore all but self and loved ones. Then when a White wanted to be kind, they could support a Black or not and based on their wealth the choice was theirs and no one elses. White privilege got a White person a job, a raise, a home, a home loan, a GI bill for education, medical assistance, even a seat on a totally packed bus. White privilege wasn't in our vocabulary back then. If a Black even thought they should have something not within reach, it was said, "you think you are White". this meant you're Black and you don't get that privilege. Today whites still get opportunities non-Whites don't, but in today's society, many Whites think they do better because Blacks are actually inferior  mentally. Whites will tell you they never got help from anyone indicating Blacks never tried to do anything constructive.