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    Question of the week. You are a gun owner,you carry a licence,for this gun. You are in a situation where you are shopping in a store. A robber has the store owner on his knees with a gun to his head robbing him. Do you draw your gun help the owner or hide and don't get involved? 

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    Sooner or later it was bound to happen. The gewgaws and gimcracks no more. Block a stream of water,  the energy and power continue to build. The effect comes to us as consequences; intended  or not; up or down stream. And the time it takes to reckon this is time invested to replace ill-conceived ideas and the attend to the self serving mindset of the masses.  It is a very lonely experience when you stand against the mainstream.   

    Scholarship is that blocked stream, not of water but of consciousness; dormant for so long it had fallen out of memory only to be rediscovered.  Will the alchemists step forward to teach us the steps in a preparation.  Alchemical masons are the most misunderstood of all. And well should they go quietly about their work to avoid ridicule. This collective rediscovery of masonic archives makes for compelling reading.     It would take great licence with the facts to claim it was entirely accurate, but it does contain more than partial truths.

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    How to Get your Grace Licence and keep It

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    I will teach all who listen what God taugth me .How to walk in His grace and stay that way. And how you really recive God power  the rigth way from God. Not this water down gospel way we been taugth all of our lives.God is fed up  about his children and creation going to hell. In theses last days he is sending many out to be Fisher of soul in deep wonders of this wordl Mathew 4-19 .and by the water ways to reach millions. satan has billions of soul.Now God will retrive billions that are on there way back to him. Be bless in Yahweh name.

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    Deb Grant NERB Examiner

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    Deb Grant is a force in organized dental hygiene. She was state president when the teachers' union took dental hygiene under its wing and it changed the course of practice in IL. By joining forces, she proved that everything is about money. The Teachers' Union had money and influence and getting together she showed that dental hygienists are not greedy, they just want to work. And if the doctor takes a vacation they can still see patients. 

    Today Deb is many things, including a NERB examiner. Listen in as we reveal the ins and outs of the examination process that dental hygiene students and dental students must go through to receive their licence to practice. 

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    Controversial, thought-provoking debates, lectures and authors going beyond the Sunday sport spectacles and religious services.

    Program Summary: 28 Sept. 2014

    A full hour of the latest from Bristol Community FM 89.3 "State of the City" Report courtesy Tony Gosling:

    Investigative reports: Parliament recalled for today's Middle East war vote. After Israelis shoot down a Syrian jet and the Pentagon sen US planes to bomb Syria is the 'coalition of the killing' already at war with Syria. ISIS: operating in Golan Heights; trained in Jordan; funded by Saudi Arabia; western intelligence services; Islamic Pipe Line - gas; UN and the Security Council; clip of Bashar Al Jaaferi, Syrian Ambassador to UN; ideology of ISIS; clip of Cameron at UNSC about defeating extreme Muslim ideology - mentions dangers of conspiracy theories; clip of Rita Katze about the uploading of terrorists videos on-line - S.I.T.E. on CNN. Regional Secretary Kevin Beazer joins us from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) to discuss latest concerns. One billion pounds of public money wasted while Goldman Sachs and other City of London friends of Bilderberg and the Tory party make millions at the public expense. Kevin Beezer from CWU discusses the problems facing Royal Mail since it's privatisation - the profitable areas are being sold off to the likes of TNT Post destroying Royal Mail - Business Select Comittee. Louise Somerville-Williams from Frack Free Somerset discusses recent escalations in the fracking fiasco: licence blocks; tax breaks to fracking firms; the economics of fracking; QE in US funding fracking bubble; frackfreesomerset.org Louise Somerville-Williams from Frack Free Somerset introduces the 2014 'Autumn of Awareness' in an attempt to burst the Fracking 'Ponzi Scheme' bubble.


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    The Greg Doss / Dj Sqwyd Show! Focusing on Remedy!

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    The Greg -DJ Sqwyd- Doss Show focuses on ways to help listeners resolve their life’s situations without giving too much valuable and needed energy to the PERCEIVED problem. Whether the issue is legal, family, relationship, or other, giving the solution your focus will keep you focused on your solution – the remedy. Greg also covers Education, Politics, Social Issues, Family Matters, and other topics as well.

    Remedy comes from taking a direct approach to whatever may be the presumed or actual obstacle. Greg brings life experience as well information gathered by others and their experiences. So, if you don’t think you can overcome some of life’s difficult options, stop by and see if Greg/Sqwyd can help you 'Change Your Perspective' on any negative!

    I am not an attorney. I don't practice law or have a licence to practice law. What I do is study the law and share what I've learned. I do not give information as ADVICE to apply to a specific case but as general information. As for the LAW, it belongs to the People. Please, use the information for educational edification. If you feel you need legal advice, I encourage you to contact an attorney and be advised.

    Topics for September 16, 2014:

    Helping Men Deal With Divorce; As A Husband, As A Father, As A Man
    A Divorced Man's Rights As A Father

    Focusing on Remedy Begins Every Tuesday Night at 8:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm PST! The Call-in Number for the Show is (347) 838-8420

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    Commercial Drivers Licenses for Drivers with Epilepsy

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    In this episode of Epilepsy.com's Hallway Conversations, Dr. Joseph Sirven, Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic Arizona and Editor-in-Chief of Epilepsy.com, interviews Gregory Krauss MD, Professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University Medical School about commercial drivers licenses for drivers with epilepsy.

    The Federal Motor Carriers Administration recently decided to accept a medical expert panel recommendations on commercial driving. Commercial CVDL licensure can now be considered for drivers who are seizure free whether on or off antiepilepsy medications for 8 years.

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    Over The Rainbow Show With Your Host Bob Brown

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    Welcome To The Show With Your Host Bob Brown Today Wednesday 3th September 2014 - 3.00pm Eastern Time 12.00 noon Pacific Time - 8.00pm uk time Please call in on 347-539-5367 or from the uk 001-347-539-5367 Thank you for Joining me for my Show Called ( Over The Rainbow ) My Special Quest Today is Dale Bach  Dale is better known as the Happiness Expert and is also the Author of Mamma Trauma ( IF ITS NOT ONE THING ) A Motivational Speaker as well as a Licence Agape Spiritual Practitioner  Dale Completed  the University of Santa Monica Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology and is a advance Psych-k Facilitator- Dale Personal Mission is to Empower Over 1 Million People to have a Happy Heart,Through Her CHI System The CHI Helps you free your mind so you can a Happy Heart Lasting Wealth Happiness and Success Dale is now Living her Dreams in her Oceanfront Cottage in San Diego California, She has Two grown up Daughters with Who She has Beautiful Loving  Relationship now that she is on the other side of her own Mamma Trauma We are here to support you with any of your concerns  Thank you for Joining us Tonight love Bob-Dale

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    LifeStyle Lumination

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    Join us to find out what my Brother-in-law, Michael Hasler and sister, Carolee Corey are creating with "What We Love, The Winery" in N. Boulder, CO.  The Decadent Saint Sangria and Mulled Wine is Outrageous, to say the least!!!

    “What We Love” was born with a gathering of friends as a great concept in an after-dinner conversation. We secured the domain name that night and “the idea” soon gelled into a business plan which became “The Winery”.

    Michael, an oenologist by degree, was always fiddling with alcoholic concoctions in our kitchen and talking about niche products “he could make that just needed a licence”….

    Within 9 months that licence was obtained, premises found, equipment purchased, grapes ordered, wedding ordained, winery opened. Grapes arrived 3 days after we married, 45 Ton & 6 months later, here we are; our first product successfully released last December & launching our logo & Grand Opening in May.



    Join Che'lisa and Tim as they bring you inspiration and wisdom.  They "Luminate" or "Shed Light" on all areas of life and the Relationships you have with yourself and others.  They believe Relationships have one of two purposes, "Self Gratification" or what they prefer, "Self Revelation".  Stay posted as they bring a variety of guests and then themselves as what many have called them, the "Cosmic Couple".  Relationships as "Self Revelation" is what will expedite Human Consciousness into and through the "Great Global Shift" we are in..... 

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    John Martin: Never Say Die

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    New Zealand's John Martin has always lived life on the edge.  At age 13, he biked around New Zealand's East Cape.  At age 16, he made his first parachute jump.  At age 18, he purchased his first aircraft and learned to fly.  At age 21, he made New Zealand's first base jump and at 24 years old he obtained his commercial pilot's licence.

    At age 26, he received burns to 70% of his body, face and hands when his crop dusting aircraft crashed and burned. He spent the next three months in intensive care in an induced coma, and underwent numerous medical procedures including skin grafting, debriding and reconstructive surgery. Within a year he returned to flying. He entered a partnership and purchased a branch of the company he previously worked for, providing the flying service to Motiti Island. A year later he set up his own Tandem Skydiving business which he still runs today. 

    In quieter times John spends time cruising around the Coromandel Coast on his yacht where he continues to explore his new found passion for writing. His first book, a short story called “Out of the Ashes” was used by several schools as a study aid and saw John listed with Celebrity Speakers NZ as a motivational speaker.  John’s story “Just Shut Up and Jump” is not of one of self pity but a testament as to what a positive approach and never say die attitude can achieve.

    John Martin's website:  www.johnmartin.co.nz

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    Youth and Driving

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     Join Co-hosts Jason Stein, PhD (iRyze.com) and Eric Komoroff (www.communityofunity.com) as they discuss one of the most important milestones in a teen's life, learning to drive and getting a licence. How to impress the responsibilities which come along with the privilege, and other important aspects of the subject will be discussed,


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