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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1283

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    Tonight's special guest is Jacque LaFountaine from Spokane, Washington, a long-time personal friend of Bill Murray and a NAASCA volunteer. Jacque's a retired RN with experience, among other things, in critical care, ER, and as a director of assisted living and an Alzheimer's unit. Abused from early childhood, her memories were repressed. She didn't remember much of her home life when she left at 18, depressed and suicidal but not understanding why. Jacque says, "Eventually I lived in Los Angeles and began to get repressed memories back and started therapy. I was glad to get the memories out but always felt like I was sharing into a vast wasteland of nothingness." Her mother had abused her with physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual trauma which started in the crib. "Therapists considered it ritual child abuse and torture." More trauma occurred in Los Angeles. "In the middle of this, I was a victim of attempted murder which just made my PTSD symptoms even worse." She relocated to Santa Barbara and later Spokane, continuing treatment, dealing with major depression, severe PTSD, and serious dissociative disorder with Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities). "In 2011, things came together for me. My PTSD symptoms were eliminated in 24 hours. I found my core personality (the one that's not an alter) and reconstructed my identity. As my identity strengthened my depression left." Jacque says, "I'm in the best place internally that I've ever been and am truly grateful." She says she's looking forward to the future, concluding, "I believe we all have to help each other which will help bring child abuse out to the general public. There is strength in numbers."

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    wE'RE lOCA!!

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    Problems with Love Relationships Today & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS

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    We need to discuss problems with love relationships in 2016.  What is going on?  I will address how things are changing and why men don't want to commit.  Did social media make it more difficult?  We are living in a cyber world and we don't communicate. We don't get out.  I will address more regarding how women's lib has changed this as well. Men feel stupid sometimes and they don't want to commit to a woman who is educated and self dependent.  Then others do and we will acknowledge all of this. FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON 2 HOUR SHOW!!!

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    Why Do Men Marry, "Plain Jane?" Understanding Mental Psyche&PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

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    I will be addressing the mental psyche of men today and why men marry the so called, "Plain Janes" of the world.  This stems from fears and knowing a lot of men who did this I can share what they thought.  Twenty five years later are they happy?  In my observation they are not happy.  They may have the security of a marriage knowing that their wife is not going to cheat on them and leave them they don't have to worry about paying alimony, paying child support and also losing investments which includes their house.  So, if you are a woman and you have kept yourself very pretty you just might find yourself alone.  You would have been a threat. Is it just a cultural aspect in certain areas?  Does this happen more in a small town?  Do these men prefer women who aren't into women's lib?  So, did women's lib affect women after all?  I will address all of these aspects.

    Your viewpoints and observations are more than welcome and this is an interactive episode. Your observations may be different.

    FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON 2 HOUR SHOW!!! Private readings contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com. There is so much more that I often need to tell people on here and you need to have  a complete reading which is private.

    Love and Light,

    MIA xoxo

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    ONCE THE BOLSHEVIKS REALIZE HITLERY CAN'T EVEN WIN THE DEMO COMMO VOTE. SHE IS DONE. THE PARTY THAT GAVE US OBAMA BIN LENIN IS NOT GIVING UP THE REVOLUTION TO AMERICANS. One thing we all need to realize is that when you get to the top it is all the same people. As sure as Hanoi John Kerry the Teheran troll was supported by Bain capital his largest contributor. That is why we must elect an outsider. The best combo is President Trump and Vice president Cruz. Aren't you tired of loser excuses. Oh if we only had been fully funded we could have stopped that nuke from going through customs. Aren't you tired of seeing 350 pound murderers in ACLU  cap and gown PHOTOS. WHY NOT SHOW THE COP WHO SHOT HIM IN HIS CRIB IN DIAPERS WEARING A BADGE AND A HOLSTER? It has got to be Trump.. We have to break the evil spell cast on us by the cloven hoof party.

    Visiting family in New york last night I come to find out one relative retired from trucking just received notice from his union that his monthly pension is being reduced by $500.00 a month. He feels bad for a buddy who worked 39 years for the same union. His pension is being reduced $2,000 a month.

    Watching this stock market this week is scary. The experts will have all the answers but that is not going to get your money back. You never want to go to the bank and the teller asks you why do want the hundred now? there are three letters that come with President trumps title. TNS. Take no shiite.

    Let us cometogether now and stop the Rinos from playing DNC divide n conquer. Besides we have to get ready for demo commo door no 2. How much will Soros pay for Hillary to go away. OUR ENEMIES WE WILL DUMP. AMERICAN OIL WE WILL PUMP. THE DEMO COMMOS WE WILL STUMP.


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    Talk with Tenney: Special: Electroshock and Suicide; Cure or Cause

    in Current Events

    Trigger warnings:
    details of suicide relating to electroshock

    Electroshock is often touted as the magic bullet for treating severe treatment resistant depression and suicidality. Psychiatrists swear by its safety and efficacy.

    The patient side of this story will show electroshock for what it is: dangerous, not life-saving but life-destroying…Read more here  

     Show content was researched, structure organized and produced by Jane Rice with input  from other inspiring survivors.



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    Tenney, L., & Rice, J. D. (2016, January 06). Talk with Tenney: Special: Electroshock and Suicide; Cure or Cause. Talk with Tenney. Retrieved from http://www.blogtalkradio.com/talkwithtenney/2016/01/07/talk-with-tenney-special-electroshock-and-suicide-cure-or-cause


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    Frantic Friday

    in Comedy

    Welcome back! Thank you for joining in on another episode of us old bitches know something starring the ol' Bitch and two young pups. This Friday, like all of our Fridays we're here to shoot the shit and bust our chops about this weeks hot and trending topics.

    Now if you havent already noticed already, our radio show isnt for everyone- we're an ad lib radio show and speak up about it all honey! we're not for the subtle listener or the weak hearted. BUT! If you're looking to let loose and laugh your ass off feel free to give us a listen, we promise not to dissapoint ya!

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    Back II Basic Episode 434 : Commenting on the news stories of the day!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    The RNC is in trouble and may not survive this election cycle if it keeps speaking out against Donald Trump. Also the Dem's are broke and looking to use tax dollars to pay for their convention.

    Trey Gowdy slam a lib on the 2nd amendment during a hear on capital hill. Air force acadamy students pray on the field Way to go guys!!!


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    Sociopaths vs Empaths: Interview with Medium Tracey Lockwood

    in Spirituality

    This week on Living Astrology Radio - Sociopaths vs. Empaths:  Interview with Tracey Lockwood - Reverand & Medium.  

    Reverend medium Tracey Lockwood talks about the continuum between sociopaths and empaths and the identifying characteristics of each.  

    Tracey’s’ first memory was of the faces of those in spirit visiting over her crib. In her 20s, she was proficient in the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible:  tongues, interpretation, prophecy, visions, dream interpretation, and the laying on of hands. She explored several religious philosophies. And in 2010, was formally recognized as a Clairvoyant and Empathic Medium during her training at Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science, in England.

    She is Executive Minister for THE UNIVERSAL MIND, radio show Host of “From a Medium’s Perspective” on Revolution Radio (recently also accepted for broadcast on Radio Free Roanoke), teaches psychic and mediumship development, offers private readings, spiritual counseling, and specialty sessions of lithomancy, animal communication,  spirit art, and  past lives.


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    YGY Radio Show: 2015 Winter Meetings Day 2 Recap

    in Baseball

    On tonight's episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show, host and senior staff writer Ricky Keeler recaps Day 2 of the Winter Meetings from Nashville. Ricky will react to the report of the Yankees acquiring Starlin Castro from the Cubs for Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan. 

    Then, Mark Laming, the editor of Marlin Maniac will join Ricky at 9:05 PM ET to talk all things Marlins, including the latest on Jose Fernandez. What would the Yankees have to give up to get Fernandez? Plus, will Miami sign Dee Gordon to an extension and what's on Don Mattingly's offseason to-do list? Finally, what are Mark's thoughts on Barry Bonds being named as one of the hitting coaches in Miami. 

    At 9:30 PM ET, Harrison Marder is back to join Ricky along with Andrew Miller, formerly of YGY, to recap the day's news as they have more discussion on the Aroldis Chapman news, the Jedd Gyorko trade to the Cardinals, more Fernandez discussion, and more as they react live to any breaking news or rumors that occur during the show. 

    At 10:00 PM ET, Jacob Misener from Cubbies Crib joins the show to give his take on the Castro trade and what the Ben Zobrist signing means for the Cubs going forward. 

    You can interact with the show at anytime by calling us at (347)-324-5455 or tweeting us: @YGYRadioShow