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    LGBT Superheroes Launch Online Portal

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    Dr. carmen D. Ortiz presents the mission of www.rainbowpoochconnections.com, a global community of LGBT Superheroes that have been empowered by the unconditional love of their canine companion.



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    UMBRadio (Akiladahun & LGBT W.O.W)

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    Join us for great topics, music, & always interviewing the most talented women from across the world.

  • personal issues within lgbt community

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    The issues lgbt community has that the others eye view dont see

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  • Holiday survival guide for LGBT youth, families

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    1. We'll get through the holidays. It's a straight world, straight holiday...we need to look helping LGBT youth. Fred will give stats on LGBT youth and foster care. Dave has stat on rise in LGBT youth homelessness AFTER marriage equality in NY was passed. Holidays are "coming out" season. Look. Assess your situation. Act in your best interest.


    2. There are options to get away from tough situations, even if temporarily, from walks, to chatrooms, to creating a music concert on YouTube, watching LGBT movies on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube. Connect with friends on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Find a trusted relative or friend. Dave and Fred


    3. Be good to yourself. Don't resort to alcohol/drugs. Short-term solution down a dark road

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    Porn - Does it Enhance or Hurt a Relationship?

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    Does Watching X-Rated Movies Enhance or Hurt a Relationship?

    Do you and your partner have it playing while you are having sex? Does it put you in a more sexual mood or does it cause you to be turned off? 

    Tune into LGBT Real Talk Radio on January 13, 2015 at 8:30pm EST as we talk about the effects of watching X-Rated movies in relationships.  We have 3 special panelist who produce male adult entertainment and are male actors (Rick Talons and Pito Savage from Savage Talons Media and Tobii Chase, owner of TDC Productions) who will join us in the discussion.

    Connect with us by calling (914) 205-5519 to listen or, after calling, you may press 1 to be connected to the host.  We can also be reached at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lgbtrealtalkradio 

    You won't want to miss this show!!


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    LGBT Voice w/ Bach Buggs Sterotypes Within the LGBT Entertainment Industry

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    Welcome to our first show LGBT Voice brought to you by Bach with JustFloRadio. Every other Saturday she will be bringing you all the latest LGBT News Debates. World Wide lifesytle issues. There will be debates and discussions based on whats going on within our community. So tune in, call in and give us some input on how you feel. We welcome anything you want to talk about. This is a perfect opputunity to express what you how you feel. Ask any questions.

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    Free for All Friday! Islam & LGBT Activism and the Christian Response

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    This week we have covered numerous topics beginning with Randall's Sunday Sermon and our weekly bible study in the book of Judges, where we looked at the foretelling and birth of Samson.  Then we covered the tragic news of the suicide death of Joshua Alcorn and the astounding outrage of the transgender and homosexual activist community who refuses to acknowledge that Joshua is male.  We read you hate tweets from some in social media and exposed how even the way Joshua committed suicide was decidedly male.  Then we discussed the amazing story of two homosexual men who got together, both had gender reassignment surgery to make themselves kind of sort of look like women and now they want to be married as lesbians.  Since one of them has a brain tumor and is dying, this is their emotive plea to the world to help them fulfill their dreams.

    We exposed how Christians are largely ignoring these vital issues and exhorted those who aren't ignoring them to stand firm and not be ashamed of the gospel.

    Today we'll recap the news and discuss the horrible Islamic terrorism that has been taking place all week, as well as other news of interest.

    Follow our website at http://www.biblenewsradio.com and our Twitter page at @biblenewsradio 

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    Equality Matters - Same Sex Marriage

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    Florida has become the 36th state to allow for same-sex marriage.  Same-sex marriages will begin on January 6, 2015 and your LGBT Real Talk Radio is dedicating our show on the same day to talk about your thoughts on same-sex marriage.  

    A few of the topics to discuss are -  Do you agree with same-sex marriage? Why or why not? Are there religious or spiritual ideologies that are creating conflict with you? Is the LGBT community trying to be like heterosexuals? What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of being married?  Let's talk about divorce. What is the potential economic impact to our communities?  What are the viewpoints of your family on this issue?

    Be sure to tune in on January 6, 2015 at 8:30pm EST as we talk about Equality Matters.  You may call in at (914) 205-5519 to listen  or press 1 to talk to the host.  We can also be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/lgbtrealtalkradio.

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    Real Talk With Mark Angelo: Talk That Matters: Growing Pains The LGBT Sufferings

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    Show Topic for this week:

    Depression and the Holidays
    Learning how to eliminate triggers
    Self Acceptance is the key to happiness
    Photo project that reveals the remaining work in the LGBTQ Movement. http://inthemakingproject.com/


    Transition radio is a prominant radio source letting your voice be heard. Call in with your questions and concerns.

    Listen to up to date information regarding issues in the LGBTA community, spirituality and more. Check out our website http://www.transitionradio.net/home_page.html as well as my health blog http://lifetransitionbymarkangelo.blogspot.com/ Every week Mark Angelo will bring you up to date information regarding the LGBT community, Spirituality, and health tips, I will open the chat room and take calls so you can share your opinions and concerns. Letting your voices be heard. Let us grow and learn to understand one anotheea

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