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    The Bully Block! Live!

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    Tonight we are talking about the ABKC possibly accepting Miagi and Bullseye offspring or decendants! The ABKC has issued a statement on facebook today and we will be going over it word for word! Tune in and talk to us and let us know what you think!

    The Bully Block Live! We've been doing this every week for over 1 year! Tune in and talk bully with us! Hosted by Kev Green (Bully Block & iBully App) , Dayton Bodine (IBKC Judge, Killinois Kennels) and Danny Dobobrov (iBully App).


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    Tonight, Terrel of DLINE (Owner of Denzel, a legendary American Bully Stud), will be addressing some of the controversy surrounding him and Denzel. 

    Bully Block Radio is hosted By Kev Green, Dayton Bodine & Danny Dobobrov! We are here every Monday night at the same time! 9PM Central! 10 Eastern or 7 Pacific! Make sure to tune in!

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    Bully the Kid presents: The Bully Booth on The Bully Block

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    Welcome to the return of REAL BULLY RADIO.


    Tonight Bully the Kid discusses why we left and why we're back. Tonight's special guest is ABKC Judge, Ty Lumley, from the River, and they will be discussing the state of affairs in the Bully World. Have we lost our identity? Have we become the baby AKC? Where have all the dogs gone?

    Tune in tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm PST.

    Click on the link below or call 619-639-4636 to listen in. If you would like to speak to the host please press "1". The chat room opens up at 8:55pm EST.

    It goes down tonight! The return of REAL radio. Bully the Kid.... Legooooo!

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    The Bully Effect

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    We have an incredible guest on this evenings episode of "The Bully Effect"..

    CEO and Founder at "Have A Gay Day".. 

    It's more than just a Facebook "Like" page.. After this evenings episode.. If you don't already know.. You will.. 

    “People needed a positive space in their lives.  So we created a place to smile, care, hope, educate, and so much more.  Today we are moving forward as an organization to reach out to every corner of the world to make a difference for all people and for a better tomorrow and brighter hope for future generations.  The term gay harnessed to be the power of happy and the happiness of the rainbow imagined in people across the world.”
    --- Michael K, founder of Have a Gay Day





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    The Bully Effect

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    Michel McDonald author of Diary of a Gay Nerd: Life After Child Abuse, It Gets Better!
    Diary of a Gay Nerd is the memoir of a child abuse survivor. He doesn't consider himself a victim as his
    sister claims, he considers himself a survivor and chose this platform to raise awareness of child abuse
    in America in the 1970's and 80's and especially how gay children are still being treated by
    homophobic parents and families.
    The book chronicles nearly 41 years in 41 chapters. The book details child abuse issues, Mike as a
    homeless teenager and his many relationships up until his current relationship which had lasted 17
    Michel currently lives in Bakersfield with his partner of 20 years. He has many crafting hobbies and he
    sells them on Etsy as a supplemental income because his disability isn't enough to live on. He has been
    living with AIDS for more than 20 years and he has a mild form of Parkinson's and Scoliosis.
    The book cover says 10% of profits from the book go to charity, but after he published the book, he
    decided that he wanted to give 10% of profits to each of 3 LGBT organizations. PFLAG Bakersfield,
    Bakersfield Gay & Lesbian Center and Bakersfield AIDS Project “Ricky's Retreat.”


    http://- www.diaryofagaynerd.com







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    The Bully Effect

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    Gilbert Ohanian, Author of "Chestnuts" 

    Is there a bully in your life that you don’t know how to deal with? I had one too. It prompted me to write ‘Chestnuts: A True Story About Being Bullied,’ a book outlining practical strategies for defending against bullies and resolving the onflict and aggression that often plagues victims of bullying. Inside these pages, I will take you through my own harrowing journey with bullies – from boarding school beat-ups, to violent attacks from crazed skinheads on the streets of London, to bullies in public school in America. In each chapter a reflection of my personal story will show you what I did wrong, and how you can actually defend yourself in this modern day and age. Find out: * How bullying is perceived by bullies, victims, parents and teachers * What goes on in the mind of a bully, and what you can do about it * How authority figures often make bullying even worse * The steps you can take to defend yourself, find help and heal from the trauma In ‘Chesuts: A True Story About Being Bullied,’ you will find out how to deal with psychological, emotional and physical bullying – and even what to do when one of your teachers is being a bully. Get this book now, and empower yourself to stand against the tyranny that oppresses you!

    Hosted by: Penny Jean

    Co Host: Rhaelynn Froncek 

    Be a voice heard around the world! 


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    bully block radio live!!!

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    Dayton Bodine of Killinois Kennels, Danny D. from i Bully, and Kev Green bring you BULLY BLOCK RADIO LIVE!!!!

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    The Bully Effect

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    Today "Live" on "The Bully Effect" 

    Edward Hubbard.. His second time coming onto the show.  Let's see how thing's are going for him.  His philosophy.. 

    "It takes more than one voice".. 

    Hosted by: Penny Jean

    Co Host: Rob Gosling

    Be a voice heard around the world. 

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    The Bully Effect

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    Today "Live" on "The Bully Effect" 

    My name is Bob Richardson and I want to work towards preventing what had happened to me to happen to anyone else.

    Bully Proof Assistant Lite (FREE) - To be used by people of all ages who are being harassed in school or in the office to report Bullying activity - capable of sending emergency text messages or e-mails to someone who can come to your aid to resolve the bullying as quickly as possible. You could also take a photo of the bully which you can keep for your records. 
    Bully Proof Assistant Professional (PAID) – has the same capabilities except that there is no advertising banners and is more compatible for use on the Android tablet.
    Bully Proof Assistant For All (Free – no advertisements) – Basically a free version of my Bully Proof Assistant Professional.




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    The Bully Block! Live!

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    We're back again! Tonight we are staying on topic! Show Dogs! Also Danny is giving away 2 Booths to the Kansas show this weekend March 7th! Make sure to tune in!

    #american bullies #dogs #showdogs #dogshow #abkc #breeding

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    "What's On Your Mind" with LGBT Real Talk Radio

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    As a good way of letting all of our new members get to know the Admins of this group, we are going to bring back our "What's On Your Mind" episode for tomorrow's show. 

    Let us know what your thinking, how your feeling, or just share with us "What Grinds Your Gears". We have seen quite a few sensitive subjects posted on the group wall so we know that our group members have a lot on their minds.

    Join us, Tuesday, February 24, 2015 @ 8:30p EST. Dial (914) 205-5519, press #1 to join the panel LIVE & ask any questions you desire or share your stories with us. Remember all calls are Anonymous so don't be scared!!! Thank you for your support. Our email is realtalk@lgbtrealtalkradio.com and the show can also be found atwww.blogtalkradio.com/lgbtrealtalkradio

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