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    Lewis Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg Lineup After F1 Qualifying Bahrain

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    It was a fascinating day in Bahrain during Formula One Qualifying. Mercedes champion and current master of the universe in Formula One, Lewis Hamilton did not disappoint as he easily cruised into pole position.  In four races, Hamilton has been on pole four times for a total of 42, which places him 4th on all times list of pole sitters.

    Following Hamilton was Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Kimi Raikkonen, and Valtteri Bottas. Two top drivers will dominate the front row on race day and fans will be in for a blockbuster.  Bottas Williams-Martini teammate Felipe Massa qualified 6th and Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo 7th.  Carlos Sainz Jr. with Toro Rosso and Romain Grosjean with Lotus were, 9th and 10th respectively.

    As we last reported, the thorn in the side of the powerful Mercedes team will be, and is, the new and improved Ferrari team with former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.

    Sahara Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg qualified 8th and Sergio Perez 11th.  Unfortunately for the McLaren-Honda team, Fernando Alonso made a gallant effort but was held at 14th, and Jenson Button’s car appeared to have some electrical issues preventing him from making it into Q3.  Red Bull Daniil Kvyat rolled into a sand trap at P3 and failed to make it past Q1.   

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone News and F1 Sports

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    Lewis Hamilton Wins Singapore Grand Prix

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    A re-broadcast of Xiro Xone News and F1 Sport.

    Lewis Hamilton has fought tooth and nail all season for every point he has earned, and Sunday was no different. Lewis Hamilton is one of the most intelligent and skillful drivers that ever hit a Formula One track.  Hamilton drove 192 miles in a 61-lap race, under pressure from two Red Bulls, a Ferrari, and an 18-minute safety car.

    Hamilton's experience on the track and understanding of the car, along with smart tire strategy and better pit stops, kept him in the lead while tackling tight turns at top speed. Of course it can be said, his toughest fight was in Hungary when he went from pit lane to a third place podium finish, in spite of car trouble, and slow pit stops.

    Fighting back and in desperate need of a podium was Sebastian Vettel, with Red Bull. Four-time champion Vettel was not satisfied with third or fourth, so he ramped up his competitive nature and overtook team-mate Daniel Ricciardo to secure himself, a second place finish. Two impressive finishers gaining points for their teams were Fernando Alonso for Ferrari and Felipe Massa for Williams-Martini. Jean-Eric Vergne with Toro Rosso and Sergio Perez with Sahara Force India, came in sixth and seventh respectively.

    Next race, Suzuka, in Japan

    After Race Entertainment- Nine-time Grammy Award winner John Legend will bring his blend of R&B and soul to the Formula One night race on Sunday. Also headlining, Jennifer Lopez at the Padang Stage and Six-time Grammy winner and Emmy winner Ziggy Marley will perform in Zones 1 and 4 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

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    Formula One Rock Star Lewis Hamilton Wins Grand Prix Du Canada

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    Two-time record setting champion Lewis Hamilton won his fourth Formula One Grand Prix since the start of the season. Seven races in, Hamilton has turned in nothing short of excellent drives for the Mercedes AMG team giving them a comfortable lead towards their second, Team Constructors Championship.

    Crossing the finish line second was Nico Rosberg, to complete a Mercedes one-two, Valtteri Bottas with Williams-Martini third, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel both with Ferrari fourth and fifth, respectively.  Vettel started in 18th because he received a red flag infraction grid penalty, but skillfully worked his way up to, fifth. Rounding out the action on the track and in the points were, sixth place Felipe Massa who started 15th, Lotus driver Pastor Maldonado in his best showing in the last two years coming in seventh, Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg, Red Bull Daniil Kvyat, and Frenchman Romain Grosjean who qualified fifth, finished tenth.

    Pole sitter, Lewis Hamilton, got off to a great start in the Formula One Grand Prix in Canada at, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a street circuit on the city's Ile Notre-Dame.  His Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg had to fight for second at the starting line with Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen trying to squeeze him out. Rosberg held his position and Raikkonen fell in behind Rosberg at third.

    It was a bad day for the McLaren team when exhaust problems ended the race for Fernando Alonso, and shortly thereafter, a drive thru penalty on Jenson Button lead to his early retirement.  Sauber’s Marcus Ericcson had a challenge for fourteenth with Max Verstappen finishing 15th and Sauber’s Felipe Nasr, was 16th.

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone News and Sports.  Next Race, Austria.

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    Lewis Hamilton Wins the Big Bad Battle in Bahrain at the Formula One Grand Prix

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    There was plenty of drama when the lights went down at the Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain.  The night race started with Mercedes pole sitter and champion, Lewis Hamilton out front.  Hamilton was followed by Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and teammate, Kimi Raikkonen, who worked together to block Mercedes second driver, Nico Rosberg, from advancing from third to second, by pushing him back to fourth.  A determined Rosberg was not going to settle for third or fourth, so, in lap nine, Rosberg overtook Raikkonen and Vettel to claim second, while Hamilton remained the leader of the pack.

    In lap 35 when Rosberg emerged from a pit stop, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel leap frogged and got out in front, but could not stay there. Meanwhile, both Toro Rosso drivers Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jr. were retired.

    By lap 47, it was Hamilton, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Bottas and Vettel in the top five.  Going into the final 7 laps, there was a fierce battle between Nico Rosberg and Kimi Raikkonen for second. Moving into lap 56 Raikkonen overtook Rosberg and claimed second, pushing Rosberg into third.  On the podium after the race, Raikkonen was disappointed that he had to settle for second, while fans wondered out loud if he was deluding himself into thinking he could have caught up with, and overtaken Hamilton, in the unstoppable Mercedes power unit.

    Crossing the finish line after the top three was Valtteri Bottas in fourth, Sebastian Vettel fifth, and Daniel Ricciardo who, barely made it across the finish line amidst a huge cloud of smoke bellowing from the back of his car. 

    Late Breaking News: The F1 race in Monza may be hanging in the wings. Like Germany, Monza has money problems.  The German automotive industry VW-Audi, did a study that showed tremendous support for an Audi F1 team, but, they dislike Bernie Egglestone so much, they refused to enter F1 as long as he is in control.

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    "Focused Like A Jedi Knight" Lewis Hamilton Won The USGP in Austin Texas

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    Formula One champion race leader Lewis Hamilton drove a spectacular race Sunday at the USGP in Austin, Texas, at the Circuit of the Americas. He may not have started on pole but he crossed the finish line first, while his teammate and pole sitter Nico Rosberg sauntered in second, as if he were saving his best drive for the final race in Abu Dhabi, and the award of double points.

    This is the 32nd career victory for Hamilton who a Journalist with Xiro Xone News referred to as being “focused like a Jedi Knight.”

    The day started with a bevy of celebrities from stage and screen, and former racing champions from NASCAR, Indy Car and Formula One.  As the day moved on and the cars lined up in formation, fans were holding onto their seats to see if pole sitter Nico Rosberg was going to make a mistake and give Hamilton an opening, and Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo a chance to finish higher than third, and keep his championship hopes alive.

    Crossing the finish line after the two Mercedes drivers were, Daniel Ricciardo, Felipe Massa and his teammate, Valtteri Bottas.

    In other action on the track, Vijay Mallya, team principal for Force India works hard and spends a lot of money to keep and develop a Formula One team that can be the pride of India. He was understandably upset, when both of his drivers suffered a DNF during the race.  Sergio Perez made contact with Sauber driver, Adrian Sutil.  Nico Hulkemberg cruised to a self-imposed stop, due to drive shaft problems. Perez was given a seven-place grid penalty for his actions that will be served in Brazil, and has apologized to Sutil.

    Circuit of the Americas, the race promoters and staff did Texas proud and gave the more than 200K fans of Formula One a fun and exciting event.


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    Lewis Hamilton From Pit to Podium Daniel Riccardo Wins in Hungary

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    In what has to be the most spectacular racing comeback of the season, Lewis Hamilton went from pit to podium in a fantastic race, in Budepest Hungary.  The brilliant brit showed the world what a true professional can do out on the track. After being plagued with several mechanical problems with his car this season including, the one during qualifying when his car mystriously caught fire, the 2008 world champion landed on the podium with a 3rd place finish.

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    Lewis Hamilton Crash at German Grand Prix Qualifying, Makes Rosberg Polesitter

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    It was a good day and, a bad day, for the Mercedes AMG team, in Hockenheim, Germany. Fans gasp with fear as Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton spun off the track and hit a wall at 250mph, taking the Brit out of qualifying. Hamilton was clearly shaken from the incident that was attributable to faulty brakes.

    German teammate Nico Rosberg took pole position and is expected to win, but Lewis Hamilton is a master at conquering adversity.  Rosberg is currently four championship points ahead of Hamilton, but stands to increase his lead to 29, after Sunday’s race. Sunday’s starting grid will be Nico Rosberg, Valtteri Bottas with Williams-Martini racing, and his teammate, Felipe Massa.

    Currently, there are four German drivers in Formula One, so the stands are expected to be full. Over the last four-years, the German superstar has been Red Bull driver, Sebastian Vettel. Now, Nico Rosberg, who was actually raised in Monaco, will have to battle fellow German and four times World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, for the hearts of the Germany fans.

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone F1 News and Sports for more details.

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    Xiro Xone News: Magnificent Win For Lewis Hamilton at Malaysia Grand Prix

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    A recap of todays race 

    Mercedes AMD Formula One team has reason to celebrate. The First race in Australia was won by Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg. The second race of the season took place this weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The man to stand on the winners podium was, Mercedes driver and 2008 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton.

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    Lewis Hamilton Wins Russian Grand Prix Giving Mercedes First Championship Title

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    ‘The Brilliant Brit’ Lewis Hamilton, driver for Mercedes dominated the track in Sochi today, winning the inaugural race of the Formula One, Russian Grand Prix.  In what can only be called a spectacular performance on the track, Lewis Hamilton clinched the Constructors Championship title for the Mercedes AMG F1 team giving them their first ever; win, of the title that honors the entire team.

    Mercedes won 13 out of 16 races thus far, with three more remaining. Lewis Hamilton won 9 of the 13 for Mercedes. One does not have to be a fan to recognize Hamilton is a superior driver who has made a great contribution to the Mercedes team. As usual, the dignified and gracious Hamilton pointed out, the engineers, mechanics and workers in the factory and the garage were all part of what made his success on the track possible.

    Starting in second and finishing second was Hamilton’s teammate, Nico Rosberg. He tried to overtake Hamilton on lap-1 but ran out of space and locked up. The error forced Rosberg to pit early for a tire change on lap 2. But when he got back out, he did a great job fighting his way from eleventh, to a second place finish, on the same set of tires. Rosberg has four wins under his belt and exclaim, “I’m looking forward to the last three races.”

    Fans can always count on an impressive drive by Valtteri Bottas, with Williams-Martini.  He landed third on the podium giving his team enough points to leapfrog over Ferrari. Bottas seemed satisfied with third after giving up second position to Rosberg, something his fans believe would not have happened had Bottas been more aggressive, in protecting his position.

    Rounding out the top five were Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen, with McLaren. Sergio Perez with Sahara Force India scored a point for his team coming in tenth.

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    3-Times The Charm For Lewis Hamilton at Grand Prix in Shanghai China

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    A recap of todays race

    Coming off of a spectacular win in Malaysia and Bahrain, pole sitter and 2008 Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, won his third consecutive Grand Prix race of the season. The race was a historic accomplishment for Hamilton, who had never won three races consecutively. He is now tied with the great Nikki Lauder, one of his mentors at Mercedes AMG. The Mercedes team must be dancing on their toes with three wins by Lewis Hamilton, and one by Nico Rosberg, which put them ahead in the constructor series.

    Some have declared this to be the year of a Hamilton/Mercedes championship feast. They may be right but there are many more races ahead and many more drivers who are, hungry enough to force their way to the table, including his teammate Nico Rosberg.

    The Grand Prix China marked the third time; both drivers were on the podium together with a 1-2 smack down. The brilliant and humble Lewis Hamilton is poised to continue his reign at the Spanish Grand Prix.  If the Mercedes car continues to be superior to its competitors, there is no reason why Hamilton cannot achieve a fourth consecutive win.

    At the end of the day, it will be pure speed, tire care, intelligence and ability, that will win the championship, and Lewis Hamilton can do it all.

    For the next 3-weeks he and his team, should be on a beach sipping fruit juice and soaking up the sun.


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    Lewis Hamilton Wins Grand Prix Suzuka Ahead Of Nico Rosberg And Typhoon Phanfone

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    The Formula One Japanese Grand Prix got off on an extremely wet track with blinding visibility, behind a safety car. The race was red-flagged in the second lap due to increasingly harsh weather. By lap ten, track conditions had improved enough to recall the safety car and the race recommenced with pole sitter Nico Rosberg in the lead, closely followed by teammate and championship leader Lewis Hamilton. In lap 43 Adrian Sutil crashed his car along the tire barriers as torrential rains started once again. Then disaster hit in lap 44 as Marussia driver Jules Bianchi veered off the track hitting the Crain that was cleaning up the Sutil crash site.  Hamilton had a ten second over Rosberg when the safety car was once again deployed due to the severity, of the Bianchi crash and worsening weather conditions, which lead to race officials stopping and calling the race.

    Third place on the podium was Red Bull Sebastian Vettel followed by his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. Sadness over the Bianchi crash kept the celebrated atmosphere at a minimum. This win was a 30th career victory for leader and 2008 champion Lewis Hamilton who is one win short of matching champion hero and compatriot, Nigel Mansell’s record.