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    Memorial Day- Día Conmemorativo de Nuestros soldados...

    in Religion

    Parecemos devolvértelos a Ti, oh Dios, de Quién los recibimos. Pero así como Tú no los perdiste al darlos a nosotros, tampoco los perdemos cuando regresan a Ti.

    Oh Amante de Almas, Tú no das como el mundo da. Lo que das no quitas, pues lo que es Tuyo, también es nuestro puesto que somos Tuyos, y Tú eres nuestro.

    La vida es eterna, el amor es inmortal; la muerte no es más que horizonte, y el horizonte no mas que límite de nuestra visión.

    ¡Levántanos, oh Poderoso Hijo de Dios, para poder ver más allá; enjuga nuestros ojos para mirar con luz más clara; acércanos a Ti para sentirnos junto a Ti y hallarnos cerca de nuestros queridos seres que están contigo!

    Y mientras preparas un lugar para nosotros, prepáranos a nosotros también para esa tierra feliz, por que donde estés, estemos nosotros también, por siempre. Amén

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    Ray Gedert, Money Mailer

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    Our guest this morning is Ray Gedert of Money Mailer.

    Ray was born in Indianapolis Indiana the racing capital of the world and host of the Indianapolis 500.  He grew up in the small town of Greencastle and attended Indiana University and graduated with a Business degree in Marketing.

    Upon graduation, he moved to Southern Cal and has lived here ever since with his wife Ellen and two children.

    Ray enjoys spending time with his family, entertaining and travel.  He is working on his bucket list to visit all 7 continents, with 5 down and 2 to go.  He also enjoys running with his dogs, attending open wheel races, and hopes to see all the Formula One races live around the world.

    Ray is celebrating his small business' 200th mailing by giving back to the South Bay community through a promotion valued at $1,500. This will be a 6-month prize giveaway, with one winner chosen each month and this morning, Ray is going to tell us all about it.


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    MushingRadio presents Lev Shvarts

    in Pets

    Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes Iditarod musher, Lev Shvarts to Mushing Radio.

    Mushing Radio is part of the Dog Works Radio Network and can be heard on Wednesdays at 5pm Alaska time on KVRF 89.5 FM in the Mat-Su Valley.


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    What the devil does not want you to understand about the "Passover"

    in Spirituality

    I {am} the LORD your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; and I have broken the bands of your yoke, and made you go upright. Leviticus 26:13

    Eu sou o Senhor, vosso Deus, que vos tirei do Egito para livrar-vos da escravidão. Quebrei as cadeias de vosso jugo, e vos fiz andar com a cabeça erguida. Levítico 26:13

    ADDITIONAL NOTES: http://torredosatalaiasdejesuscristo.blogspot.pt/

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    Nadine Lajoie: Gagner la course de sa vie

    in Health

    Nadine Lajoie ne laisse personne indiférent. Formatrice de succès haute vitesse d’Amérique, gagnante internationale de 20 Prix en entreprenariat & championne de course de moto, elle a paru dans des articles de magazines aux côtés d'Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar pour ne nommer que ceux-ci.  Elle a partagé la scène aved des top conférenciers, soit Jamie Lee Curtis, Marianne Williamson, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, John Gray, Jeane Houston, Stedman Graham et bien d'autres.

    Le motivateur international Les Brown dit de Nadine:  Nadine est une des conférencière les plus puissante que j'ai rencontré.  Son histoire, racontée avec passion, transformera votre vie.  Si vous êtes prêt à vous rendre a des niveaux de performances élevés , Nadine vous transportera à cet endroit.

    Nadine Lajoie a prononcé des centaines de conférences partout dans le  monde: CANADA - USA - AFRIQUE- EUROPE - INDES

    Dans cette entrevue, nous découvrirons qui est derrière la femme d'affaire devenu millionaire.  Elle a accordé à TéléPartout une entrevue exclusive en compagnie de sont éditrice, Mme Marie-Josée Blanchard, Présidente de Performance Edition.

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    Gus Astacio - Strange Fire: The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit Lev. 10:1-7

    in Religion

    03/06/15 Friday 11:30pm ET/10:30pm CTRL/9:30pm MTN/8:30pm Pac Call in and listen at 1-347-934-0379 or online during and after at:


    Agustin "Gus" Astacio a former 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness is the host for the Saturday morning Healing X Outreach program and serves as Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Accokeek. The church website is at www.fbcaccokeek.com and his you tube channel is at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Gusdaberean/videos

    Today's Sermon is about what happens when we become to familiar with God and lose a reverence for him in worship.

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    Mwamba World Outreach Presents" Do not just wink at evil do something.

    in Radio

    Judges 19:26-30 & Judges 20:1-17

    Vs. 26.  Then came the woman in the dawning of the day, and fell at the door of the man's house where her lord was, till it was light.


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    Hello Choices Counseling and Consulting (ChoicesConsulting.com)

    in LGBT



    Today we will have a very special guest on our show Ms.Arlene Lev, who is a family therapist and social worker who specializes in working with the LGBTQ community.Feel free to check it out! ChoicesConsulting.com.Join us as we sit down on a live interview on the hardships of being transgender.Having a most professional opinion into the matters and best peices of advice she may have for us..

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    Boomer and The Babe Show with Author, Joe Wenke

    in Books

    Joe Wenke is a writer, social critic and LGBTQ rights activist. He is the founder and publisher of Trans Uber, a publishing company with a focus on promoting LGBTQ rights, free thought and equality for all people. In addiont to “The Talk Show,” Wenke is the author of MAILER’S AMERICA, YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING! A Radical Satire of the Bible, PAPAL BULL: An Ex-Catholic Calls Out the Catholic Church, LOOKING FOR POTHOLES: Poems, and THE HUMAN AGENDA: Conversations about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (January 2015). Wenke received a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame, an M.A. in English from Penn State and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Connecticut. He is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.

    Steeped in the seamy underbelly of New York City, The Talk Show by Joe Wenke is a fast-paced and sarcastically funny thriller that examines how the forces of skepticism and negativity threaten our yearning for love, family and acceptance.

    “The Talk Show” follows polarizing television personality Abraham Lincoln Jones (think gay-male outrageous version of Oprah), who finds himself disappointed in his medium’s inability to connet with viewers, and takes his show on the road. His “Emancipation Tour” puts him and pal Winthrop in the crosshairs of a racist, psychopathic killer -- let the dark, humorous thrills begin. -- Philadelphia Gay News



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    Talking Out Loud with A. L. Cooper: Out with the Old and in with the New

    in Current Events

    A. L. Cooper is the face behind the voice of 'Talking Out Loud"She is a native of Columbia, SC; however, has traveled the world and lived in different major cities in the U.S. and abroad. A. L. Cooper is currently living in the prosperous city of Atlanta, GA and is proud to call the southern diamond her home. The show is a success because of her outgoing, charming, quick-witted personality. Fans love the intelligent comedic banter between her and fellow co-host Alfonso Todd. Visit www.TalkingOutLoud.biz to learn more about the show!!

    Tonight's  "Indie Artist Music Out Loud" Spotlight is Hip Hop Artist "Crevy" and the name is his album is "Corporate Balance"

    "So Wus Up" Creyv (Produced by Knex Lev)

    "Highway" Creyv feat. Amadi"(Produced by Knex Lev

    Click on the link below to hear more music form our Spotlight Artist!!!