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    Letters to Ashleigh: Sneak Peek

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    Filmmaker Kyle Olson visits Movie Addict HQ to discuss Letters to Ashleigh, his moving documentary based on a real-life tragedy involving the murder of teenager Ashleigh Love. This unusual documentary shows how one girl’s death inspired an entire community to make a change. A red-carpet premiere for the movie is scheduled for August 9, and proceeds from this event will be donated to Ashleigh’s family to help them spread the word about Ashleigh’s story in order to bring the perpetrator of this senseless murder to justice. Film critic Mack Bates will co-host this special episode.  

    During Letters to Ashleigh, family members read letters they received in the days and weeks following Ashleigh’s death – first from close family and friends, and then total strangers from around the country who heard about the story. The film gives audiences a glimpse of a family that was hit with an unimaginable tragedy but still found a way to persevere with their heads held high.  

    Among Olson’s film and TV credits are the following:

    Director of SMHS: 007

    Writer/director/producer of Lights, Camera, Camp! and The Robert & Rosie Show

    Production staff on Under the Electric Sky, Face/Off, America’s Top Model, Dancing with the Stars

    Audience warm-up for The Voice, The X Factor and The Sing-Off  

    Olson was honored with a Crystal Pillar Award by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Chicago/Midwest Chapter.

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    AGG On Air ~ #Letters Episode 1

    in LGBT

    Season 2 of A Gurlz Guide On Air


    AGG on Air Is Back With 3 New, 30 Minute Segments That Rotate Every Wednesday

    #Letters ~ Letters that heal, transform, change, encourage and give you a voice.  

    #Podcasting4Change ~ Interviews with people living their passion and changing the world as they go

    #This Married Life ~ A comical and real life look into the first year of a newly married couple, hosted by Michelle and       Teresa Dowell-Vest 


    This episode of AGG ON Air is #Letters.  AGG on Air Host Michelle A. Dowell-Vest shares two letters on this episode. She shares the letter that her 40 year old self wrote to her 16 year old self.  She also shares a letter that her best friend and #WorkWife wrote to her on the eve of AGG on Air Season 2 Launch

    Grab a box of tissue, this 30 minute segment will touch your heart. 


    We do not heal in isolation, but in community.  


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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Hard Rock/Metal Band Letters From The Fire

    in Rock Music

    Based out of the bay area, Letters From the Fire is an unmistakable force that is talking the rock scene by storm. Their driving rhythm section and powerful guitar riffs set the scene for their melodic and captivating vocals that come together live for an explosive, hi octane performance. With the release of their first EP in August 2014, national radio airplay and touring in support of bands like Trapt, Nonpoint, and Pop Evil, Letters From the Fire is determined to make waves in the music industry. Be sure to pick up a copy of Letters From The Fire’s EP featuring their hit single ‘Zombies In The Sun’ and amazing cover of ‘Eleanor Rigby!’ For more information, visit www.lettersfromthefire.net

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    Guest - Lynette Smith: Heartfelt Letters to Treasure

    in Motivation

    When is the last time you received a heartfelt letter of appreciation? How did it make you feel? Did you save the letter and savor it later? I’m betting you did!

    Today Lynette will share three simple steps to help you write and present heartfelt letters to others, so they will feel just as good about their letter as you did writing it!

    Lynette M. Smith, freelance copyeditor at All My Best and award-winning author (GoodWaysToWrite.com), wants you to “put it in writing” whenever the magnitude of your gratitude is BIGGER than a thank-you note. Heartfelt letters of appreciation are as rare as gold and at least as valuable to those who receive them—and even to family history. 

    Some of that “Good Ways to Write” time relates to the comprehensive reference book she recently published. It’s called "How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special"

    Connect with Lynette at www.GoodWaysToWrite.com

    Lynette's book on Amazon "How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure"

    Connect with Bonnie at www.bonniegroessl.com  

    Visit Bonnie's Facebook page


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    The Love Letters by Bruce Davis

    in Books

    Bruce Davis Ph.D has written a beautifully stirring book of historical fiction about how two legendary Saints, Francis and Clare of Assisi might approve of Pope Francis.  The book, The Love Letters: Saint Francis and Clare of Assisi Meet Pope Francis is something anyone, regardless of their religious affliiation will find though provoking and it may very well find those in the Catholic Church feeling the hope and support that better times are ahead for the Church as well as the world as a whole.  Find more information on Bruce Davis @ www.SlientStay.com and pick up a copy of this book on Amazon or www.GraveDistractions.com  As always, we thank you for visiting www.redbellymusic.com and www.sunshadows.net in support of award-winning artist, David Martinka, who provides the music for the show.  And of course you can CONNECT with me on my website www.annetterochelleaben.wordpress.com




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    "Letters from God" gospel inspired alphabets for kids.

    in Current Events

    Spend a evening with our guest Theresa Allen, who has been inspired to write a riveting children's book using alphabets inspired by sharing God's love with matching scriptural references.

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    The Love Letters with Guest Bruce Davis

    in Spirituality

    The Love Letters with Guest Bruce Davis: Dr Jenn welcomes best selling author and spiritual psychologist Bruce Davis to share his latest book, The Love Letters: Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi Meet Pope Francis is the second book by Bruce Davis to have St. Francis of Assisi at its heart. As one of the world’s leading secular authorities on the inner life of the revered saint, Davis--who for many years resided in Assisi--is ideally suited to retrace these steps from a fictional standpoint. But he does so with a purpose—to shed light on whether the new namesake Pope can really renew the first Francis’ promise of a compassionate and humble church that protects the poor and underserved.

    About Bruce Davis: One of the world’s leading authors on the power of silence, Davis for the past 12 years, has been teaching and guiding people in the art of silence.Today, he writes, speaks and coaches people on the art of being silent and the joys that come from it. How he came to this unique expertise began during his work on his Ph.D.
    While a graduate student, Bruce Davis met and became an apprentice to a remarkable woman who had the gift of entering into and teaching people in their dreams. These years were to be the beginning to Bruce's quest to understand the potential of psychology and spirituality.
    A spiritual psychologist and teacher of world religions, Bruce has been leading retreats worldwide since 1983. Davis gently guides the daily retreat meditations at Silent Stay. His work is based in his deep connection to silence, simplicity and heartfulness.
    Visit SilentStay.com   Pre-recorded 6/26/14 orig air date 6/26/14

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    Playwright, Gabrielle Pina, Letters From Zora ~Starring Vanessa Bell Calloway

    in Culture

    Tune in to The Gist of Freedom, The Black History Internet Radio show with host Shellie Gaines as we welcome Award winning Playwright & Author Gabrielle Pina! Gabrielle will talk to Shellie about her play "Letters From Zora" ~Starring Vanessa Bell Calloway. Letters From Zora is currently running at the crossroadstheatrecompany.org!


    “Letters from Zora: In Her Own Words,” for which the meticulous and poetic Gabrielle Denise Pina, a novelist in her own right, collected Zora’s massive correspondence and crafted it into a monologue delivered at New Brunswick’s Crossroads Theatre with wit, sincerity, and majesty by Vanessa Bell Calloway.

    Calloway’s feat of memory is stunning enough. In more than 100  minutes, without a chance to pause, let alone to stop for an intermission, the actress never stumbled, missed a cue for transition, or failed to articulate the genius, both as a writer, and as a woman determined to live independently according to her own principles, of Zora Neale Hurston.

    Calloway’s performance is enchanting. Besides being fluid and heartfelt, it reminds us, thanks to Pina’s excellent editing and composition, how extraordinary and how pioneering Zora was.

    Everything Zora for stood and fervently believed is revealed in Pina’s text, and Calloway magically embodies the grit and strongmindedness of Zora along with her femininity, abundant sense of humor, and disdain for anything false or condescending.

    Yes, the words as Pina’s title tells us plainly, are Zora’s, but Pina is the one who had to take a volume of letters and make them into one cohesive, listenable and "entertaining" work."

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    The Benghazi attacks and subsequent coverup could have been prevented. The Obama administration, to include everyone who sided with him, are responsible for not heeding the words of five U.S. Congressmen who sent five separate letters to various agencies and departments exactly 90 days earlier. On June 13th 2012, five congressmen sent some very serious warning letters regarding Muslim Brotherhood infiltration, one of which was sent to the Deputy Inspector General (IG) of the State Department, led by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The letters caused so much controversy that nothing was done about them. The congressmen contacted and consulted with Walid Shoebat to etch some details regarding such Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. You must tune in Thursday June 12 at 11:am EST.

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    Author Barbara V. Anderson discusses LETTERS FROM THE WAY on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Entertainment

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Barbara V. Anderson to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new book LETTERS FROM THE WAY.

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