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  • Soap Talk Let's Dish

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    How did your soap do this week?  Did it do well or fail?  Join Ambro, Daphne,Minnie, Wise, and the rest of the gang as we discuss all daytime soaps.

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    Reesponding to accusations, Planned Parenthood Protests

    in Christianity

    Today we'll discuss part 3 of our series "Responding To Accusers." How should we respond to accusations even if we haven't done anything wrong? What if we get frustrated? 

    Tonight my 16 year old son hosted his first small group. I'll talk about that and how that makes me feel as a Christian father.



    We'll also discuss Planned Parenthood and a nation wide protest that will be taking place tomorrow, as well as my opinions for a fail proof argument for defunding PP. 



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    Let's Talk: Love, Sex and Nutrition is Talking Tantra!

    in Self Help

    Tonight on "Let's Talk: Love, Sex and Nutrition, we are Talking Tantra with Master Teacher and Coach Rev. Harvey Bailey. Rev. Bailey will share what Tantra is and The Practice.

    Join Voni, your Sexual Health and Wellness Coach and Zee your Love and Sex Enthusiast for an evening with The Art of Tantric Love, and Sensual, Sexual Pleasure, at 646-929-0630 7:30 p.m. EST, 6:30 CST.

    One Love!

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    MLB Playoffs, NFL Week 5 Picks, TNF Colts beat Texans again & CFB Week 6 Picks

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    We begin with a TNF recap with the Colts over Texans 27-20. It's NHL time and we will make our Stanley Cup Finals Predictions for this season. Next up we have our new Segment "Fast and Focused" where we go back and forth with quick hard hitting questions and answers in hot sports topics. Then we are talking MLB Playoffs, the ALDS & NLDS are on their way with the Yankees and Pirates losing the Wild Card games at home. In the NFL Week 5 we will picks the games and fantasy studs. SEA @ CIN, WAS @ ATL, NO @ PHI, STL @ GB & SNF SF @ NYG. We end with College Football Week 6 WASH upsets #17 USC 17-12, #13 NW @ #18 MICH, #23 CAL @ #5 UTAH. Join us 8PM ET Call to talk 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.raeandtaytoday.com

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    Trucking News Today With Your Hosts The Safety Mentor Team of Steve & Jaynie

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    A lighthearted discussion regarding the very serious topic of federal regulations, state laws and commercial drivers' rights.  Let's face it the regulaitons and rules will always be here, they may change, but they will always be here.  Everyone knows a piece of paper doesn't make may you safet but the regulations can make you crazy!  Missing putting a state abbreviation on a log doesn't make you an unsafe driver but many other actions do.  So what's the purpose of all of these regulaitons and rules?  That's what we will discuss.  How we keep our sanity trying to follow them withou losing our main focus of safety or our minds.  YOur input as a driver, a company officer, an inspector or a safety person is valuable.  What works, what doesn't?  Together we can increase the safety of our highways and maybe have some fun while doing it.  Join us!





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    Join me your host me Mr.D live on the Muddy Waters show tonight by calling (347) 855-8118 at 8:30 PM CST. 


    -Leadership (special guest Omri Melton


    -Gun Control

    He who wishes to fight must first count the cost. When you engage in actual fighting, if victory is long in coming, then men’s weapons will grow dull and their ardor will be dampened. If you lay siege to a town, you will exhaust your strength. Again, if the campaign is protracted, the resources of the State will not be equal to the strain. Now, when your weapons are dulled, your ardor dampened, your strength exhausted and your treasure spent, other chieftains will spring up to take advantage of your extremity. Then no man, however wise, will be able to avert the consequences that must ensue… In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.
    – Sun Tzu, the Art of War Quotes

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    R&B and RAP

    in Hip Hop Music

    First time on for 2 hours. We got more songs. We have more fun. Call up listeners. Be part of the show by calling 619 996 1632. If you want your favorite songs played, mail your MP3 of your favorite rap or DJ artist with there name and song title.If you or the hiphop artist want shotouts, make sure to list your state and something special about you and/or them. Its going down yall.



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    Episode 73 "Preparing God's Vessel" Pastor John Kyle

    in Religion

    Deliverance, spiritual warfare, news and views, learning to cast out demons, demon free living, the christian overcomer, the real power of love, Multiple personalities, MPD, The KJV version and the truth about it.

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    The Slavic Way with DK: Introduction (episode 1)

    in Culture

    Dmitriy Kushnir (DK), the author of The Slavic Way book series, will speak about various topics that affect the Slavic culture of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Once the show is completed, the description will be updated with everything that was covered in the show.

  • Cincinnati

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    Having fun 

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    NFL has a negative impact on High School Football; MLB playoff update / recap

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    Ligonier Valley High School entered tonights high school football action 5-0 and had a tought opponent in HuntingdonHigh School. This was a competitive game with Huntingdon jumping out to a 14-6, and then a 21-6 halftime lead. Ligonier Valley made some great halftime adjustments to stop the powerful running game, and created some turnovers. However, during the course of this game I saw players throwing their arms up in the air wanting a pass interference call, grabbing the neck of their jersey wanting a holding call, and arguing and pleading with the referees play after play. Are we to the point that if the offense doesnt get positive yards they want a penalty? Also, if the defense doesn't stop the offense they want a penalty? Call me old school and maybe I just want to watch a competitive football game without the side show.  What are your thoughts?

    The wild card games are over and the MLB divisional playoffs are underway with all teams in action today.  We will look at each series and talk about the momentum that some teams have, and if there are any teams that should be concerned.  There is a lot of baseball to be played, but when teams are hot in the postseason they can make that magical run. Listen in and call the show.