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    Let it be Known Live Radio is BACK after breaking a long hiatus........ we have new energy, fresh content and some exciting topics to discuss on this new season!

    We are going to return with a hot and juicy topic on Single People in a Relationship........ everything they do is not reflective of being committed and involved, they loosely function without any protocol in place. If you are single in your mind and act out, you need to be single. Security, comfort and unhappiness (yes unhappiness) will keep a person right where they don't want to be.

    Tune in!

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    "LET IT BE KNOWN" LIVE- Dating a Friend's Ex, Is it Friendship Infidelity"

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    It is an unwritten rule that a friend's ex is off limits but does everyone follow the protocol. Some would argue that they're no longer your concern so don't be concerned..... Join us for our Sunday Discussion!

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    "LET IT BE KNOWN" LIVE - Letting "IT" Go

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    Discussion Synopsis; "IT" can represent many things but when it alters you exercising self-preservation, you must make a decision. In finding that courage to let it go you move on, grow and grasp the rhythm of maturity....... Join us for our Wednesday Discussion!

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    With so much violence, gang activity, negative influences and poor leadership that has affected the youth in so many ways, we are living in at time where the perils surrounding them are in abundance. With very little fanfare, there are individuals right in our communities that are working hard in exerting leadership for our young to be distracted in a positive way. By using sports as a platform, we have two positive Black Men that have created organizations to combat the stigmas and redefine the variable of influence. We welcome Sleep Johnson, founder of C-Ball  and Rahim Salahuddin, founder of the Kwatney Foundation and N.Y Football League to Let it be Known Live to share their pivotal roles in the communities they serve…… Tune in!

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    PART 2 ........There is and has been a devised plan to destroy the prevalence and power of the BLACK FAMILY. From our men being emasculated by the system and our women being brainwashed into taking on dual roles, the systematic dominance has been crucial to the Black Family. Judicial injustice, ADD, Child Support, Homosexuality, Unethical hiring with Women being hired before men, Illegal and Legal Drugs, Family abandonment and Stress have all been ploys created to fast-forward the destruction.

    Let’s talk about it!

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    There are men that will not provide for their own biological child(ren) but will provide for the children of the woman they’re currently in a relationship with……. Is this right or wrong? Some women could care less about what he’s doing for his own as long as he is doing for their children. Then there are some women that will not tolerate him disregarding his responsibilities and won’t deal with him in the end. We are living in a time of self-absorbed behavior and very little principles which has only added to the general confusion. On the other hand, there are still some that have their principles in place. Without surprise there are a lot of women that are only concerned with what they benefit from……. LET’S TALK ABOUT!

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    Our discussion this week ........ People that practice and execute hypocrisy in every walk of their life.  They destroy the notion of integrity and righteousness with their shady and sloppy behavior. By showing one face and being another way....... all the way to the point that they can’t even keep up with their own contradictions. Let’s hear your take on this plague that we all encounter in this thing called life…….. Let’s talk about it!


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    STOP investing in what will not garner a profit in return and will only impede you from blessings. STOP depositing energy into senseless exchanges, dead-end relationships and jobs, invalid friendships and countless other variables that do not compliment your life. STOP blocking your own blessings and GET your life!

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    “When do you introduce your children’s father/mother to your new partner?”

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    When relationships end, the parents should remain respectful and mindful of what they do for the sake of the children. One expectation is having the new partner meet the co-parent when both parties decide to enter new relationships. Sometimes, this exercise of protocol and respect will create a lot of friction between both parents and possibly add more dynamics to their severed relationship.  It’s imperative that the co-parent MEETS the new person that will be around their children which should be the bottom line.  But there are situations where one parent doesn’t feel comfortable bringing their new partner into the equation to meet the co-parent.  Let’s discuss this from all aspects……….. TUNE IN!  

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    Cheaters go out of their relationship looking to fill a void that's missing. In the process, they are inclined to cover their tracks by being deceptive and cunning ........ who has mastered the art of cheating down to a science..... Man or Woman? All the way to the point of not raising any suspicions and still being able to carry a straight face despite being ultimately dishonest?

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    What’s happening with the black woman today in society overall via media, in public, & in private? Are black women under attack? Is there an ongoing trend to discredit, hurt, bash, or even bully black females?   Are black women aware of this current situation? Are the speaking out, not only via Facebook but are they being proactive in public, in relationships. Are they displaying behavior that play into to the stereotypes that other races, men, & even other women have put out against them?

    Can they handle the fight are they willing to speak up or are their voices fading in the wind? Apparently, it seems that she is to take the brunt of everything that is wrong within the black community, even though she’s not the only individual that makes up the said community. Is it a fair fight or is she fighting at all?

    Are black women formidable opponents or are they just dealing & taking what comes …….blow, by blow, day by day?