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    E285: Todd Berry, Don Allen, Kenny Lee, Erich McMann

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    E285: Todd Berry,  Don Allen,  Kenny Lee,  Erich McMann

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          If you know Johnny Davis, you know he’s a good guy, now.  He wasn’t that way when he was young, and you know what?  No one probably could have told him he was going to have a show where he would be throwing down the jamms.  And the reason why I spelled it JAMMS and not JAMS, is because Johnny Graham Carcker (Cracker) Davis is popping them preferences, just for all of you who have learned to love this show.  THE HONEY COMB HIDEOUT is on the real, all kinds, all types, all styles, all and all we sho love to ball!  Johnny Davis also does his show after KINGS IN THE MORNING on Wednesdays, and it’s WILD!  I’m going to pretend I’m Chuck Berry and yell, GO JOHNNY GO!

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    Exposing Sharia in America - Pt.1 / Aaron "Cutty" Burros / Shareta Berry

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    Tonight’s shows are:
    Show #1 -- “I Can RELATE To That” w/Tracy and Tabatha - Provides a platform to respectively discuss various topics so that we can become stronger in mind, body and spirit.

    Topic - Exposing Sharia in America - Part 1

    Special Guest - Alexander Thomas

    Show #2 --“This Is “MAN-UP!” w/Minister Paul Stidam - teaching men to be godly in an ungodly world

    Topic - Don't Put a Band-Aid on a Bullet Wound

    Special Guest - Minister Aaron "Cutty" Burros

    Show #3 - Tuesday Night Worship - preaching, teaching, worship music, scripture reading.

    Topic:  "Your Expected End" - Jeremiah 29:11

    Special Guest - Prophetess Shareta Berry

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    Kendrick Lamar And Colorism/The Polarizing, Controversial Word "N*gga"

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    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will be discussing two topics. The first topic we will discuss is colorism in the so-called Black community. Can someone not be "Black" enough? Can someone rap about "Blacker the Berry" while having a fiance' that represent the extreme opposite. Is colorism a real problem in Black America? The second topic we will be discussing is the the use of the word n*gga. Does that word hold Black people back? Can someone be revolutionary yet use that word? Those are some of the questions we'll discuss. Join us.

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    The Patriot Threat

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    What if the 16th Amendment to the Constitution - the one that gives Congress the ‘power to lay and collect taxes on income’ - were illegal?  The ratification of the amendment was dicey at best and quite possibly fatally flawed. 


    THE PATRIOT THREAT by Steve Berry demonstrates it might well be illegal...and what might happen to the U.S. Government should its citizens decide to stop paying taxes.


     THE PATRIOT THREAT features FDR, Andrew Mellon and, in his tenth appearance, the redoubtable Cotton Malone. The non-stop action takes us to Washington, China, Venice, Croatia...and a place where foreign agents reveal the truth about the 16th Amendment.




    Tags:  Steve Berry, taxes, 16th Amendment, Congress, FDR, Andrew Mellon, Cotton Malone, Washington, China, Venice, Croatia, Obama

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    Baseball, NBA playoffs, Post-March Madness and the NFL

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    Join us on the Black Squirrels Network to talk sports with two average guys who have a combined 60 years of experience as fans, fantasy sports players, Little League and high school sports participants, coaching, video games and trash talking! The Black Squirrels Sports & Fantasy Show will cover pro sports, college sports, fantasy sports and many other things that come across the airwaves and is on the minds of sports lovers and fans. We're not insiders or former pro or college players but you can expect fireworks between Donney and Mike when it comes to the various topics in the sports universe. Listen and call in with questions about your fantasy teams for strategy, lineup advice and waiver wire pick up considerations. Call in 657-383-0361 at 9PM EST/6PM PST Sunday Evening. 

    We're getting closer to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Baseball has completed its first week. The NBA playoffs are upon us and some players hit the bars and are present during stabbings. There's the post-March Madness news and stories, and the NFL never seems to stay out of the news or have an off season! This and more, plus EMOtional Rescue with Emmett Berry on the Black Squirrels Sports & Fantasy show this Sunday as always.

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    HRExaminer Radio: Mark Berry

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    Mark Berry is a business HR leader and passionate proponent of evidence-based HR practices, who has  first-hand experience establishing a successful "People  Insights" function at a Fortune 200 consumer packaged  goods company, as well as co-innovating in the  development of a next-generation workforce planning  technology platform.  

    Mark’s work has been honored  with Bersin by Deloitte’s “WhatWorks” Award for  Innovation in Talent Analytics and Workforce’s Optimas  Award for Business Impact with Workforce Planning.  

    Most recently, Mark named as one of nine “HR Trendsetters” in the January 2015 issue of HR Magazine for his work in workforce analytics & planning. He has 20 years of HR experience (having started as a child) in food ingredients  (ConAgra Foods), paper/packaging (International Paper) and chemical (Borden  Chemical) industries, respectively, as well as 10 years of experience in applied  psychology.  

    Mark holds B.A. & M.A. degrees in Psychology, as well as a M.B.A. with a concentration in Operations Management.  Prior to his work in HR, Mark  was a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).

    Mark resides in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife, Carolyn, and daughters, Hannah  and Grace.  In his free time, he engages in masochistic pursuits, such as ultra-endurance running, including a number of 50- and 100-mile trail races each year.

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    Monday Midnight Prayer With Prophetess Pastor Shareta Berry

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    Join us for Monday Midnight Prayer at 12am est 11pm cst each and every Monday, With Prophetess Pastor Shareta Berry. You can send all Prayer request to sharetaberryministries@minister.com or visit us sharetaberryministries.org and leave your prayer request on our page.

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    The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ. - Prophetess Shareta Berry

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    Thank you for joining us, For The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ

    Visit our website : sharetaberryministries.org

    Church Site: www.daiwcenter.weebly.com

    Email: info@sharetaberryminisries.org or sharetaberryministries@minister.com

    Church office: 919.438.1473

    To sow a love offering into the ministry you can do so via paypal and use the email address sharetaberryministries@minister.com to sow your seed, Make sure you name your seed and believe God for a harvest and a return.

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    Turnt Up Tuesday: Interracial Dating

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    The Dymonds Radio Show Presents Turnt Up Tuesday: Interracial Dating

    In recent events involving the Black community there have been numerous people stepping out and talking about these celebrities dating and marrying other race women.

    Tonight, we want to view different opinions and talk about why it really bothers Black female to see a Black man with another race, but it doesn't bother the Black Man to see the Black female with another race.

    Question of the Night: How Do You Feel About Interracial Couples?


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    The Andrew Powell Show

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    IT'S A PARTY TONIGHT, MIAMI!!!!!!! We know you don't care about Duke, South Florida....but the guys do! The Duke fans of the show (Andrew, Darrin and Eric) celebrate their national championship victory! Stephen is also on with the guys tonight talking March Madness! And special guests Amiel Traynum and Vincent Berry are on the show tonight to debate who is the greatest artist in Hip Hop history after Andrew and Eric's argument on Twitter! It's gonna be a LIVE NIGHT TONIGHT, MIAMI!!! Call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can tweet the show @andrewrpowell or @305SportsNLife. The Andrew Powell Show is Monday-Friday at 11:00 PM EST here on MSL Radio. - Oh, and Darrin wants to talk a little HEAT for you, Miami......Andrew isn't really for it, but is forced to by popular demand! LET'S GO HEAT!!!!

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