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    Chattahoochee Bigfoot and Other Mysteries Radio™ - Leroy Blevins Sr. (Zodiac)

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    Sunday Night - December 15, 2013 (7:30P EST/6:30P CST) – Be sure to tune in with Jeffrey Teagle and Jan Allen Sr. of Chattahoochee Bigfoot and Other Mysteries Radio as they delve into the mind of the “Zodiac Killer” with guest Mr. Leroy Blevins. The Zodiac Killer surfaced in the early 1960’s and remained in the N. California area up to the 1970’s and was never caught.
    Who the Zodiac Killer was (or is if still alive) is a mystery that is at large to this day. Mr. Blevins has some compelling evidence on the identity of The Zodiac and has discovered what he believes is his real name among the encoded and encrypted messages that were sent to the police in the area at the time.

    Disclaimer: Chattahoochee Bigfoot and Other Mysteries Radio™ do not necessarily agree with the ideas, beliefs and opinions of its guests(s); BUT we fully believe in the right for them to tell their stories. 

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    Episode #10: Noah's Ark : Location and Investigation with Leroy Blevins Sr.

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    Leroy Blevins Sr. joins us so graciously again and this time we will learn from Leroy that there are more than just one ark and the whereabouts of some of them.He will break the entire thing down for us and there are a ton of images loaded on our blog.Prepare to be blown away again !

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    Chattahoochee Bigfoot Radio™ - Int. with Mr. Leroy Blevins

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    Sunday, December 23, 2012 - Join Jeffrey Teagle and Bruce Barraclaugh Jr. as they interview Mr. Leroy Blevins on The Mysteries of Noah's Ark....
    When: 7:30P - 9:30P EST, 6:30P - 8:30P CST
    Duration: 90-120 minutes
    Note: Chattahoochee Bigfoot Radio™ does not necessarily endorse the ideas, opinions and beliefs of the guest(s) BUT; we certainly believe in the right for them to speak their minds.
    (C) 2012, The Chattahoochee Bigfoot Independent™
    (C) 2012, NEAR Paranormal™

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    Chattahoochee Bigfoot Radio™ - Mr. Leroy Blevins

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    Sunday, July 22, 2012 - Join hosts Jeffrey Teagle and Jan Allen Sr. as they interview Mr. Leroy Blevins of Cynthiana, Kentucky. Leroy has conducted extensive research on The famous Patterson-Gimlin Footage of October 1967 as well as multitudes of countless hours researching the JFK assasination.
    Youtube™ Channel for Mr. Blevins:
    Note: The ideas and opinions expressed by our guests are not neccessarily those of Chattahoochee Bigfoot Radio™ BUT we respect each guests right to state their beliefs.
    Be sure to also visit:
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    More of Leroy Blevins Amazing Research

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    http://www.footprintsinyourmind.com Go to my website to see video evidence that Leroy Blevins believes sheds new light on the John F Kennedy assasination!
    Leroy methodically breaks down the evidence from actual film footage of the assasination and puts a new light on an old subject!
    Join the conversation and share your ideas about his work!  This may shock you, anger you, or enlighten you.... but what ever feelings you derive from this show... you will be facinated!

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    An evening Leroy Blevins and his amazing JFK theory that will blow you away...

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    Join us as we talk JFK with Leroy Blevins and his explosive theory on what may have really happened 50 years ago in Dallas.







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    Dr. Wayne Anders Who Are You To Judge

    in Spirituality

    We would like for you to tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/let-go-let-god and be Blessed  by the Word of God.  Our program comes on at 10:00 AM daily Monday-Saturday, so please tune in and be Blessed by our anointed preachers of God.  These anointed  preachers are:  Dr. Carolyn and Wayne Anders, Pastor Butch Condon, Rev. Magil Rivera, Rev. Reggie Johnson, and Rev. Leroy Hailey.  So please tune in and be Blessed by the Word Of God!

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    Ask Ms. Bodacious Presents LeRoy C. Mckenzie Jr. - President of JNK Enterprises

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    Leroy C. Mckenzie Jr. is a native Baltimorean and a product of the Baltimore Public and Private school systems. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is a proud member of the New Psalmist Baptist Church, where he serves on several ministries. He is the Marketing Director for WiseMen of The Millineum Inc. Organization and the former Executive Director of the Black Writer’s Guild-PG Chapter, where he served for two years. He is the President/CEO of JNF Enterprises, which is a Distribution, Publishing, and Business Consulting Firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Mckenzie has written two books of poetry, which have been featured on Heaven 600’s poetry café, a business finance book, The Customer Is Not Always Right, A Common Sense Guide To Establishing A Strong and Flourishing Business, a book on entrepreneurship, Young & Gifted, The New Generation of Entrepreneurship, and a book on Leadership, The Art of Leadership, Success Strategies for the 21st Century Leader. He has performed his poetry and spoken at churches, and various other venues throughout the country. JNF Enterprises, was started in 2004, with the publishing of Mr. Mckenzie’s debut books of Poetry “The Inner Soul” Volumes 1&2, and the launching of their Christian Apparel line Try3Jesus™. Believing in the vision that God placed in him, Leroy set out to put the Distribution, Publishing and Business Consulting Industries on notice that there was about to be a new way of doing business. Following the purpose “Bringing Visions To Reality”, JNF seeks to Enlighten, Empower, and Impact in the communities that it will touch.

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    Catch The Little Foxes

    in Spirituality

    We want to invite you to www.blogtalkradio.com/let-go-let god ministry.  Our ministry has some awesome anointed men of God, and their names are:  Dr. Wayne Anders,             Dr. Carolyn Anders, Pastor Butch Condon, Rev. Reggie Johnson, Rev. Magil Rivera,   Rev. Leroy Hailey.  Please tune in to the program at 10:00 AM, Monday-Saturday and be blessed by the Lord!

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    Dr. Wayne Anders Won't You Be My Neighbor

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    This is Dr's  Wayne and Carolyn Anders bringing  you a Word from God under the anointing of the Holy Ghost!  We would love to have you tune in to Blogtalkradio/let-go-let-god Ministry.  The program begins at 10:00 AM Monday-Saturday on www.blogtalkradio/let-go-ley-god.  We have some Awesome preachers and they are:     Dr. Wayne Anders, Dr. Carolyn, Pastor Butch Condon, Rev. Reggie Johnson,              Rev. Leroy Hailey, Rev. Magil Rivera.  So tune into our program throughout the week and be Blessed by the Lord.

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    Dr. Wayne Anders Rebel With A Cause

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    We would like for you to tune in to Blogtalkradio.com/let-go-let-god, Monday-Saturday at 10:00 AM.  We have the Best anointed preaches you have ever heared!  The preachers are Dr. Wayne  Anders. Dr. Carolyn Pastor Butch Condon, Rev. Reggie Johnson, Rev. Leroy Hailey.  These are awesome men of God which preaches under the anointed of the Holy Ghost,

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